Celestialprom.com Online Store Reviews: A Legit Online Store Or Another Gimmrick

Should you trust Celestialprom.com? Are you considering shopping on Celestial Prom for your special occasion dress? Before you make a decision, I’ll share my experience in this review and that of customer who have tried this online store to help you make an informed decision. Is it a legit website?

What Is Celestialprom.com

CelestialProm.com is a website that sells dresses for special occasions. However, based on the information gathered during our discussions, there are strong indications that Celestial Prom may not be a trustworthy or legitimate website. There are concerns about its legitimacy, including issues with customer reviews, contact information, and potential scam activities. But is it a legit website or another scam? Keep reading!

My Experience Shopping From Celestialprom.com

I thought I’d surprise my little sister and ordered two prom dresses from Celestialprom.com. I figured having a backup dress could be handy, you know, just in case her taste suddenly changes. The wait for my order was about 14 days, and when it finally arrived, I was eager to check it out.

Now, considering we’re about the same size (though I might have gained a few pounds over the summer), I used my measurements to gauge the fit. Surprise, surprise! The dress was tighter than expected, and I couldn’t even breathe properly. Thinking on my feet, I decided to let my sister try it on.

To my amazement, the dress was way too tight on her too, even though I double-checked the measurements on their website before ordering. Oh, and let’s not even get started on the color. The so-called “forest green” evening gown was more like some other shade, and I could already see a little tear happening after a quick test. Definitely not getting the value I expected for my money. Lesson learned.

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What Celestialprom.com offers

  1. Lots of Dress Choices: Find dresses for every style.
  2. Perfect Fit: Get your dress tailored just for you.
  3. Easy Shopping: It’s simple to buy what you want.
  4. Trusted Reputation: People like us and trust us.
  5. Good Prices: Dresses that won’t break the bank.
  6. Helpful Services to make things easy for you.

Celestialprom.com Pros: What I Like About It

  1. Celestial Prom offers a stunning range of prom dresses.
  2. The website has affordable prices for elegant dresses.

Celestialprom.com Cons: What I Don’t Really Like About It

  1. Many people found issues with dress sizes – some too tight, others too loose, not matching the measurements they provided.
  2. People got dresses in different colors than what they saw on the website, causing confusion.
  3. Some customers weren’t happy with the dress quality.
  4. Shipping Delays and order taking longer than they expected.

Is Celestialprom.com Legit

Celestial Prom seems a bit fishy. Unlike regular websites with .com, their domain has a strange ending. It’s like scammers trying to stay under the radar. And when we peek into the domain records, it turns out the owners are playing behind a Chinese service.

People who gave Celestial Prom a shot are spilling the beans on some seriously sketchy stuff. Like, some folks noticed mysterious charges on their credit cards right after making a purchase. And get this, those who did receive their orders got dresses that were basically the opposite of what they saw online. When they tried to reach out and complain, Celestial Prom basically ghosted them, shutting down their phones and ignoring emails.

Sure, there are a few positive reviews floating around, but they sound a bit too similar, like they might not be from real customers.

Red Flags with Celestialprom.com

Mailbox Mystery

The provided business address leads to a mailbox service in Delaware. They are using this to stay under the radar.

Silent Customer Service

Trying to reach them through the customer service number? Good luck! An automated response claims it’s non-operational.

Official Record Vanishing Act

Digging into government databases in Delaware and California, there’s no registrations for any entity named Celestial Prom.

Mystery in Mississippi

Their Contact Us page lists a store address in Mississippi, but our detective work found no business license or paperwork connected to Celestial Prom at that location.

Brand New Claim vs. Reality

While they boast about being a brand since 2023, their domain tells a different story. It was cooked up just this year. This misalignment hints at the fleeting nature of fraudulent setups.

Shady Server Connections

Hosting on servers with a history of shady dealings? That’s a major red flag. These servers have a rap sheet for everything from phishing to trademark infringement.

Should I Trust Celestialprom.com Online Store

When you look at Celestial Prom’s website, it feels like someone quickly put it together without much thought. It’s not the kind of professional setup you’d expect.

Also trying to find out who’s actually running Celestial Prom? It’s a mystery. Legitimate businesses usually share some info about themselves, but not these guys. No real address, no info about who’s in charge.

When you’re trying to find basic details before buying something – like size info or return policies, it’s nowhere to be found. Steer away from this website.

How can I place an order?

  • Choose a category from the drop-down menu, check for an item you like and select it, you are going to be redirected to the product page, where you will need to select a color, size and add special requirements if needed.
  • Make sure to wear snug clothes when measuring. If the dress has a built-in bra, measure without one.

How Do I Contact Customer Service

There are two ways to contact their customer service

Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 662 786 0736


Don’t trust Celestial Prom. After digging into it, I found serious issues, like missing company documents and connections to questionable servers. People have reported credit card problems and deceptive tactics. So, my advice is to stay away from Celestial Prom to avoid potential money troubles and disappointment. Steer away from this website.

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