Pulse FX Signals Review (2020): Scam or Legit Signals?

Pulse FX signals is a newly developed EA that brings the usual promises of high winning signal rates and multiplying your profit. But is this any different from other posers? Read this 2020 updated review of Pulse FX Signals to know what the Professionals think.

A forex Expert Advisor service offers trade signals to investors. They help investors increase their chances of making profitable trades by suggesting the best time to make certain market moves. This review covers all you will need to know about pulsefxsignals.com.

What to Know About Pulsefxsignals.com

Pulse FX is a forex signal service based in the United Kingdom. No information is provided by the website concerning it’s operating company or it’s founder. They however, claim the service has been around for at least 8 years. One very shocking thing about Pulse FX Signals is the height of their promises. For example, they claim they give up to 92% forex winning signals.

Pulsefxsignals.com, happens to not have an ‘About Us’ page on their website, which needless to say, is a huge red flag. No self-respecting financial service company would skip the page where they should be as transparent with their client as possible. Especially not with a body like the FCA in the UK monitoring. Unless this means they are not regulated by the FCA.

Pulse FX Signals Performance Check

Before purchasing forex signals from pulsefxsignals.com to boost your trades, here are some things about them to consider;

Pulse FX Trade Strategy

Pulsefxsignals.com does not state at all, it’s signal fetching strategy. There is no insight whatsoever as to how their platform works. This lack of transparency is a characteristic that is very common to shady forex vendors.

They currently have 3 signal subscription plans available; the $49.99 for a month, the $120 for 3 months and the $360 for a year. The good thing is, they do have a 7-day free trial, which helps people new to Pulse FX can use to get familiar with the environment.

Pulse FX Trade Results

As we always say, it doesn’t matter how good or bad a signal service seems to be. If it has no verified trade results, it isn’t worth the stress. So far, the only forms of ‘proof’ given to us consists of a bar chart specially designed and a screenshot or two as well. But this simply will not do.

In order to be taken seriously in the forex marketplace, forex signal providers must have verified trade results with third party sites. One of these site include MyFXBook.com.


  • Promises up to 92% winning signals
  • Promises to send about 10 signals a day
  • Multiple session signals
  • They provide notifications via telegram and email.


  • No link to verified MyFXBook accounts.
  • No strategy information.
  • Unreliable chatbot and customer support
  • No ‘About Us’ page to give background information on Pulse FX
  • Negative client feedback.

Pulse FX Signals Review: Conclusion

Pulse FX signals must’ve lost it from the beginning, not revealing important info about themselves. Then besides that, there is also the issue of not having verified trading results. Profile FX is an anonymous company. It is illegal, and you would be at a lot of risk trading with them.

We cannot recommend this EA to our readers. We advise you use forex signal service providers with proven, verified results. Is there anything you think we missed? Add it to the comment sections.

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