ROMTech: A Legit Medical Rehabilitation Product Or An Investment Scam? Read This

ROMTech is a legit website that claims to change how people recover from injuries using advanced tech. It’s made to help with different physical and mental health problems like muscle and bone issues, brain conditions, and mental health struggles.

Recently, ROMTech has been asking doctors and other pros to invest in the company before it goes public. This has left a lot of people curious and unsure if it’s a scam or not. We have taken our time to delve into this Romtech services and investment promises to determine whether it is legit or not.

Overview Of ROMTech

ROMTech is a medical device company based in Las Vegas. It was started in 2013 by Peter Arn and Edwin Dearborn. Their main product is the PortableConnect—a stationary bike that’s hooked up to a tablet. It helps people do physical therapy at home after surgeries, injuries, or other medical stuff that needs PT. offers various products to help with rehab, like:

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) Rehab Systems: These use virtual reality to make rehab exercises more engaging and effective.
  2. Wearable Devices: These are gadgets you can wear that track your movements and progress during rehab exercises.
  3. Other Tools: They might have other tools or equipment to assist with different aspects of rehabilitation, but these are the main ones they offer.

Is RomTrch Legit Or Scam

ROMTech is a legit company that has been running for 21 years now. They just released a study showing PortableConnect one of their popular products to be better than regular physical therapy and other research on their website. However there are lots of suspicious online especially since Romtech have been making big promises about how much money people can make in the future. This kind of approach looks suspicious, but it’s actually pretty common for fast-growing companies to reach out directly to investors for early funding. Experts say you shouldn’t expect to make more than 2-5 times your investment, even if the company does well in the long run. Here are some reviews we gathered from Reddit

Just got a call a week ago with free 100 shares and I have 2 weeks to decide to get the $4/share offer or the price increases to $6. This is the same ploy I see used a year ago. Product does exist, but sounds like a continuation of the same scam. Only now adding the machine to cardiology. Thank you for this post. I was planning to invest until I started researching the legitimacy of the “random” call.

Also Romtech, previously known as Rom3, has been involved in lawsuits and had some shady practices in the past. This has also raised lots of suspicion about the company and their investment offer.

Why People Think It’s A Scam: What You Must Know

Here’s what you need to know about Romtech:

  1. Trouble with Communication: Customers find it hard to get in touch with Romtech and deal with insurance claims.
  2. Difficulties Returning Products: Some people have a tough time sending back items they don’t want.
  3. Safety Concerns: Some of their products have had safety problems, which led to changes in their design.
  4. Pushy Investment Requests: Despite saying they’re doing well financially, Romtech keeps asking people to invest in their company.
  5. Biased Reviews: Doctors investing in Romtech might be giving positive reviews because they’re biased.
  6. Lack of Financial Transparency: Romtech doesn’t share enough about their finances, and they’ve been talking about going public for a long time.
  7. Strange Business Model: It seems weird that they’re asking regular folks to invest in the company.
  8. Doubts About Management: People are unsure about the people running Romtech and their history.
  9. Complaints to BBB: Some customers have complained about broken promises and bad customer service.

How To Sign Up On

Here’s how you can sign up on

  1. Click on the link provided to go to’s sign-up page.
  2. Fill in your username, email, password, preferred PIN, birth year, phone number, and agree to the terms and conditions. Then, click on the “Register” button.
  3. That’s it! After creating your account, remember to check your email for a verification message from

ROMTech Investment Scam: Signs To Watch Out For

Here are some warning signs for investors to watch out for:

  1. Feeling rushed to invest money.
  2. Promises of guaranteed profits.
  3. Not wanting to share financial paperwork.
  4. Leaders with a sketchy past.
  5. Situations where there might be a conflict of interest.
  6. Not having a fair, unbiased view of things.


ROMTech is a legit company that has been running for two decades now. However, there are also risks to consider, like with any investment in private stocks.

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