Evan Longoria Catch: The Marketing Stunt That Fooled Us All

The video circulating online of Eva Longoria Catch is not real but a marketing tactics. Evan Longoria caught a fly ball headed for ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, impressing everyone with his quick reaction. Later, Gillette’s marketing team asked Evan to shoot a quick video using just a handheld camera and stadium lights, with no extra preparations. This clever marketing stunt fooled us all.

Evan Longoria Catch
Evan Longoria Catch

The Truth Behind Evan Longoria’s Viral Video

A few years ago, a video went viral showing Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria making an incredible catch. During batting practice, a fly ball was headed straight for ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, and Evan saved the day by catching it barehanded. Everyone was amazed by his quick reaction and confidence.

But it turns out, this moment wasn’t real. Gillette’s marketing team, after filming a commercial with Evan, asked him to shoot a quick 1-2 minute video. It was filmed using just a handheld camera and the stadium’s lights, with no extra preparations. This clever marketing stunt fooled us all.

The Evan Longoria Catch Video: Did It Change?

This video is an internet classic that appears at least once a year. It used to show Evan Longoria in a daytime interview, catching a ball barehanded and saving a blonde reporter from getting hit in the head.

Now, the video shows something different: it’s nighttime, and the reporter is a black woman. It seemed like a trick of memory, but many comments confirm the same thing: it used to be a blonde woman during a daytime game.

Looks faker than usual now. Also her voice is unfamiliar / doesn’t match what I remember. It’s a doctored video for a Gillette ad campaign from like 15 years ago, of course it looks fake

We have nothing other than multiple people online claiming a change for a small change to a faked video by gilette to get views. i feel like this is honestly just because most tv news reporters are blonde white women. and for this commercial ppl only distinctly remember him catching the ball. so your minds are just filling in the blank space with what you normally see on tv.

I’m 8 million percent certain. But this is the only one that if grim reaper was like answer correct or die type situation I genuinely would say original video the girl had a reaction, that’s the most off putting part to me, bc I remember her blond.. and maybe that’s bc I find blonds more attractive but I’m also super masculine and have a intrinsic que to protection so my memory catalogue for say is very detailed when it’s protection and more so the award gratification of protecting that girl etc.. anyway I know how my brain works I’m saying and it just doesn’t make sense for me to falsely remember or even give a ab this video unless she was reacting in conjunction to his act of protecting her from the ball- so like u said she did have a reaction she did move and made it clear she was amazed… this video screams literally the opposite of that. 

Clues That It’s Fake

There are some clear signs that the Evan Longoria video isn’t real.

First, Gillette’s logo is everywhere in the background. The video was filmed at McKechnie Field in Florida, which never had that many Gillette signs.

Second, if you know baseball, you’ll notice some things missing. During batting practice, there’s usually a safety cage to stop balls from flying everywhere, but it’s not in the video. Also, there should be a catcher, but there isn’t one. Most importantly, there’s no safety net to protect the pitcher, which MLB teams always use during batting practice.

Who would have thought this low-budget video would end up being watched by millions more than the actual commercial?


So, the Evan Longoria catch turned out to be a smart trick by Gillette. Even though it seemed like a heroic moment at first, there were signs that it wasn’t real. Gillette’s logos were all over the place, and the safety equipment you’d expect to see in a baseball practice wasn’t there.

But despite being fake, the video got a lot of attention and became really popular online. It just shows how powerful marketing can be. Even though it wasn’t a real-life hero moment, it still made a big impact on people.

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