Does the Mighty Mendit glue work? I Tried It!

Are you looking to buy Mighty Mendit? I got lured in via the commercial by Billy Mays, known for his persuasive sales pitches and decided to put it to test.

The manufacturers of this product claim it’s a “permanent bonding agent,” and the instructions claim it’s permanent… until you dry clean something you’ve used it on. But does it work?

About Mighty Mendit Glue

Mighty Mendit is a powerful glue for fabrics, and is used to stick on decorations. The manufacturers behind Mighty Mendit say it’s a quick and easy fix for mending and hemming clothes. They say it’s not like regular glue; instead, it’s a flexible stuff that pulls the fibers of your clothes together, making repairs permanent. They claim it’s faster and more reliable than sewing and can even be used on things like pillows, furniture, and upholstery. There are currently no ingredients listed on the website.

You can use Mighty Mendit to mend pillows, comforters, and curtains without having to remove them.

Testing The glue on my jeans

I tried using Mighty Mendit to fix a hole in my jeans, but it didn’t work out as planned. The small hole near the zipper quickly turned into a big one, so I applied the solution generously and pressed the jeans together. At first, it seemed like the bond was strong, but after wearing the jeans just once, the glue gave out, and the hole is now back to its original size. Not only that, but the seams are now stiff because the glue got into the fibers, making further repairs impossible. It’s disappointing because I had hoped Mighty Mendit would live up to its promises, but it didn’t.

I’m no expert, but it seems like my body movements were too much for the glue to handle, despite the strong claims made in the commercials. This experience has taught me not to trust everything I see on TV, especially when it comes to product claims. From now on, I’ll be more cautious and probably won’t listen to Billy Mays yelling at me from the TV anymore. In fact, I might even buy a Sham-Wow just to prove a point.


  1. Saves money
  2. You can wash it up to 50 times
  3. Repairs any type of fabric

Does Mighty Mendit really Work

Yes, It works well on fabrics like silk, polyester, and some cotton. However, it doesn’t work as well on other fabrics. It’s a good quick fix for most fabrics, but it’s not permanent. For a more reliable fix, nothing beats using a needle and thread.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

I found customer reviews of people on Amazon, BBB and Reddit and most of them were mixed. A lot of customers were not satisfied with the outcome of this product and rated it pretty low. Here are some reviews that people left online

Have used it for a dog bed, a jacket, some utility summer shorts. It has done what I needed so far, and I’m pleased to have holes patched with little effort. It is also easy to work with, unlike some superglue products.

The first time I used mighty mend it I loved it!! I was fixing things I never knew could be mended…the only thing I find fault with it is that it does not mend glass! Maybe someday they will find a mighty mend it for glass! 

both pkgs came with the glue too thick to use. it must be old, as I have bought this product in the past & loved it. the company who shipped it to me (auto cares) had an impossible return policy which wouldn’t work & never would answer my requests so I gave up

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from Amazon, Walmart For $19.99 with an additional $8.95 for shipping.

How to use this fabric glue

  1. Simply apply the Mighty Mendit to the area you want to repair.
  2. After applying, gently press the fabric together.
  3. Let the Mighty Mendit do its magic and mend the fabric.


Finally we recommend using Mighty Mendit to make furniture repairs and save money on costly replacements. However you should know that it may not work on all fabrics as promised on the website. Also the glue can turn out to be h reliable in most cases.

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