Is Storyworth Worth Considering In 2024? Find Out

Storyworth creates custom storybooks to help you keep your memories and experiences alive. Ever wished you could capture your family’s unforgettable tales and dig deeper into their lives? Storyworth claims to help by sending your loved ones a life question every week via email. After a year, they turn those memories into a beautiful book you can treasure.

But do people like their services? Here’s everything you need to know about Storyworth and if it’s worth considering in 2024.

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About Storyworth

Storyworth gives you a great chance to leave behind a written and photo-filled legacy that your family can treasure for generations. The questions they ask help you delve into your life events and share not just what happened, but also how you felt, what you achieved, and what let you down, all while taking a moment to reflect on it all.

Using Storyworth For The First Time

I got Storyworth for my mom as a gift, and I’m really glad I did! It was super easy to use, and we could tailor it to fit our needs. I could keep tabs on the progress and tweak the questions to make them more relevant to our family.

Putting the book together was easy. We could choose the cover color and add photos, and inserting pictures into different chapters was a snap. If a photo didn’t work due to resolution, they let us know. Shipping was quick – we got our order just a few days after placing it.

Overall, I was really pleased with the whole process. The prompts helped us stay on track, and we knew exactly how long we had to finish the book. Plus, I learned some new things about my mom along the way. In the end, we had a precious keepsake for ourselves and future generations.

Why Most People Find Storyworth Conflicting

A lot of people aren’t happy with Storyworth. One big gripe is that if you want to send multiple books to one address, you have to pay up separate shipping and taxes for each book.

Plus, the whole setup seems designed to make sure you never finish. You out about $100 to use the website, but unless you’re cranking out stories left and right, you might only answer a question or two before giving up. And if you do manage to finish, get ready for sticker shock – they hit you with hundreds more dollars to actually print the book.

I spent two years working on this thing for my parents, and now every time I want to order a set for someone else, I’m staring down a $200+ bill. I could’ve put together something way better and cheaper on my own without all the hassle.

Customer Reviews

Some customers have shared their experience using Storyworth and we got some of them in Trust pilot and BBB. They include:

Storyworth made it easy for me to write most of the highlights of my life. Once I started, I looked forward to continuing my story even though some of the writing I did was done with much soul-searching. It was a particularly difficult time of my life right after my husband died, but my daughter thought that would be a good time to search and write. I

I purchased Storyworth at $99 for my mom’s birthday last year. It was a bit difficult to navigate but I managed to complete most of the questions and add pictures. When I was ready to order, they wanted another $40 because the pictures were in color. This was never explained during the initial purchase. I paid the difference but am not pleased with the deception.

Sharing your life’s experiences can be enriching. It was for me., My purpose was to give my grandkids an account of my eighty plus years of experience which for the most part was a legacy of love and good fortune.

Is Storyworth Worth Considering In 2024

Not really. There are concerns about the privacy policy might seem alright, but the terms of service are a nightmare. They basically get a free pass to use your info however they want, even if you cancel. And you can’t stop them.

Then there’s the book quality. People are saying it’s consistently lousy. Some even say it’s cheaper and better to get your book made elsewhere.

But the biggest gripe? If you don’t order your book right before your year of questions ends, you gotta shell out for another year just to get it. Customer service won’t budge on this, and that’s the top complaint.

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