Facebook Account Recovery Code Scam 2023: Beware!

Have you received a Facebook account recovery code that you didn’t request? Did you receive a chat from a stranger on Facebook telling you to send the code to them? Beware! Scammers are trying to compromise your Facebook account.

Lots and lots of people keep falling for this trick daily, especially as often times the message could be from a supposedly ‘Facebook Friend’. Read this review to find out how this scam works and how to avoid it.

The Facebook Account Recovery Code Scam

The scam often goes this way –

You receive a private message from one of your Facebook friends saying they want to change the password on their account but for some reason they aren’t receiving the confirmation codes that Facebook sends in order to confirm the account holder’s identity.

They ask you to send them YOUR phone number so they can have Facebook send the code to YOUR phone instead.

After you receive the code on your phone they want you to send them the code so they can use it to change their Facebook password.

However, this is just a sham.

How Does This Scam Work?

Once you give them your phone number and the recovery code, this is what would happen;

1– The scammer will end up with both your phone number and the Facebook confirmation code.

2 – The scammer will use those two pieces of info to change the password on YOUR Facebook account, and thereby gain access to it.

3 – The scammer will log into your Facebook account with the new password and quickly change both the phone number and the email address that’s connected to your account, effectively locking you out of it.

As you can see, this is a very dangerous scam. This scam is quite similar to another ongoing scam- Chronopost scam on Facebook

What You Should do about this

Don’t fall for the bait. Don’t send them your phone number or any code you receive in your phone, either via text message or email.

Meanwhile, if you are in doubt about any platform- be it trading, shopping, investments, or even emails. We are always here to guide you make the proper decision.

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