Chronopost Scam on Facebook Marketplace 2023: Beware!

Scammers are chatting sellers up on Facebook marketplace, pretending to be interested in a item and promising to send a Chronopost letter carrier to your home to give you your money in cash and collect the item . Beware, it is a scam. This detailed article exposes how this scam works, and how to avoid being scammed.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Chronopost Scam Facebook Marketplace

The scam conversation goes this way –

  • Hi, is this available?
  • – me: yes
  • Hi, is it in good condition?
  • What is the price?
  • Where are you from?
  • – me: I supplied district and said full spec is on the ad (I didn’t specify the price)
  • Ok the price suits me ok I take it but I would like to come today but I am busy with work at the moment, I’ll send a Chronopost letter carrier to your home to give you your money in cash and collect the item .
  • – me: I’m not familiar with Chronopost
  • [I looked up Chronopost and discover it’s a France-based shipping company and it has 84% 1 star reviews on TrustPilot.]
  • I explain, a Chronopost agent will come to your home to give you an envelope containing your money, and once you have verified your money, you will give him the object to send it to me

Lots of people have complained of this scam on Reddit and Facebook. Exact modus operandi.

How Does This Scam Work?

Like every other kind of scam, the goal of this scam is to steal your steal your money. How?

Once you give them your email and address, you’ll receive a Chronopost email which is obviously fake. The email from “Chronopost” contains a link asking for £50 for insurance for DPD that will be refunded once the items are delivered. This is where the scam comes in. The DPD site they send is a fake  Once you click on the link and make the payment, the money would go straight to the scammers.

This scam is quite similar to another ongoing scam, Student loan forgiveness scam. The same modus operandi.

What You Should do about this

Don’t fall for the bait. Don’t send them your email or address. If you’ve already done so, be careful not to click on any link when they send you the email.

Meanwhile, if you are in doubt about any platform- be it trading, shopping, investments, or even emails. We are always here to guide you make the proper decision.

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  1. Thank you for post here I almost scammed by same scammers. I found on google and I found this post. You doing good job thank you

  2. This scam happened to me just yesterday. Infact twice in the space of a few hours. Luckily I didnt get caught out.

  3. I just had the same scam when trying to buy my item. I replied ‘no thanks sounds like a scam’ and they didnt reply.

    They said to me….Is the item still available.
    I replied yes
    they then said….Ok the price suits me ok I take it but I would like to come tomorrow but I am busy with work at the moment, I’ll send a Chronopost letter carrier to your home to give you your money in cash and collect the item .
    I said it sounds like a scam and they didnt respond so clearly it is a scam

    1. Thanks for posting this literally just had the exact same. Im not stupid anyways but glad to see on here as its confirmation of a scam. Cheers peeps

  4. Chronopost email fake. I just had same. I clicked on link and it asked me to pay. I did not pay and I blocked and reported them to Facebook marketplace. I’m concerned they may install malware on my phone. Anyone have any knowledge of this?

  5. This is happening to me right now 6/24/22 as we speak I kind of figured this was a scam and I looked it up because they ask for my zip code and I don’t have a zip code I have a postal code So I asked where you located and they said in my city so why don’t you come and get to stuff yourself and no reply so but I haven’t given them any information

  6. We got scammed over the weekend. Contacted both the police and my bank immediately. Saved all the communication with screen shots given all evidence to the police.

    1. This has happened to me today. 16 July ’22. Got suspicious re the amount of “Insurance ” required to pay. Check for spelling mistakes in Chronopost e-mail as well!

  7. I have someone trying to scam me with this right now, if it wasn’t for coming across this they might have gotten away with it.

  8. Someone has just tried this with us – never heard of Chronopost, so googled it and came across this article – thank you so much!

  9. They just tried to do the same to me. I said thanks sounds like a great scam and they didn’t reply.

  10. Just had someone on Facebook Marketplace use the same script as here. So glad I checked online first as to what the hell Chronopost is!

  11. Had someone attempt to scam me via Marketplace today and never ever having heard of Chronopost I Googled it and found details of the scam. What really p***es me off is that I haven’t seen any warnings anywhere on FB about this scam. They are keen enough to bombard you with “suggestions” for new groups you may be interested in joining, so why not some suggestions on how not to be scammed on their social network.

  12. First time I’ve used fb market place to sell and someone using this exact script trying to scam me, glad I looked up chronopost before going any further! Told the guy I will only deal with him directly and not third parties and so far he’s not responding
    I’ll promptly be making a post on fb to make people aware of this scam because I sure wasn’t

  13. I had someone try to do the same with me, I googled chronopost an saw all the scam warnings, I asked her for a copy of her passport and her address, she said she was using her mother’s FB page in Denmark and that she was in a wheelchair and the address she gave me was a plasterers in Plymouth, I phoned them and they had never heard of her. Reported as a scam to FB

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