FXShare Robots Review (2020): Is fxsharerobots.com a Scam?

Fxsharerobots.com is not just an EA. It’s what we would call a Multi-packaged platform. They work to offer both forex robots and indicator services. However, are their products reliable? Read this 2020 updated review of Forex Share Robots to know what experts think.

A forex Expert Advisor service offers trade signals to help forex investors grow their profit. They do so by calculating the most profitable trade times and notifying investors. This review covers all you will need to know about fxsharerobots.com.

What to Know About Fxsharerobots.com

Fxsharerobots.com is a forex Expert Advisor service that provides investors with various indicator and robot services to choose from. The brains behind this service believe that some traders work better with indicators and others, with trade robots. So in an attempt to reach a wider market, to suit as many traders as possible, they try to provide all possible options.

Forex Share Robots work with any time frame and works on all currency pairs, it’s not the kind of feat you see everyday. It does look promising enough, but does this mean you trust this service well enough to invest with them?


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FXshare Robots Performance Check

Before purchasing forex signals from fxsharerobots.com to boost your trades, here are some things about them you might want to consider;

FXshare Robots Trade Strategy

FX Share Robots has multiple service offers ranging from Forex signal indicators that simply send you signals, to trading robots that actually do the trades for you. They currently have about 13 trading systems on their website.

Fxsharerobots.com makes sure it’s services are not so expensive. They have trading systems that can be purchased for as low as $40. Due to their multi-system strategy, there is no distinct strategy concerning any of them. The good thing about them is that they all work on any time frame and any currency pair. They’re dynamic trading systems.

FXShare Robots Trade Results

Fxsharerobots.com makes really good pitches that make you look forward to their market performance. The trade results of course, are the most important parts of any forex signal service analysis. Without verified trading results, all of this would not matter.

Ufortunately, fxsharerobots.com was did let us down in that respect. The only thing they offer us is trade screenshots and test images. However true they might be, we can only trust verified trade results from third party sites such as MyFXBook or FXBlue.

As we are unable to verify any of the trading results provided by fxsharerobots.com, let’s take analyse them from a different approach. Let’s look at the pros and cons of FX Share Robtots.


  • Make use of multiple systems with different strategies.
  • Support all currency pairs.
  • Runs on MT4 trading platform.
  • Affordable options.


  • No link to verified MyFXBook accounts or results.
  • None of the system strategies are defined.
  • Too many negative client reviews
  • The system has to be re-configured for any currency pair.

FXShare Robots Review: Conclusion

FXShare Robots has some good prospects. In fact, all that’s missing are verified trade results to back up their claims. Until that’s done, we cannot recommend this EA to our readers. We advise you use forex signal service providers with proven, verified results.

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  1. That’s is totally nonsense, I have been using their EA for years, never had problems. Grid EA is superb, support is always helpful. by the way, they do have very good reviews. this is probably very old review…

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