Do Experts Recommend Inno Cleanse For Digestive Health? Find Out

With tons of products promising to clean your body and make you feel amazing, picking one can be very difficult. Inno cleanse is currently trending online as a gut cleanser amongst other claims. But does it work?

In this review, I’ll share my experience, pros and cons and help you make an informed decision whether or not to buy this product.

About Inno Cleanse

Inno supps is a brand that manufactures supplements. One of the most popular is the inno cleanse, the manufacturers claim it’s great for gut health, detoxing, and losing weight. Inno Cleanse isn’t like other laxatives in the market , It’s purely made to clean out your insides and get rid of toxins. But does it work? What are people saying about it?

The Ingredients And Benefits

  1. Cascara Sagrada: Gentle on your gut, helps regular bowel movements.
  2. Cape Aloe: Keeps you regular, supports colon health, and detoxifies.
  3. Fennel Seed: Flushes fluids, aids digestion, and reduces cravings.
  4. Bentonite Clay: Absorbs toxins, detoxifies, aids nutrient absorption.
  5. Milk Thistle: Protects liver, boosts antioxidants, supports liver function.

My Experience With Inno Cleanse

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried this product after buying it $39.99 from Amazon. I’ve been thinking about giving it a shot for a while, but I waited until I had easy access to the bathroom at home all the time. When I first started, I even faked being sick to avoid going out of town, just in case I needed to use the bathroom a lot. But it turned out I didn’t need to worry about that.

I took two pills before bed for two weeks. Surprisingly, I never felt the urge to rush to the bathroom. My life went on as usual without any interruptions. I could have gone hiking, hung out with friends, or even gone for a run without any problems. However, I did notice some good things. It gave me more energy and made me feel more alert. I also noticed my stomach looked a bit flatter, even though I didn’t lose any weight.


  1. You can buy it in different online stores
  2. Helps to improve energy levels
  3. Helps you feel less bloated


  1. Does not work immediately
  2. This supplement will not help you lose weight
  3. May cause you to break out
  4. It’s a bit pricey

Does Inno Cleanse Work

Yes, but it does take a day or so to get working. Also the taste is not the best so make sure you drink with plenty of water. For me it didn’t quite live up to the claims. Some of the benefits I experienced wasn’t magical and just so you know, it won’t help you lose weight.

Within two days my digestion was starting to get back on track. I was feeling less bloated and you will find you will need to use the bathroom in the morning first thing if you take as directed before bedtime. I used it for the 14 day cycle and I am very pleased with this product and will use it again in the near future. I also like that it has all natural ingredients. Try it for yourself and I believe you will be another satisfied customer like me.

Do Doctors Recommend Inno Cleanse

We reached out to doctors to determine the safety of Inno cleanse. After checking out the ingredients in this supplement, they have some concerns. The supplement has ingredients that can cause harm to the liver.

Also, the amount of cayenne pepper in the supplement is much lower than what’s typically needed for results. Overall, based on this, we don’t recommend Inno Cleanse for weight loss or gut health problems.

Where To Buy

You can buy inno cleanse from Amazon, Walmart, eBay and their official website The price is $43.99 for one bottle.

Will Inno Cleanse Really Make My Waist Smaller?

The manufacturers claim that inno cleanse can make your waist slimmer using the ingredients listed in the package. However there is no evidence that suggests it works.

The Controversy About Inno Supps

I came across customer complaints on Trustpilot about the terrible services customers receive from Most of the customers said the company has a terrible customer service and most of their product does not work. There are also problems with their shipping and refund policies. You need to be aware of these problems before buying from them.

How to Use Inno Cleanse

  1. Take 1-2 capsules daily, with or without food.
  2. If needed, you can take 3 capsules before bedtime for up to 10 days.
  3. Use it for up to 14 days per month, or as needed.
  4. Don’t take more than 3 capsules in a day.

Final Words

Finally, inno Cleanse has ingredients in it that can make you go to the bathroom more, which might make you lose some weight temporarily by getting rid of extra water and waste. However doctors do not recommend it because it may have lasting effects on your liver.

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