Is Debthunch A Trustworthy Debt Consolidation Company? Find Out

Debthunch is a company that provides assistance to individuals who are struggling with debt but is that really all they do? Many people online have said that Debthunch is a scam, while others have had good experiences with the company. Debthunch is controversial, for sure but is it worth considering in 2024? Here’s what we know so far.

Debthunch website

Debthunch: A Closer Look

The glowing reviews? They come in suspiciously timed bunches, with long dry spells in between.

Digging deeper, I noticed something fishy about the reviewers. Most of them don’t write reviews for anything else, and some of the ones who do seem to have a thing for reviewing the same products. Hmm…

So, what’s the deal with Debthunch? Turns out, they’re not exactly a loan or debt consolidation company. Nope, they’re in the business of selling marketing leads to other companies.

When you sign up with them, you’re handing over all your info. And guess what? They can use that info to make a pretty penny by selling it off to other companies for their offers. And get this – they’ve already made money off you before you’ve even paid them a dime.

How Debthunch Works

You won’t realize what Debthunch really does until you’ve finished filling out their application. Then, bam! Your phone starts blowing up with calls from debt consolidation companies left and right. Turns out, Debthunch has already sold your info to these people, who are now trying to sell you their debt consolidation services.

And that’s why you won’t find any negative reviews – because you never actually do business with Debthunch. But if that’s the case, how could they ever get positive reviews? Hmm…

Is Debthunch Trustworthy

I wouldn’t trust them, we don’t know how they got so many positive on Trustpilot despite the fact that they have been displaying Trustpilot content inappropriately. This Debt relief company isn’t worth it for me. It feels too risky for your credit. Plus, the company bombards their customers with endless phone calls from different local area codes.

What People Are Saying

Generally, people’s reaction are overly positive despite discovering negative reviews on Quora. We are skeptical about these overly positive comments.

Stay 100 feet away of any company that needs you to profit and treats you as if you owe them, that’s evidence the company in itself lacks integrity, morals, and good business sense. I’m really glad that I encountered this fellow, now I can aide in enlightening others and provide a measure of protection for them. Don’t get scammed, you deserve better than that.

As of now, everyone has been kind, helpful and prompt. Still waiting for the actual process to begin as far as the credit card companies working with Skyline to settle the debt. We will see then, when that process begins.

Going through my own personal financial problem, I reached out Palisades for help. Not only are they very helpful, they are understanding to every situation and will work with you as well. 
I’ve recommended Palisades to family members and friends about them and would highly recommend anyone else who is in search of a legitimate debt relief group.

This company is horrible and I have sent them six emails to close my account and never got a response. So I took it action and closed my bank account and this company is denied access to my bank account. I would never suggest anyone to deal with this company and all they want is your money and don’t response when you try contacting them. Angry Ex. Customer

Final Words

If you’re in need of debt consolidation, steer clear of this company. Go find your own consolidator and save yourself from the headache of dealing with call centers, not just from Debthunch, but from all the other companies they’ve sold your info to.

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