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Breeze Maxx Reviews 2022: Scam Portable AC? Find Out! (Updated)

In case you’re thinking of ordering the Breeze Maxx air conditioner, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product, the company, and the reviews online.

Read this genuine review to find out why the Breeze Maxx air cooler is not worth your money.

Breeze Maxx Air Cooler- Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this AC is the rave of the internet is because it is been sold for 50% discount. But when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews online, you’d see that there are no genuine customer reviews.

The reviews online are sponsored reviews paid for by the company behind this product.

This was what led us to review this product. The online store offering this cheap portable Ac is They provide the following contact details-

  • Address – 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083 United States of America

It is true that this website seems legit, however a lot of things don’t add up.

What You Should Know About Breeze Maxx Air Conditioner!

Though there are lots of positive reviews about this portable air conditioner, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t think of buying Blast Portable AC –

Does Not Cool The Air

The major problem we have with this product is that it is been advertised as an ‘Air cooler’ whereas it can not do the job of an AC. The Breeze Maxx is not an AC but a swamp cooler. It only humidify the air surrounding your feet, and can not work as an air cooler or regular fan.


It’s an evaporative cooler. It works with an ice tray which you have to fill with water, place in a refrigerator, before putting it inside the ‘Breeze Maxx’ This is what it uses to blow cool air. Unfortunately, this is not mentioned in the Ads online.


Another problem we have with this product is that it is been sold for extremely high prices. is offering this ‘portable Air cooler unit’ for almost $90 whereas this exact compact swamp cooler can be gotten for far cheaper prices online.

On Amazon you can get similar ‘portable ac’ for 20$-50$ and save yourself more money and time.

No Customer Support provides customer service phone number, but when you try calling the numbers you would be put on Hold for a long time.

Negative History

We have reviewed similar product before, Blaux Portable AC, Polaire, Williston Force. Either called air conditioner or air cooler or portable AC, they all work the same way. And from these reviews, you’d see that the product was far from satisfactory. It didn’t meet the expectations of customers.

Fake Customer Reviews

During our investigation, we realized the positive reviews online, both that of Youtube and Blogs, are all fake. This is because when you order for the product, the wait time is 30 days. How come the reviewers have gotten theirs when this Ac is not yet up to 30 days online? We realized these reviewers are just affiliate marketers who get paid commission for any sale they make. So they are reviewing the product without even seeing it for starters.

Also, the reviews on are unverifiable. They shouldn’t prompt you to make an order.

Breeze Maxx Customer Complaints

As of the time this review was written there are no genuine customer reviews online. This is because majority of those who ordered the Breeze Maxx Air Cooler have not received theirs yet. The product delivery time is between two to four weeks. Review: Is It Legit?

We are skeptical about Breeze Maxx AC as there are a lot of red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. Have you shopped from What were your experiences? Please drop a comment!


  1. I ordered a similar/identical product from Blaux last year. The unit was a total joke. It wouldn’t cool my closet let alone any size room. It’s a pint-size evaporative cooling unit that creates a cooling air flow if you’re sitting right next to it. The company then described it as a personal cooling product. The advertising is total hype. And then just try to return it …….

    1. I’m a degreed mechanical engineer. AC is the domain of mechanical engineering.
      This example is somewhat relevant. If you had a closed house and you opened up the freezer and refrigerator section where you keep your food, he would feel cooled off. What would happen to the median air temperature in your house after a while?
      It would go up. The mechanical motions inside your freezer and refrigerator will add heat and there’s also heat coming from the exhaust on the back of the freezer refrigerator. Car and house air conditioning must have the hot air ventilate it to the outside environment. Similarly, if you put a window unit inside your house but don’t exhaust the heat to the outside it’s going to feel cool sitting in front of the window unit but the overall temperature of the house is going to go up not neutral because the heat of the fan and compressor added to the heat of the exhaust will be more than the cooling effect of sitting in front of it.

  2. Their claims are fraudulent IMO. They say up to 400 square feet, cooled from 95 to 65 in 6 minutes. There is no freaking way a portable evap cooler can do that. Basic thermodynamics says this is a scam.

  3. I bought 2 of these last year
    Recieved 60 days later
    Both ran, no cold air at all came out
    I contacted customer service who emailed that I would be contacted by the team
    No one contacted me
    I had to do a charge back on my credit card
    100% FRAUD

  4. just bought a 4 pack, if i had know they were swamp coolers I would not have ordered them, I have a couple and they don’t work!

  5. this Breeze maxx Cooler is a total joke and waste of money. its a scam that spans through the internet and several review websites and online news sites… its a weak ventilator at best. no airfiltration, no cooling effect but a thin breeze. i want my money back , now i am curious how the support team handels my return claim.

  6. In a part of the country that is very dry an evaporative cooler like this can work to an extent, but it has to be considerably larger than this unit. Also, we have to remember that evaporative coolers introduce humidity into the space they are working in, which is the opposite of a real air conditioner that dehumidifies. They also have to be in two sections, with one of them out in the outdoor dry air to take advantage of the dry outdoor air. Even a competent device with this design approach will not work in a part of the country where the humidify is high. In addition, this small, self-contained version almost certainly cannot put enough cool air into any decent sized room to make much of a difference. I suggest that those who want to cool a room purchase a window-type real air conditioner for a couple of hundred bucks and get workable results. Regarding air conditioning, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  7. I just received my unit today and all I can say is I’m out 89+ bucks. Worth maybe $20. It’s a chintzy, enclosed fan and cools nothing but sweat on my arm. I would send it back and try for a refund but given my experience with what they laughingly call customer service plus reps with English as a third language, I’m going to spare myself the hassle of fighting to get money from a rock. I’m going to eat this, as a way of chastising myself for being a sucker and a reminder to do my homework before ordering stuff online. These other posters are correct; it’s a scam, run!

    1. You are right, it’s not worth the hassle to try to get the money back. I’ve had nothing but hassle when I wanted to send it back and get a refund. Can’t never get customer support and when I get someone, they don’t speak English well. I hope people see this before they might but it. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! IT’s A SCAM

  8. Just ordered 1 week ago. they said it would be here in 5-7 days. Been 1o days. Fell for the scam. i live in a dry area and it may help some. Are people getting their product. I can make it work *possibly however I hope i get it.

    1. I ordered 4 units in June 2021 for $259 USD. It’s F-ing August 2021 and I still don’t have them. I emailed the company and they replied to me with a FEDEX tracking number. To this date, FEDEX tracking update only says “label created,” supposedly in New Jersey, only two states away from where I live. This is a huge scam…stay away from these Fraudsters. I filed a fraud claim with my bank and am letting them investigate the charge on my card as fraud.

  9. The unit I received was not the unit in the picture on the internet. Nowhere on the unit does it say Breeze Maxx. It does not work and is falsely advertised. It is a total scam.

  10. Breezr Maxx changed its name to Chill Box and SIGNIFICANTLY changed its description of the item. The description under which I purchased this item promised miraculous cooling of 10 or more degrees in a few minutes. NO! This item does not cool. Not even a small area. Not even right next to my face at night. It doesn’t cool. It doesn’t fan. It doesn’t do ANYTHING! I ordered two of these jokes. One at the full price of $99.97 and the second at half price. I received only one and was willing to shake my head and admit I got scammed for a refund of the second unit ($49.97) which I did not receive. Breeze Maxx (now Chill Box) is a total, complete SCAM! I have received no response from the company.

  11. I purchased 2. There was the deal of the second one for like….$25?
    Anyway, I got….something. Not what was shown on the site at all. No side water tank, no charging to use elsewhere (not near a USB port). And from a business based in NJ, it shipped from China. I’ll admit, it works. It keep things nice and cool. But it isn’t what I ordered.
    I emailed their customer support (not about to use the phone #). and I got the regular corporate BS.

    “I would like to inform you that we have shared your feedback with our management.”

    Oh no. That is not cool. So, I pulled out the big guns, and I threatened them with 3 letters. BBB
    Once I threatened to inform the Better Business Bureau, Oh…. I have never gotten a refund so fast in my life.
    I did in fact still report them for false advertising.

    So, if anyone else wants a refund. Email them, and threaten to contact the Better Business Bureau. It worked for me. And report them for false advertising while your at it. More reports, a better chance of them going down.

  12. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! Does not cool. It’s a swamp cooler. Grows MOLD in less than 30 days of use, yellow and black mold. If I could post images I have them. GROSS

  13. This item is an absolute total joke! It couldn’t cool a glove box. Oh, and just try to return it and get your money refunded. I bought mine through PayPal and there is still no refund posted to my account even though I returned it about a month ago. I have contacted PayPal about it.

  14. YouTube should be held liable for allowing this crap to be sold through their ads.

    It is a total SCAM. RUN LIKE HELL.

  15. The unit received was NOT the unit in the pictures online. It does not say BreezeMaxx anywhere on the product or packaging. The instructions are in Chinese. It is missing parts it shows in the photos in the instructions. The warranty is in Chinese. The lights come on but no air comes out. I guess we will see if I receive a refund. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT.

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