CerebroZen for Tinnitus Joe Rogan Deepfake scam: Beware!

Cerebrozen isn’t endorsed by Joe Regan. This tinnitus supplement which is massively promoted online, is sold with deception and false claims. Aside from using deepfake videos of Joe Rogan, the marketers behind this supplement engage in all sorts of marketing gimmicks to lure buyers.

If you’re considering buying this dietary supplement, this is the right article you should read.

How The Cerebrozen Marketing Scam Works

The deepfake video shows Joe Rogan speaking during a talkshow. It talks about hearing loss, then goes ahead to recommend a NASA research supplement; Cerebrozen. Listing how effective it works, and how it guarantees better sleep.

People who believe the hogwash story and click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button are led to an order page. One of such pages ‘Cerebrozen24.com’ displays an array of discounted Cerebrozen. The page promises you pay less when you buy more.

However, no matter the number of bottles you pay for, you get hoodwinked with extra charges and lured into a membership subscription.

Meanwhile, the product has a slim chance of treating Tinnitus or improving sleep. In reality, it is a rebranded supplement formerly known as ‘VidaCalm

Red Flags That Indicates CerebroZen Doesn’t Work

Uses Deep Fake Technology

We took a close look at the video, and saw some discrepancies. The audio and facial expression don’t match. This is quite common with deepfake videos. Pay attention to blinking and the lip movements. It doesn’t look natural.

Fake Reviews online

On search engines there are lot of positive reviews online about Cerebrozen. However, they all have one thing in common; they’re sponsored posts. Majority of the websites who endorse the supplement are affiliate marketers who get paid for any person that purchases the item.

In fact, most of the websites have a disclaimer below their webpage, stating it’s a sponsored post, and they’re ClickBank affiliates.

Hidden Subscription Membership

When we visited the order page, we saw very tiny letters which can easily be overlooked. A close inspection shows it’s a legal stipulation that says we’re signing up to a subscription.

How To Spot Fake Video Ads Created With Deepfake AI

Aside from the usual poor lip-syncing, robotic-sounding voices, strange word pronunciations, and digital background noise of Deepfake constructed videos, here are things to watch out for;

  • Look out for Unnatural eye movementa lack of eye movement, such as an absence of blinking — are red flags.
  • Watch out for unnatural facial expressions and awkward facial-feature positioning: If someone’s face is pointing one way and their nose is pointing another, it clearly indicates something is off.
  • Has zero emotion that doesn’t go along with what they’re supposedly saying. For example, a lack of enthusiam in the Solana Giveaway Deepfake Ad is one red flag we noticed.
  • Don’t Ignore the Unnatural body movement, Unnatural Coloring, and hair that doesn’t look real.
  • Teeth that don’t look real:  an absence of outlines of individual teeth could be a clue that a particular video is created with deepfake technology

What to do if you fell for this Deepfake Scam Product

  • Contact Your bank To Cancel The Transaction and Get a Refund – The first thing you should do is contact your bank to inform them about the fraudulent subscription. Through the chargeback system, you can get your money back from the transaction if you file a dispute claim.
  • Requests for a New Credit Card – Since you unknowingly subscribed for a service which you can’t trace, it’d be best if you ditch the credit card and get a new one. That way you wouldn’t get charged for the subscription again.
  • Update Your Passwords and Enable Two Factor Authentication – The next step you should take is updating your passwords. This should be done if you’ve used the same password you used on other websites or applications. You should also go an extra step of enabling two-factor authentication. This would keep you protected from data breech.
  • Scan Your Device with a Malware Checker Tool – There’s a likelihood that your device has been infested by malware or spyware after visiting the site. Scanning your device with a malware removal tool will detect and remove any viruses, spyware, or other malicious programs. See best malware device tools here

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