Brushing Scam: A Free Package From Amazon, The Scary Downsides No One Talks About

If you receive a package unexpectedly from Amazon, Aliexpress, or similar platforms, it used to hint at a possible gift. However, nowadays, it often signifies you’re being targeted by a scam. While getting an unexpected package might seem pleasant, it could actually be a red flag for a brushing scam.

Third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay send you surprise packages with no return address. Inside, you’ll find cheap stuff like headphones, screen protectors, candles, or Bluetooth speakers. After that, they use these fake sales to write positive reviews, pretending to be you, and make their store look good.

This article will shade more light on how the Brushing scam works and how you can protect yourself from this scam.

Exposing The Brushing Scam Tactics

The term “brushing” in brushing scams comes from when sellers paid fake buyers to boost their ratings. Now, scammers send unwanted packages to fake sales and reviews.

In a brushing scam, sellers send stuff to people who didn’t ask for it. They do this to make it seem like they’re selling lots of things and getting good reviews, even though it’s all a trick. This way, they can make their products look better to people who might want to buy them.

Why am i receiving Random Packages from Amazon

  1. Random selection: Scammers send stuff to random addresses, hoping someone will fall for it.
  2. Previous online activity: If you’ve shared your address online or shopped recently, scammers might have found you.
  3. Social media presence: Scammers might target you based on what you share on social media.
  4. Email or phone number exposure: If your email or phone number is out there, scammers could use it to target you.
  5. Demographic targeting: Scammers may aim at certain groups based on age, location, or interests.

How Does Brushing Scam Work

In a brushing scam, scammers send packages to people who didn’t buy anything. They do this to make it seem like they have lots of customers and good reviews, even though it’s all fake. So, if you get a surprise package you didn’t order, it might be part of one of these scams.

The scam starts with the scammer making a fake account on a shopping website. They use this fake account to buy their own stuff and send it to someone who didn’t ask for it, using their name and address without permission. After the package arrives, the scammer writes a fake review on their own account, pretending to love the product. It’s all a sneaky way to make their products look popular and get more people to buy them.

Can Brushing Scam Harm Me

  1. Your personal info might get out there, which could lead to identity theft.
  2. Your name could be used for stuff you didn’t ask for or want.
  3. If the scam works once, it might happen again, putting everyone at risk and flooding online reviews with fake praise for bad products. Even if you’re not directly involved, you could still feel the effects of these scams.

What To Do If You Receive An Unsolicited Package

Here’s what you can do if you receive an unsolicited gift:

  1. If you haven’t opened the package, mark it “Return to Sender” and the postal service will send it back for free.
  2. When open the package and don’t like what you find, you can simply throw it away.
  3. If you open the package and like what you find, you can keep it for free. In this case, the “finders, keepers” rule applies.
  4. Remember, you don’t have to pay for the gift, and don’t get tricked if the sender tries to pressure you into paying. Unsolicited merchandise is legally yours to keep.


Brushing scams occur when shady businesses get hold of your name and address online and use it to send you their stuff. These surprise packages show up at your doorstep without a return address, usually coming from China. You won’t have a clue who sent it or why.

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