Why Cettire.com Online Store Is Unreliable

Cettire.com is an unreliable clothing website that ships knockoff products which are totally different from the ones ordered and their products come from China. Do not trust ordering from this company if you’re going to be potentially returning an item. Their customer service is awful and they do not issue returns even upon processing the item when it’s back in their possession. Here’s what we discovered.


About Cettire.com

Cettire is an online luxury fashion retail platform. Their merchandise might be real, their pricing is certainly competitive, and they ship in a reasonable amount of time, but you might as well forget returning and item you don’t like or is the wrong size. They don’t respond to emails, they also use fake people to write reviews about them. Here’s my experience .

Would I Buy Again? My Expereince

I had a really frustrating experience with Cettire. Their website is hard to navigate since it doesn’t have any filters. When I ordered a pair of shoes, they sent me a completely different pair that looked worn out, despite being a pricey 690€. When I contacted their customer service, they asked me to return the shoes with DHL. While they eventually refunded me for the shoes, they didn’t take any responsibility for the 25€ return fee, even though the mistake wasn’t mine.

I’ve been waiting for two weeks for a response about the return fee, but haven’t heard anything. I won’t be shopping there again. Definitely won’t be buying again.

What You Must Know Before Buying

Their customer service is terrible, especially for a luxury brand in 2024. If you’re confident about what you’re buying and your size, you might be okay. But if you need help or want to return something, you’re out of luck. Their return policy isn’t great either. Watch out for fake positive reviews.

Secondly, Cettire doesn’t stack up well against other shopping platforms like Farfetch. Orders can take up to a week just to ship, and there’s no way to cancel them in the meantime. They add taxes at checkout, which is confusing because taxes in the EU should be straightforward and shipping costs aren’t the same thing as taxes. Plus, returning items costs 25 EUR. Overall, it’s just not a competitive or reliable shopping option.

What Does Their Refund Policy Look Like

The return is also quite tricky. They charge a $25 return fee just because they feel like it. That means that for every return they process they make almost 50% of the original cost.

Testimonials From People Who Shopped From Cettire.com

The positive customer reviews on Trustpilot about this website appear to be fake. Generally, customers are not happy with their purchase from this website

I used to like Cettire but my last purchase left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I purchased a Balmain T Shirt for my son for Xmas, unfortunately it was the wrong size and as it was Xmas holidays I tried to return the top but they refused to take it back as it was 15 days not 14 days since purchase. So ridiculous, so I am stuck with a very expensive T Shirt. Never shopping with them again.

No phone number provided, literally no phone number to get hold of these people. I placed an order over 2 weeks now, still saying processing not shipped yet paid in full but there is no human to talk to and ask about status of your order. Sent a couple of emails and received a couple of emails back with no answer to my issue just robot replies such as we will forward to the dispatch team…total BS. 

Final Words

I wouldn’t recommend to use the services of the company. My experience with them was “very bumpy”. Returning stuff to this company is a pain, and getting your money back is slow or might not happen. They don’t really have customer service. Even though Cettire has low prices, it’s not worth the hassle. It’s better to spend a bit more at a place that treats you right.

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