Does Sell Legit Eclipse Glasses? Read Before Buying is a legit website selling eclipse glasses. If you’re going to watch a solar eclipse, you need to wear special glasses according to experts. Following the recent April 8 eclipse that happened in North America, lots of websites are currently selling these glasses at a discounted price. However it can be pretty difficult to separate real from fake.

About is a legit website selling eclipse protection glasses. The glasses makes use of a black polymer material and are approved by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and NASA.

Do I need eclipse glasses and why?

Yes you do. These “eclipse glasses” only cost a couple of bucks each. But if you use the wrong ones, you could seriously hurt your eyes. You might end up with temporary or even permanent damage. Staring at the sun during an eclipse without proper protection could leave you with “eclipse blindness” or burns on your retina.

What Are the Benefits of Eclipse Glasses?

The NASA-approved eclipse glasses claims to keep your eyes safe from the sun by:

  • Blocking almost all the bright light.
  • Stopping heat rays.
  • Protecting your eyes from harmful rays.

Can I Buy Eclipsed Glasses Online

Yes, you can buy from Even though they’re cheap, every pair of glasses is built to block out all the bad stuff from the sun, like UV rays and intense light. Regular sunglasses won’t do the job for watching an eclipse. The prices are as low as $1 for one carton glasses.

Also, Walmart and other stores will have others like Luna bars, Moon Pies, Sun Chips, and Eclipse gum for your eclipse picnic.

Quick Tips for Buying Safe Eclipse Glasses

  1. Only buy glasses from the AAS’s approved list of certified eclipse glasses.
  2. Test glasses for scratches by checking if any light passes through when held up to car headlights at night.
  3. Be careful of companies selling glasses not listed by AAS. Stick to buying from the manufacturer.
  4. Make sure you only see the sun or its reflection in the glasses. If you see anything else, they might not be safe.
  5. To make sure your eclipse glasses will protect your eyes, look for the code ISO 12312-2 printed on them.

Is Eclipse Glasses A Scam

Not exactly, Eclipse glasses come with a special filter to keep your eyes safe, but the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is cautioning people about the ongoing scam right now.

Melanie Duquesenal from the BBB says, “With today’s technology, anyone can print anything on paper. So, it’s crucial to double-check the quality of these glasses and the seller to ensure they’re genuine.”

Final Words is not a scam but a legit website selling glasses for protection during the eclipse. There are only 5 customer testimonials on their website and we cannot verify right now if they are real. However if you are considering buying from this website, look for genuine reviews before doing so.

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