I Tried The Scentbird Subcription Service: Here Are My Thoughts

As a fragrance fanatic, I‘ve struggled to find complex scents that don‘t cause irritation. So when I first learned about Scentbird I was skeptical.

I’ve never been one to doubt the mood-boosting superpowers of fragrance. While I’m pretty discerning about what beauty products I spend my money on, I’ve always regarded perfume as a worthy splurge thanks to its therapeutic properties. Either way, I‘m here to tell you the unfiltered truth about my experience with each one.

Scentbird Subcription Service
Scentbird Subcription Service

About Scentbird Subscription Service

Scentbird is a monthly subscription service for trying different perfumes. They offer newer, clean brands like Mindgames and Dedcool. You can choose 1-3 fragrances each month at a set price, but some cost extra. However, some limited-time scents are hard to add, and not all perfumes come with a case. You can’t cancel ur subscription the perfume u order they send u something completely different not even name brand.

How Scentbird Works

Scentbird keeps things simple with their subscription plans. You pick how many products you want each month: one, two, or three. Then, choose how long you want to stick with it: one month, three months, six months, or a whole year. Prices start at $14.95 a month for one fragrance and go up to $195 a month for three fragrances if you commit for six months. It’s easy to find the right plan for you without any fuss.

My Experience For The Time

When I tried this cologne company for the first time back in 2023, I was really happy with their services. The prices seemed good, but I found out the choices were kinda limited. Plus, the bummer part is I couldn’t pick the same scent I liked from before. Some months, I got scents that just stank. And let’s talk about delivery – it was a total mess. So, I decided to give another brand a shot, one with way more options and better atomizers.

Honestly, the idea behind this company is cool, but they totally dropped the ball on making it work. Even though what they offer fits my lifestyle perfectly, I can’t wrap my head around why it takes two whole weeks for something I buy from their shop to ship out. And get this – I’m not talking about subscription stuff, just regular buys. It just doesn’t add up why it takes that long to put together an order.

The Upsides and Downsides of Scentbird


  • The prices are affordable
  • Easy to find the fragrances you like by brand, type, or smell
  • They offer fancy designer fragrances
  • Free shipping is included
  • The size is okay for travel


  • Some fragrances cost extra, up to $15 more
  • You can’t return or exchange subscription orders
  • No quick shipping option available
  • The magnetic case can be a bit flimsy
  • The customer service is non-existent

Some Complaints Online

Despite the positive reviews, there have been major complaints from people who made use of their services and they aren’t pretty. Some of them include:

They overcharged my card, wouldn’t cancel my subscription, took money from my account and then didn’t refund because they coincidentally “already shipped out the product” even though I kept repeatedly telling them not to ship anything to me. The fragrance they ended up sending me smelled so damn cheap too I almost threw up from the terrible smell. This is such a scam do not buy from them!!

So far, I have not been satisfied with the fragrances that I have been receiving! 
I am going to have to cancel my subscription. I really don’t want to, but I am.

I’m really unhappy with my experience using scentbird. They are so automated it’s almost impossible to function outside of the projected window. I never received a certain fragrance I was looking forward to and when I mentioned it NOBODY responded at all. I’ve tried to cancel my subscription and that is impossible. I’ve “skipped” a month and they still sent me something I didn’t ask for. I’d rather just go to a store and find a fragrance instead of waiting month to month

Problems with the Perfume Subscription Service

Trying out different perfumes is fine with this service, but they make it tricky to access the good ones. You either gotta shell out extra cash or upgrade your plan. It used to be fun, but the company’s vibe has turned sketchy lately.

Secondly, It’s nearly impossible to cancel your subscription on either the app or the website. They intentionally make it difficult, hoping you’ll just “Pause” and forget about it, so they can keep charging you in a few months. Reputable subscription services don’t play games like this. Cancelling should be easier. When I tried to cancel my subscription, I hit a roadblock. Turns out, you can’t do it easily and funny enough you get charged automatically too. Any online service that charges your account the moment you try to order but doesn’t give you a cancel option that is immediate, is just trying to claw at your wallet.

Finally their customer service just keeps sending you in circles with no real solution. Plus, their selection isn’t great, and they still process orders even if you’ve canceled beforehand.

Scentbird vs Scentbox: Which Is Better

After trying both Scentbird and Scentbox, here’s what I’ve found: Scentbox has fancy perfume brands like Xeroff, Byredo, and Creed, and you can choose 1-3 fragrances each month. But watch out for extra charges and missing cases. Sometimes they run out of special scents. Scentbird focuses on newer, “clean” brands like Mindgames and Dedcool. Prices are fixed, but fancy scents cost more. You can cancel anytime, but adding limited-time scents can be tricky. Their website is easy to use, though, with info about each fragrance.

Final Words

Finally with scentbird perfume subscription service, Expect to receive fragrance almost two weeks after subscribing. 
You’ll be billed twice before receiving next fragrance. 

I highly recommend those wanting to test colognes to buy tester packs or testers of the specific cologne they want. This can easily be done outside of scentbird.

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