Hesdca Reviews: Is Hesdca Amazon Pallet a Scam? Honest Review & Warning!

Do you want to buy tool set from Hesdca located at hesdca.store? You’re not alone!  I also found an ad for Hesdca $59 tool sets on Facebook and I’ve brought you my honest review of the online store.

What is Hesdca?

Hesdca is the name of an online store whose website is hesdca.store. The store was launched on November 2022, and is currently trending due to its flash sale. Items available for sale are; garden solar lights, tool sets, LED solar outdoor landscape lights, fast defrosting tray, etc. Sadly, the offers on the site do not really look are genuine.  During my investigations, I discovered the website has a handful of drawbacks that shouldn’t be ignored.

4 Reasons Why I Wouldn’t Recommend Hesdca

The Company has bad reputation

Hesdca.store is owned and operated by HARIO TRADING CO., LTD, an e-commerce company that has a bad reputation online. it is a shady company linked to many untrustworthy online stores like OvdoeNamiclothPhoebeFeltingToys, etc.

It specializes in a kind of scam known as ‘bait and switch scam’. The company uses pictures of items that aren’t theirs to sell cheap inferior imitation. See how it operates –

  • Lures buyers with discount prices or coupon codes
  • Fails to send confirmation email or tracking details
  • Does not deliver the items ordered or sends a cheap imitation
  • Rejects return or refunds

Delayed Shipping & Delivery

Hesdca isn’t located in England as the address indicates. In reality, the company ‘Hario Trading Co Ltd’ is located in China. It uses a fake business address to gain the trust of buyers. After making purchase, customers realize the order is coming from China. This means shipping and delivery will take weeks or months even.

Poor Customer Support

I sent a mail to the email address [email protected]’ but got no response even after waiting for five days. Even the live support form on the website isn’t functioning. This clearly proves that the intention of the store’s owner isn’t genuine.

Lacks Security Measures:

The website isn’t risk-free, it isn’t secured with McAfee or Norton. The website is vulnerable to hackers who can tamper with customer’s personal and financial details.

Frequently asked questions about Hesdca online store

Is Hesdca a Scam?

Yes, it is. From my findings, the store has zero legitimacy.

Are the discount offers on Hesdca.store Real?

No, they are not. The low price is just a bait to get your attention.

Are you safe if you use Paypal to make purchase from Hesdca?

No, you’re not. Using PayPal does not guarantee that you wouldn’t be scammed. The website exploits a major issue with PayPal’s system and make refund impossible.

Is this website legit or fake?

Hesdca.store does not appear genuine or trustworthy.


Hesdca Scam – 4 Things To Expect When You Shop From This Store

Aside from the usual debited but no package delivery, the following formats are what to expect when you shop from this store

1 – Bait & Switch Scam

This kind of scam is common with websites located in China. Customers would receive a complete different item either in size, quality, or color. This is mostly common with clothing websites due to the rise in fast fashion. We’ve seen a couple of such scams in the past – Holicrally, Tenfendy, Ninelegent, etc.

2 – Cheap Item Scam

In some cases, especially with stores offering massive discounts, Customers would be sent a cheap kids outfits.

3 – VIP Membership Scam

In this case, once you make an order on the website you’re automatically subscribed into a VIP Membership Club without your knowledge. You dubiously get charged monthly for a VIP membership. See websites with this format –Xemsy, OscarFineries, etc,

4 – Hacked Credit Card

There’s a possibility that your credit or debit card is at risk when you shop from this store. What this means is that you’d likely receive be debited for something you didn’t purchase, or the store would overcharge you. This kind of scam is quite common. In fact, your credit card might even be hacked in trustworthy websites, from outsider, eg Valore London Scam.

How To Easily Spot a Scam Website

Check the Domain age – How old is the website? (You can do so by visiting who.is)

Physical Location – Does The website provide return address? If Yes (Copy the address and paste on your browser. Google map would show if it is a real warehouse address or a residential address)

Check Reviews – Are there customer reviews online? (It is advised that you sit it out if there are no customer reviews of the store. However if you’re not patient enough to wait you can send a mail to us to verify if the store is legit)

Social Media Presence – Do the social media icons work? (A lot of fraudulent websites provide social media buttons but they don’t work. It is advised that you check if the buttons really take you to the store’s social media page)


Hesdca located at hesdca.store is a viral scam online store luring customers with cheap price of items. Don’t let the discount trick you!

Have you been scammed?- Do This

Shopping from this store exposes customers to the risk of hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Also, customers would either receive an inferior item, a different cheaper item, or nothing at all.

Therefore, it is advised to file complaints to your bank and request for a new credit (debit) card. On the other hand, if you used Paypal as a method of payment, you should document (screenshot) the transactions for future purposes.

Yes, it is true that online shopping has made life easier, however when ordering things online check out the following-

How old is the website? Does it provide return address? Are there customer reviews online? Do the social media icons work?


Wendy is an Entry-Level Security Analyst who's passionate about cybersecurity and dedicated to protecting people and organizations from emerging threats. She has a strong knowledge of cybercrimes, network security, vulnerability management, and incident response.


  1. Its a total scam and fraud. please dont buy anything from this store. i have been victimized by them. if anyone could help me, please reach me at [email protected].
    i bought items worth $109 but they sent me item worth $5 and now they are neither refunding me or issuing the exact items.

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