Is Legit Or A Scam? The Truth About This Trading Website claims to be a trading platform promising big profits. However, it’s not backed by any official financial authority, has some unhappy online reviews, and faces accusations of being a scam. If you’re thinking about diving in, these warning signs suggest you might want to tread carefully.

What Is

Snupay is a company that does trading with money, kind of like dealing with currencies and financial stuff. It kicked off in 2016 and is based in Seychelles. The tricky part is, it doesn’t have the official paperwork or rules from big financial bosses, making people question if it’s safe.

What Offers

Minimum Investment

You have to start with at least $100.

Investment Plans

They’re talking about a 100x leverage, that’s their way of making your money work hard.

Deposit and Withdrawal

You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or good old bank transfer to put in or take out your money.

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Referral Commission

If you bring in pals, they’re giving you a 5% cut of whatever your friends invest.

Snupay’s Trading Packages:

  1. Beginner’s Kit:
    • Get your hands on the MetaTrader 4 tool and practice with a demo account.
  2. Standard Package:
    • Step into the real action – live trading, study materials, and your personal account guide.
  3. Premium Deal:
    • Everything from the standard deal, plus fancy perks like fast support and exclusive trading signals. It’s like the VIP treatment for traders.

How Works Its Scam Magic

Social Media

They use flashy ads using Facebook or other websites, to lure you in.

The Cold Call Con

Snupay randomly calls you out of the blue, trying to talk you into putting your money into their scheme.

Freebies Temptation

They give you a taste of their “expertise” with free trading signals and webinars, making it sound like they’re handing out valuable secrets for nothing. It’s a trick to get you interested and involved.

Red Flags Of And Why You Should Avoid This Website

No Big Boss Watching Over Them

Snupay isn’t playing by the rules, there is no financial authority keeping an eye on them.

Mysterious Verification

They claim to be verified in 2018, but they conveniently forget to tell us by who.

License-Free Zone

Snupay is like a driver without a license, there’s no official approval from financial authorities. They’re operating without the official green light, and that’s risky business.

Online Reviews

There’s lots of talk online about Snupay being fishy and possibly a scam. People are saying they might be up to something fishy.

So, keep an eye out for these red flags with Snupay. If something feels off, it probably is.

Is Snupay Scam Or Legit Trading Website

Snupay is an untrustworthy website. Given that Snupay doesn’t have the green light from important financial authorities, has a bunch of unhappy online reviews, and faces accusations of shady dealings, it doesn’t look like a safe bet. It’s better to be cautious and maybe explore other options that seem more reliable.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

If Things Go South, Where Can You Find Help?

  1. Chargeback:
    • If you paid with a credit card, you can try a chargeback.
  2. File a Complaint with FCA:
    • You can report Snupay to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), like reporting a suspicious activity to the financial police.
  3. Contact Us for Help:
    • Reach out to people who know their way around these situations – like asking for help from the financial institutions.


To put it plainly, Snupay is an untrustworthy website, the website isn’t following the financial rules, people aren’t impressed with them so far. It’s best to steer clear of this trading website.

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