Flexbooker Data Breach Email – Find out What companies work for Flexbooker & How to Protect Your Data

Have you received an email from HaveIBeenPwned warning you about Flexbooker Data Breach or about some Amazon Data Breach? Read this review to find out steps you should take to protect your passwords and financial data.

About FlexBooker

Flexbooker is a software that some companies use for online booking on their website. Lots of companies use Flexbooker because it provides the easiest way to accept online bookings for all kinds of businesses. Sadly, the software was hacked few days ago and a lot of data was compromised.

If you’ve received a Flexbooker data breach email it means it is used by one or more of the websites you visit/use. So how do you find out which?

How to Find Out Websites that Use Flexbooker

It’s quite simple. All you need to do is follow the instructions;

  • Simply search your email using ‘Flexbooker’ as a keyword.
  • Mails from websites that use Flexbooker would pop up.
  • Proceed to change the password linked to the accounts.

Viola! As simple as ABC. However, you should be ready to receive spam messages in the near future as your email address has probably been sold to email marketers or spammers.

Extra Measures to take;

Changing your password is just one step in securing your data. The ultimate solution is changing your credit card. That way you’ve totally protected yourself from unauthorized debit from your credit account.

See similar bank charge scam here. Meanwhile share this article with your friends and family to keep them abreast of the situation!

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