Is A Scam Or Legit Online Store? What You Must Know might seem like a great place to buy cheap clothes, but it’s actually an unreliable online store. They lure you in with promises of discounted items or warehouse sales, but once you order, you’re either left empty-handed or with low-quality knockoffs. In this article, I’ll point out the reasons why you should not shop from and so you can steer clear of similar traps in the future.

About is an online clothing store that sells a variety of clothes including sweatshirts, dresses, shorts, home products, casual men’s shirts etc.

However there are lots of complaints online that this clothing store has potential to be a scam.

What entices buyers

  1. 50% discount
  2. International shipping

My Experience From

I recently purchased a top from Comstylish, and I was quite disappointed with what I received. The image on their website depicted a soft, long sweater-style top, but the actual product was a slick, shiny garment that bore no resemblance to the advertised item. It seems they make use of a fabric photographic process that transfers the 3D image of the original fabric onto a heavy polyester surface, resulting in an unsatisfactory product.

I reached out four times from January 29, 2024, requesting a refund. I have yet to receive any response from the company as of the time of writing this review. It’s disheartening to encounter such disregard for customer satisfaction and failure to adhere to their stated return policy. I caution others against purchasing from Comstylish, as they appear unresponsive and unwilling to address customer concerns.

Reasons Not To Shop From

First of all the products are made in China, Products made in China rarely are of the quality they claim to be. The company makes use of false advertising, They send email after email when you try to return clothes that don’t fit and NEVER send their return address. NOR do they refund any money!.

Secondly their pictures of their clothes does not compare to what you receive besides the graphic looks like it was done on an inkjet printer. You can get better quality on Wish.

Thirdly their products are way overpriced for what it is and the official website has a perfect 4.6 star review which of course appear to be fake.

Customer Complaints And Feedback is currently rated 2.7 which is considered too poor on Trustpilot. There are also many complaints online regarding the services of this online store. Upon research, I gathered some complaints online from BBB, Sitejabber and other online review websites:

I can’t review my purchases because I haven’t received them yet. Everything was really cute on the site and against my better judgment I ordered. I am still waiting. By the time I get my items including something for Halloween I won’t be needing them. This is probably my fault because I really didn’t realize how long it takes for something to come from China. Communication is limited. When I raise concerns with them via email their response was to offer me a $5 coupon off my next order. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a next order. Maybe the items will be here for Christmas.

Ordered a BILL THE CAT T-SHIRT (XL with Bill the Cat in straight jacket). As of yet, I have received no confirmation of order or expected delivery date. I believing now, I have been taken and would not recommend this site to anyone.

Ordered a top approximately a month ago and haven’t even seen delivery information yet. Have sent messages to customer service and they just say coming soon. Ask for refund and nothing yet! Appears to be a scam! Dont waste time or money on this site!

They make u pay for return shipping. They offered a $10 coupon and I get to keep the tops. 2 of the tops were described as t shirts. They were not cotton. The other was described as a sweat shirt. None of the tops had a tag with washing instructions or what they were made of.

Is A Scam

It’s not a scam per se because people eventually receive their item despite the delay in shipping however the website is unreliable. There are many customer complaints online regarding their services which Include false advertising and poor quality of fabric. It’s best not to shop from here at all.

How Do I Reach Out To Customer Service

If you have issues, email them at [email protected] or reach out to them via their physical address: Room 3J86, Building 8, Jiahe Liangku Cultural and Creative Park, No. 1-8 Wenping Road, Siming District, Xiamen, 361000, Xiamen, China.

How To Avoid Online Store Scams In 2024

  1. Be wary of unbelievable deals.
  2. Use credit cards for safer transactions.
  3. Checkout as a guest to avoid saving personal info.
  4. Use different passwords for each account.
  5. Research new websites before purchasing.
  6. Set up alerts for suspicious activity.
  7. Consider using fraud protection services.

If you suspect fraud, contact us at (866) 236-8744 for assistance.

Final Verdict

We do not recommend shopping from, the quality of their clothes are very poor and they certainly look better in pics than in real life. Also The items that are pictured are not what you will receive which is a complete bait and switch tactic moreover It takes them weeks to ship your item. Stay away!.

We exposed scam store

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