Bounce Trader(Leap FX) Review (2020): Is this EA a Scam?

Bounce Trader is a forex EA that comes with lots of promises (particularly, 900% profit in a few months) which caught our attention. We decided it was best to check it out and let our readers know what it entails. Read this 2020 updated review of Bounce Trader Expert Advisor to know what experts think of it.

A forex Expert Advisor service offers trade signals to investors. They help investors increase their chances of making profitable trades by suggesting the best time to make certain market moves. This review covers all you will need to know about Bounce Trader EA.

What to Know About Bounce Trader

Bounce Trader is a forex EA that was recently acquired and modified by the LeapFX team. To access it, one would first have to go through One beautiful thing about Bounce trader is that it is 100% automated. That is, it not only provides signals, it also performs the trades on your behalf. With Bounce Trader EA, you wouldn’t need to move a muscle to make profits.

Bounce Trader EA promises an 80% – 85% signal win rate, a fair rate. They also promise a profit margin of up to 900% within just a few months, a wild margin. What’s more? The EA runs on the most popular forex trading platform currently; the Metatrader 4.

Finally, Bounce Trader has two plans for purchasing it’s EA services. The first is the yearly plan, which costs $347 (per year, of course). The second, is the one-time payment lifetime plan of $597. This second plan basically buys you the software for life. Obviously, it is far more economical than the first, but still very expensive.


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Bounce Trader Performance Check

Before purchasing the Bounce Trader EA software, here are some things about them you might want to consider;

Bounce Trader Strategy

In a simple and straightforward manner, Bounce Trader specifies on their website, as seen in the photo above, why you should patronise them. They also explain their trade strategy as controlled by 3 factors; Momentum, Price Action and Key Levels.

The momentum indicators help the system determine if a reversal of movement is coming, the price action helps the system to predict the direction of the market and the key levels helps master the support and resistance levels in the market. With these 3 factors, Bounce Trader is able to determine the best times to buy and sell.

Bounce Trader Results

The trade results are the most important parts of any forex signal service or Expert Advisor analysis. Without verified trading results, none of the promises will be considered valid. It just so happens then, that Bounce Trader meets this criterion as well.

Bounce trader has a verified MyFXBook account, showing the results from one of it’s trades. The bad part is, it’s just one verified MyFXBook account. The rest if the results on the site are mere screenshots. The good part is, that verified trade fulfils the 900% profit promise made by Bounce trader. And it does so in just over two months, so we know they actually know how to achieve that milestone.

Let’s take a quick recap of this Bounce trader review, pro-con style


  • Process is fully automated
  • Operates with Metatrader 4 platform
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Has a MyFXBook account with verified trades


  • This EA is quite expensive
  • Can only perform one trade at a time.
  • Even though they have a MyFXBook verified account, there’s just a single verified sample.

Bounce Trader Review: Conclusion

Bounce Trader looks like it might just be that dream EA you’ve been looking for. They make the promises, and they have proof of having delivered. The only thing we would like Charles Hudson, the developer of Bounce Trader to do, would be to upload and verify more results on MyFXBook.

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