Review: Deceit Exposed- Another Scam!

CashGem Reviews: is a legit cashing platform? Can you make money by referring your friends to CashGem? Read our reviews to see what experts have to say about

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

What is CashGem? claims it is a social media advertising platform, where you earn 30$ bonus after registering, then $15 for every friend you referred to their website through their links which you are to place all over social media.

This platform has had many heads swooning because of its enticing offer. However, we believe there is more to what meets the eyes. Can you earn from this site? We honestly don’t think so.

The first thing you should ask yourself is this ‘how are the people behind making their money? How do they intend to pay you $15 dollar for each referral?’ Review: Redflags Discovered!

In as much as the well designed platform of CashGem would make you think they are the real deal. However, that is far from the truth. During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the red flags listed below.

False About Us page

We all know that the ‘About Us’ page of every website is an important content that tells the plans of the owners of the site. When we checked CashGem’s about us page, we were disappointed with what we saw.

They claim they have been in existence since 2015, but when we searched on we realized was registered on the 16th of March 2020. So the question now is ‘Why lie if they are genuine?’ We don’t think any genuine platform would feed false information to the public. 

Fake Testimonials

On there are testimonial of people who have made a lot of money from this platform. One of the testimonies caught our eyes.

Samantha Ivy claims she registered on the platform a year ago, and has been making a lot of money. That is very far from the truth. Apart from the fact that Cashgem was registered barely a month ago, the pictures of these testifiers were gotten from the internet.

You only need to run a google search image on the images. It would show you that the images were gotten online, and the reviews are well scripted lies.

How Does Work

Once you register, you would see the bonus there, but you wouldn’t be able to withdraw it. Same goes to when you share the links on your social media platforms. They will keep promising and promising till one day you would discover you have been blocked from your account.

And that is just the beginning. Because you submitted your details to when registering, they would be in possession of your name and mail address. These data is what they would sell out. And within a matter of hours or days you would start receiving tons of spam mails.

CashGem Review: Another Scam!

Just like Use2earn, , is an Untrustworthy platform.

Forget the lies they are feeding the public. CashGem is simply a site that sells information. They are using the $30 bonus as a bait to get your attention. No matter how many referrals you bring to the platform, and how many times you share the link, you will never get paid, not even a single cent. makes money by selling your information, feeding their site with virus that would crawl into your computer and steal your information. Beware of this malicious site.


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  1. Thank y’all for this because I just got scammed and it’s no fun I just want to star my online business and do my music it’s rough but I will prevail once again thank you

  2. If your reading this..
    if they were fake why would they have a whole Q&A Forum answering questions that are mostly known to be asked. they even provide an email for you to contact them with WHICH DOES WORK!!! because i too also have a problem with why we have to wait a month for this money. When i emailed them they said that if you are a new user you have to wait 30 days for ur first actual payment. the reason for this to prevent fraud and scam because the surveys and task are from their investors who we also recieve money from.After 30 days and u wanna cash out more money you dont have to wait 30 days anymore u automatically get it via cash app paypal u name it. ive made 6K!!! and im only 16 i know how to detect scams. if you need more help follow my insta @thyjxy and text you need hel cause i only started yesterday.

      1. Well it says it’s only been out a month! I just cashed out but it says it won’t be here for a month. I paid for subscriptions to complete tasks. I spent all day basically working for this app. If it doesn’t work I will be extremely bummed.

    1. Why would they have a Q&A Page? Because having one makes them seem more legitimate. The email works because they don’t want to seem like they’re lying. You say you’ve “made 6K” but have you actually seen even a cent of that? You’re only 16, claim to be able to detect a scam, yet you’re not put off by the lies on their About Us page? You aren’t put off by their using images taken off Google as fake profile pictures in testimonials? You said you started a few days ago (at the time of my reply) which means according to the thirty day delay, you haven’t ‘made’ anything. You’ve accrued pixels on your screen that amount to absolutely nothing but a promise that may not be kept. If you’ve MADE money, it’s in your possession, in your account. Your age does certainly affirm itself with your lack of insight. I do hope when your poor parents get absolutely hammered with scam mail and unwanted ads in their mailbox that you’ll at least have the courtesy to tell them you’re an idiot.

      1. I agree. Lol no way a 16 yrs old can understand that it was a fake scam website or app. Once a teenager sees the money they automatically think it’s real legitimate to get rich quick! 6k yah right?
        With a 30 day delay. You still have no money yet! So stop bragging about it. -.- I believe it when I see proof by your PayPal receipts. Thank you for Warning me about Cashgem. .com. I was about to try it for myself lol.

    2. Yes, and all these features are meant to add validity to the scam. Like previously stated, you wont get that money especially tax free, it cant happen.

    3. So did you get paid in hand yet…mine was may 26th no monies yet i waited 30days ther nothing hit my acct . It should hit the 26th please give us the email address to see what’s going on..thks

    4. U speak like one of them, don’t come here and deceive ur self and think you’re deceiving others. You’re also a scammer

    5. not true this is the same as rewarddollars and that was scam, its been 2 months and still no money. all they are is to get peoples contact names and emails to make lists than use those for scamming, they are the ones making money and your friends might get scammed because of it.

  3. Might be your cashwall doesn’t fully completed, make sure you must complete it first so that you can cash out your money, even though you have thousand dollars of earnings if you didn’t complete their requirements definitely you can’t Cash out.

  4. If they are only a month old and it takes 30 days to cash out then this site is absolutely fake because every five seconds it pops up with a notification of somebody cashing out.

  5. I just went to search the name of their said vice president of development on wikipedia the man is a motorsport president, there is nothing on his profile that says he is cashgem VC. Pls how can i delete my account.

  6. Cash gem is a complete scam if you haven’t read their policy it clearly states if you are not 99 or older you cannot use cash gem or Benefit from their features if you are underage meaning younger than 99 which contradicts that so called young people they have claiming to have received money it is extremely fake. But they have it their in their policy you guys just have to read it . Sorry.

  7. User Representations and Warranties
    By using the CashGem Sites and Features or our Services, you represent, warrant and covenant that you: (i) have the power and authority to enter into and be bound by these Terms; (ii) shall use the CashGem Sites and Features and our Services only as permitted by these Terms, and any applicable Additional Terms, and not for any unlawful purpose; and (iii) are ninety-nine (99) years of age or older. If you are under the age of ninety-nine (99), you are not allowed to use the CashGem Sites and Features nor our Services. Some offerings on the CashGem Sites and Features or our Services may be subject to additional age restrictions.

  8. I signed up and completed tasks under two different email addresses to test it out. My payments were both supposed to hit PayPal today. They were listed as “pending” until today. Now one has completely disappeared from my CashGem dashboard — as if it never existed — and the other now has a disclaimer that says “unable to pay due to bank configuration.” So it is a complete and utter scam. No one is getting paid.

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