AndyW EA Review (2020): Scam EA Alert!!!

AndyW is a scam EA that makes a lot of claims it is yet to offer proof for. Read this 2020 updated review of AndyW Expert Advisor to know what Professionals think.

A forex Expert Advisor service offers trade signals to investors. They help investors increase their chances of making profitable trades by suggesting the best time to make certain market moves. This review covers all you will need to know about

What to Know About

AndyW is a signal service owned by AndyW Ltd. It is run by a supposedly professional forex trader who claims to have programmed a strategy into the software. He claims his signals will be able to consistently provide up to 50 pips per day at low risk. This signal service also promises an 83% winning signal rate, which is quite impressive. does not, however, play the part of a forex robot. That is, it does not carry out trades for you. It simply sends you signals which you have to apply yourself to make winning trades. Does any of this mean should you trust this EA well enough to invest with them?

AndyW Performance Check

Before purchasing forex signals from to boost your trades, here are some things about them to consider;

AndyW Trade Strategy

There is currently nowhere on the website that talks about the price of the service. However we do know that unlike most, AndyW does have its own signal app. This could mean that subscribers would get their forex trade signals as notifications instead of having to go through third party. Big ups to AndyW here!

This service promises a whooping 50 pips a day, without specifying the number of trade signals it would take to get there. They also do not reveal how the system searches for what it terms as winning trades. So we essentially don’t know how it works or what to expect, just that it should work. Transparency is quite important in the forex business, and the lack of it is a drawdown for this signal service.

These are really huge promises indeed. Let’s find out how well they have been keeping them, shall we?

AndyW Trade Results makes so many fair promises and it doesn’t seem too much to ask to see how well they perform. The trade results of course, are the most important parts of any forex signal service analysis. Without verified trading results, all of this would just be mere talk.

It’s actually a pity that the only trading results we get for AndyW are numbers written by the vendor himself. In a market like forex, any serious vendor would have an account on MyFXBook or FXBlue, where their signals and trade results can be 3rd party verified.

Since we are unable to verify any of the trading results provided by, let’s analyse them from a different approach. Let’s look at the pros and cons of


  • Based on promise, you stand a potential 50 pips per day
  • Offers a unique signal app
  • They provide notifications via telegram and email.


  • No link to verified MyFXBook accounts.
  • No strategy information.
  • gives no way to verify the experience it accords it’s creators.
  • Misleading/arranged client feedback.

AndyW Review: Conclusion

AndyW does have some really nice positives up their sleeve. It’s really sad to see that they can barely back any of it up. We advise the owner of this EA to open a MyFXBook or FXBlue account so that their results can be verified. That being the case, we cannot recommend this EA to our readers. We advise you use forex signal service providers with proven, verified results.

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