Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam [2022]- Beware of This Fake Email!

Have you received an email that claims your personal membership with Geek Squad will expire today. The membership will be Auto renewed? Beware! It is a scam. It is not from the real Geek Squad ( a subsidiary of American and Canadian multinational consumer electronics corporation Best Buy.

Currently, more than two thousand people have complained of receiving Geek Squad Auto Subscription Email. It goes like this;


Just wanted to let you know that the subscription has been renewed automatically with 800 USD. You can change your personal information, payment details given in the membership page, even you can uncheck the auto-renew account settings from the same page.

Series no.FGDL9547_9028

Product: GS Services – Annual Payment

Payment Method: Auto Debit

Mode: Online

Timeline: 12 months

Invoice Total: 765 USD for computer

This service comes without any obligation, you can call and cancel within 24 hrs and you have the rights to claim refund.


Christopher B Grogan

If you have questions or concerns. Call us.



The aim of this email is to trick people into calling the fake Geek Squad helpline numbers. So far the following numbers have been used –

  • (888) 880-5019.
  • 1-8055-7687-55
  • (808)444–7792
  • (360)227–4447
Phishing Scams

How do You Know It’s a Scam?

First of all, the email address is a dead giveaway. It is malicious and not from the alleged company. Email used include; [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], etc.

Secondly, when we tried contacting the telephone numbers, the receiver was lacking proper English, and kept demanding for money.

What Should You Do If You Receive Spam Emails Like This

No matter how convincing it make sound, we advise you not to call the number or click the link, or attempt to send a message to the number. This is because once you do so, they would find a way to convince you to send money or your personal information.

If you were tricked by the scam, please contact your bank for help.

Don’t forget  to forward suspicious, malicious, or phishing email messages to us Here. Also, you can report scams, untrustworthy websites and tell us why you consider the websites fraudulent. See similar phishing scam; Wal Tracking Scam, Delware BPO Scam, Publix 90TH Anniversary, etc.


  1. I received a similar email. The attachment (PDF) preview was blank and the size was way too big to be a normal pdf. There was an 888 customer service number. I called it and they tried to get me to enter an address in my browser, but I told them I wouldn’t enter any links I didn’t know. They said it was the only way to uninstall the Geek Squad software. I asked them for the name of the software so I could have it scrubbed from my end. Then hung up on me. BTW, they did know my last name for what it’s worth.

  2. I dont have to be scammed. Geek squad did it to me and woll do it to you when your renewal is up. I had been pauing $75 renewal for years. This time it was $218 without notification. When I called they said they changed some things around and that is the charge. I complained but no reply. DO NOT RENEW!… Check locally. There are many who can do better and with less wait time on service. Geek squad is a scam!

  3. I received 2 emails like this today. I never bought anything from Best Buy and never signed up for a contract. I called and requested the info as to what I bought and wanted a copy of the signed agreement. His English was very poor and insisted access to my computer.
    He got so frustrated with me he hung up opn me!

  4. I have another number that you can add to your list that I received today and it must be a scam because it has been many years since I used Geek Squad. I don’t know what to watch as I have 2 credit cards plus 2 bank accounts and hopefully no one can take out $548.99 as an automatic renewal for Geek Squad. I am elderly and I just resolved another scam for shoes yesterday!! What is happening in this world???

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