Don’t Fall for Tollsinfony Spam: It’s a Fake Outstanding Toll Balance Text!

Beware of text messages directing you to or to avoid penalty for outstanding Toll balance. It’s a scam. This spam sent out by scammers aims to get you to pay fake toll fees and also steal your personal and financial details. Earlier this week, we uncovered a handful of similar spams – Nymailtolls…

Is TrueAccord Debt Collector Scam or Legit? What You Should Know

So it’s 2024 and you’ve just received a call or text from TrueAccord Debt Collector. While this might seem frightening, especially if you don’t remember owing such debt, TrueAccord is not a scam debt collector agency. As a Cybersecurity Analyst who investigates cybercrimes and scams, this article provides an updated findings about TrueAccord Debt Collector….