How Fools Their Entire Customers is an unreliable website. They might send you poor-quality items, incorrect products, or nothing at all. According to our review, the safety index is “Below Average”.

You might be wondering why we have doubts about it, right? Well, here we will provide an informative review, as well as guidance on how to request a refund.

We’ve seen similar fraudulent stores like Bed bath beyond scam, scam store rip customers of their hard earned money and this website is no different.

We’ve labeled as a dubious online store because of these reasons is a website by John and Michael which is a men’s clothing brand, because they love fashion and wanted to create clothes that show off their own style.

Return And Exchange

We observed that its return policy is very confusing and could make it very hard for customers to get a full refund.

Website Content And Design

The design and content of the website match with multiple problematic sites.

Customer Complaints

We have found many similar kinds of websites with lots of complaints against them.

Should You Buy From

No, This company provides poor quality products and lacks customer support. They simply take your order and then pass it on to the actual vendor without any involvement. They don’t keep stock, offer customer support, or have a clear understanding of the products they sell.

Are the Clothes A Good Buy

Not really, The product doesn’t match what’s shown in the ads. The printing looks like it’s scanned on and is of poor quality. Especially on the “doffy” hoodie, the print seems blurry and mirrored in places. Both hoodies are thin and feel cheap. Given what I saw on the website, I wasn’t surprised by these issues.

What Customers Have To Say

There are customer complaints on Reddit and Trustpilot about this company. Some of them include

 I just got my hoodie in today and it’s literal garbage. The material, design and color are literally not ever close to the site pictures

it’s not totally as advertised and the printing is a little off because it’s scanned on!

Do They Offer Refunds

No, If you order a size XL, you might end up getting an S. When you tell them about the mistake, they’ll just apologize and say they sent the right item. They won’t help with returns because it’s expensive, so they’ll tell you to just keep the small size you received.

Spotting a Fake Website: Simple Tips

  1. Check the Website Address:Look out for strange website names. Be wary of .net or .org sites and use a domain checker to see when it was made.
  2. Be Careful with Shortened Links: Avoid links like TinyURL or Cuttly. Preview them before clicking.
  3. Watch Out for Too Good Deals:Super low prices are often a red flag. Be cautious with pushy sales tactics.
  4. Payment Safety: Don’t pay with bank transfers. Use credit or debit cards for protection.
  5. Check the Website Quality: Look for spelling mistakes or odd phrases. Check for blurry images or old logos.
  6. Look for Contact Info: Legit sites will have clear contact details. Be wary of sites with only a contact form.
  7. Check Policies and Terms: Look for clear shipping and return policies. Check terms and privacy policies.
  8. Read Online Reviews: Check reviews on trusted sites. Look at the company’s social media for reviews.

If you can’t get a refund from

  1. Talk to the seller and keep records of your conversation.
  2. Contact your bank or credit card company for help.
  3. If you used PayPal, open a dispute and contact their support.
  4. If you got the wrong items, use tracking info to show the problem and ask for a refund.

Final Words

Based on this review, it looks like this online store might not be trustworthy. We didn’t find any solid proof that they offer good products or customer service. So, we recommend staying away from this site when shopping online.

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