We Tired Freshpet Dog Food In 2024: Pros, Cons And What You Must Know Before Buying

As a pet owner, i’ve come across numerous dog food brands including Jinx. One of the dog foods making waves right now is freshpet dog food.

But is freshpet right for your dog? To find out, read our fresh pet dog food review. For the sake of this review we tried Freshpet Healthy & Natural Dog Food Fresh Beef Roll.

About Freshpet Dog Food

Freshpet makes refrigerated dog food that’s cooked just right, not too hot or too cold. They have six different kinds of food, with a total of 41 recipes. They make their dog and cat food in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, while their treats are made in othere plants. You can find Freshpet food in lots of grocery stores and big shops.

The Ingredients Inside

Freshpet gives your dog fresh, cold ingredients that are just right for them. No matter which kind you choose, Freshpet puts meat like beef or chicken first because that’s what dogs need. They also use other animal ingredients like beef liver and beef broth for taste and wetness. Freshpet foods have a mix of things like oats, cranberries, carrots, brown rice, and rice bran to give dogs carbs, fiber, and vitamins they need. All these things are good for dogs and help them stay healthy.

Buying Freshpet Healthy & Natural Dog Food Fresh Beef Roll For My Dogs

I have a really picky dog, so I’ve tried lots of different fresh meals for her with no luck. But when I found this whole grain dog food, I decided to give it a shot. I ordered it from Amazon, and it arrived in just 5 days. Let me tell you, it smells amazing compared to any other dog food I’ve tried! That’s how I knew my dog would love it, and she did. I even added some rice for my pup who has a sensitive tummy.

I’m not sure if the extra cost for grain-free is worth it compared to plain Freshpet, but it’s definitely worth it when it’s on sale or when the plain non-grain-free option isn’t available.


  1. It looks good and smells really good.
  2. So much nicer than dry foods 
  3. It’s available in various online stores


  1. Quite difficult to find in physical stores
  2. Some controversial ingredients

Where To Buy

You can buy fresh pet dog food from Amazon, Walmart, Costco and freshpet.com. The price varies but it’s from $3 each, while rolls are around $6. Larger rolls are $20, and bags are $9. Daily costs vary from $3 to $9, averaging $25 to $65 per month, depending on your dog’s size and the food type.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

While there are positive reviews on Amazon for this product, the feedback on Reddit isn’t as great. One customer shared a heartbreaking story about how this brand of dog food caused health problems for their dog, which tragically led to its death. Some of the reviews online include:

Freshpet in general is fantastic. All our dogs have absolutely love it, and it makes for much less mess to clean up in the backyard. Even when I am not feeding the dogs, I can always tell when we have to fall back on kibble because the dog waste builds up.

can not recommend this enough! My dog has cancer so I wanted to switch her to a raw grain free diet (no carbs for cancer!) and I am SO happy I found this food. She is back to her normal self, almost like a puppy. She has so much energy its awesome! This food has been a quality of life saver for her.

My dog loves this kind of food and i always purchase it. But last time when I feed my dog this, my dog got blood in his poop after eating the food. I’m so worried about it!! I am not sure I met defective product, and I hope to hear from the store or other people’s responses. Although my dog now recovers, I do not know if I should purchase this agian.

Do vets think fresh pet food is better than regular pet food?

Not always. Vets know that every pet is different. While fresh pet food might sound good, it can have risks. It might not have all the good stuff pets need, or it could have bad stuff like germs. It depends on how the food is made and if it’s right for the pet. If a pet is already sick, this kind of food could make things worse. That’s why it’s smart to ask a vet before changing what your pet eats.

Does It Have Side Effects

Yes, Even though they say it’s safe, lots of pet owners have noticed their dogs getting diarrhea, vomiting, and feeling sick after eating this food. Some dogs also lose their appetite or have tummy pain. It’s worrying that these problems, like fever, continue even when they keep eating the food.

Can I Microwave

Freshpet food is ready to eat from the fridge, but if you want to warm it up, you can microwave it for a few seconds. However, be cautious of sparking from the added vitamins and minerals. Don’t microwave it in its packaging, especially the metal rings.

FDA Recalls Freshpet Dog Food Due to Salmonella Worries

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled some Freshpet dog food because they’re worried it might have salmonella in it. They’re specifically recalling the 4.5-pound bag of ‘Kitchen Home Cooked Chicken Recipe’ with a sell-by date of 10/29/22. You can find this date on the bottom and back of each bag.

Would I Buy Again

Basically this is the same product that I find in-store locally. But having it delivered is super convenient. However it’s a cheap alternative to canned food, dogs seem to love, it easy to crumble. But I won’t be buying again. There are negative reviews on Reddit about this dog food brand and I recently discovered that FreshPet doesn’t meet the guidelines set by WSAVA, even though they say they do. Many other brands are in the same boat.

Our Top Picks

The brands that meet the highest scientific standards are Purina, Royal Canin, Hills, Iams, and Eukanuba.

Final Words: Which Dog Is It Best Suited For

This is a lifesaver for anyone with older small dogs with dental issues. It is easily digestible, easily stored and dished out. Also it’s best for anyone with dogs who cannot chew their food well.

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