Fibare Homepage Image Reviews: Deceit Exposed- Don’t Shop Here

Fibare Review: Is Fibare a legit store to buy amrita basket or ainsley frame? or is Store untrustworthy? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Fibare Website, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Is It Legit? is an online store that is selling home decorations such as amrita basket, planters pot, ainsley frames, e.t.c for affordable prices.

Are you planning to shop from

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review.

How Does Fibare Club Store Work

Fibare is located on- https://www. /

They provide the following contact details-

  • Address : 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • Telephone +12054947844
  • Mail : [email protected]

This store claims to offer safe and secure shipping.

should you have a reason to worry about store?

CAVEAT- provides an address that has already been used by some fraudulent online stores.

Searching For Home Decoration? See Trusted Sellers

Pros Of Buying From Fibare Store

  • Appropriately Secured- Provides an SSL certificate. This means your card details is secured from hackers to an extent.
  • Easy to use interface- has a friendly design that catches the eyes.
  • Contact Details- This store provides both an address, phone number and mail with which they can be reached with.

Why Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

Lacks Transparency

On Fibare’s About Us page, they claim they have been in existence since 2019. Below its homepage are the letters 2019(c). However, when we checked for this store’s details, we found out was registered on the 31st of March 2020.

We find this single act of theirs a cause for alarm. This is because it is the norm of fraudulent stores to give an older date, in other to make people believe they are an old store.

Zero Social Media Presence

We always warn our readers to buy from stores with well grounded social media presence. This is because you can easily reach out to them in any of their platforms. On there are social media buttons. But when you click on them they only direct you to homepage.

Even when we checked Facebook, we saw no page related to this store.

Fake Address

The major problem we have with this store is that it is claiming to be what it is not. It is true they provide an address. However, when we used Google Map to locate the address, we realized this address belongs to another company called Ervin Industries

We find this lie very disturbing. Why would the people behind this store claim to be located here? Could it be that they are trying to give you more reasons to shop from them? Review: Should You Shop Here?

We are skeptical about this online store. We advise you to tread carefully. And do share your experience with us!

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. This company is a complete scam. If you put something in your basket and go to check out with Paypal the recipient information isn’t related to the business. It said payment would go to “[email protected].”

      1. Purchased above ground pool. As soon as I hit make payment the screen went blank. I called my bank they said an international charge from China was made for the amount (plus extra) and I could dispute after 30 days. I reached out to the email address for the website, after not hearing anything for days and then they sent me a bogus “not found tracking number and have now blocked me from sending further communication. Then I see a second charge on my account days later again from China that I didn’t authorize.

        1. I ordered an above ground pool on 5/1/2020. I paid thru PayPal. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I am still expecting it. I figured since COVID-19, everything from over there (China) would be late on delivery’s. Anyway, I’m gonna give it till the 2nd week of July, then contact PayPal for reversal. I have an order number and an email from Fibare. I’ll keep y’all posted.

            I ordered an above ground pool on 5/2/20 for $53.39 despite thinking the website looked sketchy. How could they charge $53 for this $2000 pool & free shipping? I just wanted something for this long, hot Pandemic style summer so I took a chance & made the purchase!
            Within days, I got a tracking# & verification that the item was in transit from China also payment confirmation from paypal.
            But after 2 months of waiting for updates from China I called Paypal…they told me this fraudulent company was currently in the process of charging my credit card $1749.00 & I should contact my bank immediately!
            My bank jumped on this & I had my cc cancelled & reissued.
            3 days ago I received an email stating my package (& same tracking#)would be arriving later that morning.

            Later that morning, as indicated by my email I received a package from China ………a small black envelope with a single WHITE SURGICAL FACE MASK!!!

  2. I have been on the website for days looking for the right trampoline for my children. I found one and was going to use pay pal and i updated my information and went back and it would not let me choose pay pal anymore. And everything is way to cheap to not be a scam. There is no way that things that are normally hundreds and hundreds of dollars is less than 100. I hope no one gets scammed by them

    1. I was looking at a trampoline too. Glad I checked here 1st because I thought something seemed fishy. Bummer…i was really hoping I had found a good deal. But to be honest, $70 for a 14′ trampoline with safety net and everything is WAY too good to be true lol

      1. The trampoline I found was either at 14ft with net and basketball hoop for $67 and then I found a 15ft trampoline with net and basketball hoop for $55. I was so happy and for days I have been talking about it and then I decided to look some more and check to see how legit it was really and then I see this. Im so happy I did not buy it. I mean I was going to use pay pal and be as safe as possible but they would of sent something horrible and i read there refund policy and it is a joke for real.

      1. I ordered the trampoline and was charged for it along with foreign transaction charges. I have a receipt for this purchase I don’t know what to do?

          1. Same thing happened to me. I ordered some parts for my trampoline; a pad for around it and new poles and netting for about $118. I never received the parts although I did receive a tracking number so I thought they were coming. I watched the package clear customs then arrive in my state. After over a month from placing the order I received a tiny package with two cotton masks in it. WHAT?! The package is from Edmund Wu, DFW, NO 68 Liming Road Hushan, Lingxi Town Cangnan County, China, phone: 8613895088666 After receiving the masks instead of the trampoline parts I contacted paypal to dispute the charge. Hopefully I will get my money back. What can we do to shut this company down so no one else gets scammed?

          2. The same thing happened to me…two cotton masks. Priced at 40 dollars but I paid like like 70 for the supposed trampoline 14ft. I feel like an idiot for falling for it.

    1. Please share your story if you do recieve the pool or not! Most likely you won’t I am very skeptical about the website

  3. I JUST PURCHASED AN ABOVE GROUND PO FROM THEM AND Now I am worried it was scam. Should have known it was from the price. Im worried about them using my card information now.

  4. It’s an identical store front, address, and phone number for the online store, which also looks like a scam. They have pictures from e-bay postings with the item numbers with are $400 but apparently selling for (always) between $50-$70. It’s clearly a scam folks.

    1. @Tiffany ~ have not, although not expected for at least a couple weeks. Fairly standard for shipping from the other side of the world, I think. Keeping a *very* close eye on tracking updates.

        1. @Jay pete, I’ll check in here when I see another update. Or, if the trampoline arrives first. I’ve had that happen a few times, where things are delivered before the final tracking update.

    1. I just bought one too 🙁 last April 26th …. contacting now my bank and paypal. Hopefully I can still dispute and block payment.

  5. I Tried to buy a pool. At checkout, they told me my payment couldn’t be authorized, with a perfectly valid card. So far, I see no charges though, so I dodged a bullet, I hope….

  6. I bought Fibare’s Mega 10×17′ trampoline via PayPal 4/26/20. Received order confirmation. Tracking # arrived the 29th. I check frequently, estimate delivery around 5/18. Emailed them a question, waiting on response. I’ll touch base if/when I hear back from them. Concerned, although surely PayPal will back me up. I suppose, guess it could be a phony track # to stall/buy time(?).

    1. Same here bought a trampoline around the same time through pay pal got a tracking number it’s still in the same place I will keep posted

    2. I placed my oreder for a 14 ft trampoline on April 29 and I’ve been tracking mine not sure if I will get it or not but I checked the tracking today May 25 it says expecting delivery date is May26 so I will let you all know if I get it and also I’ve went online to usps tracking and tracked it to and it gave me the same update so fingers crossed.

  7. Ordered 10×17′ Mega trampoline 4/26/20. Received order confirmation. Then tracking # 4/29, and I’ve been monitoring it frequently. Estimate delivery around 5/18. Emailed them a question, I’ll post if/when I hear back. Now concerned, I guess could be phony track # to stall/buy time(?). Surely PayPal will back me up.

  8. Thank God I checked here first I knew it was to good to be true! I ALMOST bought the above ground pool but I too would only use PayPal because it’s guaranteed . Sorry this happens to you that went ahead. Please post if you get the Pool ?

  9. Its terrible because we were searching for a pool on Sam’s Club online and it sent us to this website!!!! I am glad inroad this before putting in my full order information!

  10. I am so glad I looked here. Sons bday in a few days he wanted a new trampoline. Anyone hear anything back? Will PayPal refund money? Let me know if anyone gets a product. Thanks.

    1. @Jenna, won’t know until at least mid-May. Possibly a bit later. Hope your son found ways to enjoy his big day anyway.

  11. Did yall get your product?! We ordered a pool today…now im worried as all of you are, someone pleaseet me know if you got your order ☹

    1. @Sarahs, I ordered 4/26 so it’ll because while to see if my order arrives. Tracking information says it’s on the way, with the most recent update “Leaving International Processing Facility” 5/2/20 at 5:39pm. Delivery estimate 5/18/19.

  12. I purchased a small above ground pool from today. Afterward, my fiance told me he was pretty sure I had just paid $53 to have my credit card info stolen.

    Here is a list of the fishy things I discovered AFTER I placed my order:

    1. If you choose the “Contact” link from the bottom of their webpage, you are sent to a form that clearly has not been set up by the website manager. It asks you to select a topic with options in the drop down menu such as “Add Your Own Criteria” and “Capture the Information You Need” rather than normal things such as “Returns” or “Shipping.”

    2. I tried calling the phone number listed, it is no longer in service. It is also an Alabama number, not a number in Michigan.

    3. If you try to email the address listed ([email protected]) it gets returned as undeliverable. I tried [email protected] as well, which appears to have been delivered to someone somewhere. We’ll see if I get a response.

    4. The charge to my card was not for Fibare, it was for “BETHWZ TOP” which comes up as a woman’s pintrest account name when googled.

    5. If you actually read things they have written on some of their pages, you will quickly realize that either the person who added this content does not speak English well or they completely forgot to proof-read. A few of my favorites… “Check your e-mail to us send update status to your e-mail,” and “If you can not check it immediately with the tracking no, please take more patience to wait a while.”

    6. There is no company by this name in Ann Arbor according to Google Maps. ERVIN Industries Inc and Trimble Financial Services are both listed at the address, but not Fibare.

    7. The confirmation email they sent to me has my IP address listed. I have never seen this before, and I do A LOT of online shopping. And it sort of terrifies me.

    I have not had any fraudulent activity on my card as of yet (just over 12 hours later), and I know I can file a claim with my credit card company after the payment clears in a few days, but in the mean time, I am super nervous about this one transaction AND upset about not getting this pool. I’m hoping they are getting enough in $53 increments from suckers like me that they won’t try to use my card info elsewhere before I have time to reach the bank.

    1. As a side note, once the transaction cleared my bank, I could see the company that charged me was another website. out of Illinois. If you go to THAT website, it is also clearly fraudulent. The web page claims to be in Massachusetts. They say 5% of all their profits go toward helping to save the oveans. Everything you click on takes you back to the same page. The only advantage to this under-developed web page is that you cannot add to your shopping cart, you can’t view your shopping cart, and you don’t have the ability to check out, so there is no way for them to gain your credit card info. I am disputing this charge with my bank, so hopefully they cannot contact anyone and i’ll get my money back in 50 days. Fingers crossed for all of us to come out of this as unscathed as possible!!

    2. UPDATE: I received tracking info for the pool on May 9th. It has not yet left China (as of May 21), but there seems to be an update every few days. There is no estimated delivery date listed for my order. I will post again if I ever get it, but I am still feeling as though this is fraudulent.

      @Pete, did you ever receive your trampoline? You were saying the estimated delivery date was May 18 and it is a few days past that now.

  13. I too suspected that this store was not legit. I scanned the web and could not find much information about it.
    Prices here sound too good to be true and I knew that something is not right.
    I was going to order a kids trampoline but I was not convinced that an item like that with such a low price could be shipped from China for free.
    I decided to write to the company and asked them several questions to see what they would say.
    They did not answer my questions at all after two emails.
    That is when it was cemented in me that they are just scammers.
    I will not order anything from them at all. I wish nobody else is taken advantage of and have their money stolen.
    Be careful and do not trust them.

  14. I went on line to buy a pool from Cigars and went thru the whole process only to discover a great price ,great deal…however at check out they only except MC or PayPal…when I tried to call them the # was no good.So I was going to get a prepaid MC but had my hesitations.Thank God I listened to my gut. As saying goes…IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE…IT PROBABLY IS.

  15. Oh, man! If only this site was up on 4/29! I was looking at above ground pools on and there were sponsored websites showing similar items to the ones being looked at on Since Target is reputable, I didn’t think that they would have a scam on their website. Nonetheless, I looked them up and saw that though it was a risk, it was worth the try. I went through PayPal, thank goodness, so I am disputing it. I actually did something really stupid and bought 2 canoes after that (I hadn’t yet seen that my account said there were no previous orders or transactions), so they have taken almost $200 from me. I messaged and received no reply and called the number, which was not in service. I wish I had called first, but made my purchase at night, so if they were legitimate, they probably wouldn’t have been open. PayPal should vet vendors better and Target shouldn’t allow non-verified companies to advertise on their website. If you are considering buying from them, please DON’T. Save yourself the headache. Now, they have our names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses… and, for those who paid directly, credit card info.

    1. Most likely a white surgical mask is being shipped! It’s a scam…I fell victim to it! Contact your bank immediately!

  16. We bought a pool for $60 from and was charged $67 from a company in China. The tracking number is fake. Something seemed fishy to me when I hit the pay button and the screen went blank and I didn’t receive an email confirmation of my order right away. The company shows from Minnesota and the phone number is from Georgia and is out of order. I can’t believe I let myself get scammed. I looked online to get info about them before I purchased and there really wasn’t anything. The next day I searched, I found some info out that this company was looked into by someone and they found out they sell people’s bank info and make duplicates. So we are going to have to cancel our bank card now, I would suggest anyone else who used a credit or bank card to purchase something from this site do the same before they can start putting other charges on your account. So disappointed that there are people like this out there just stealing from others and getting away with it. 🙁 It was shown on the news that since the COVID 19 and the stay home orders are in place, more people are purchasing online and so more scammers are creating fake websites. I will only be buying from Target, Walmart and other well know companies from now on. Learned my lesson the hard way.

  17. I ordered a pool last week and my screen blanked out after I processed the order and I never got an order number so I thought it did not go through unfortunately I found these reviews so I double checked my account and money was taken out for the pool and two other transactions after the fact, I cancelled my card and disputed the charges. Please keep me posted if anyone actually gets something for the correct price. I would be surprised

  18. I paid with paypal. Always pay with paypal. I got a confirmation email right after order a tracking number that’s has movement everyday. No other charges. I’m holding out hope. We will see. If it doesn’t come I dispute with paypal they return my money.

    1. Don’t bother disputing with PayPal. I filed a dispute and was denied because tracking showed a package delivered to me. I guess it doesn’t matter that I received 2 masks instead of the pool I ordered.

  19. I ordered an above ground pool on May 3rd and May 8th I received a tracking umber when I clicked on the link for the website I copy and pasted my tracking number and it worked. I have been tracking my package to every place it stops at. It gives me the time when it got there and when it was processed. I will update you when I receive my swimming pool but so far it is legit.

  20. So far so good. Tracking says it’s on an airliner right now. Hope it is here soon. Will keep you updated

  21. I purchased a pool have yet to receive i was given a tracking # but when I go to site it says I didn’t purchase anything

  22. Bought a pool a month ago. And so far have been scammed. They won’t help, gave me the wrong number, wrong tracking.

  23. I bought an above ground pool, they gave me a track number, after 1 month I received 5 masks in a Ziploc bag. So upset!!!

  24. One of my pool orders is in Chicago it says. I will report back with what happens. Should arrive sometime this week.

  25. Definitely a scam. I purchased a pool on 5/3 and today I received 2 face masks with the tracking number they provided for the pool I ordered.

    1. Yep! Same thing happened to me except I ordered some trampoline parts and received the masks with the same tracking number as the trampoline parts.

  26. Got scammed by them. Ordered a pool on 5/2/20 it showed up today as facemasks over a month later. $60.68 for 3 cheap face masks…. No reply no answer no nothing. Wish I would of know.

  27. We have all been scammed by Fibare Club when we thought we were buying a pool, trampoline, trampoline parts, etc. and instead received face masks or nothing. My suggestion is to contact your credit card company ASAP and dispute the charge and get a new card or file a report with paypal disputing the charge. In addition, let’s all file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and get this company shut down!

  28. I purchased an above ground 18’x48″ w/ ladder & pump back in April. AFTER the purchase the contact info as well as ship from location changed. The tracking has been correct (You have to translate it to English via the shipping carrier), but as it shows arriving today via USPS and is labeled as “First-Class Package International Service–Small Packets”, I am going to go out on a limb and guess it is NOT my 18’x48″ swimming pool. lol…

  29. Made order and showed it was coming from the states but when i ran payment thru my bank card it showed a china name so doing more investgating find the warehouse my pool is coming from is coming from China. They gabe me a track number after weeks of asking when i would get a track. Tjis was back in april 2020. Jume 2020 asked for refund because track number shows the pool has been sitting at china airport for all of may and june.. End of june i asked for a return on my payment and was told tbey couldnt because its already in transport even tho it shows siting in the same country same spot for 2+months?

  30. This site is a complete scam! I ordered a pool on May 8th and NEVER received a product! The store claims to be in Michigan however, my oder was “processing” in China. They went as far to send fake tracking info.

  31. I unfortunately was scammed by this company as well I should have known better bought a trampoline waited 3 months and they sent me face masks from China jokes on me they won’t give me a refund

  32. Total scam. I knew was too good to be true. Waited months for pool, daily tracking from china moved few times. Tracking No matched 2 paper covid masks probably have covid received about 6 months later.
    Glad I screenshot everything had all my proof to dispute pay
    pal. This time scammers paid…not me. All sites should ban this false advertising

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