BLX Buds Review [2021]: Debunking This OVERRATED Earbuds

Do you want to buy BLXbuds? Are you wondering if the reviews online are real? Is BLX Buds earbuds worth the price or is it another hoax? Find out from this unboxing review.

BLXBuds Wireless Earbuds- Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this earbuds is the rave of the internet is because it is been sold for 50% discount. But the question is; even for that discount, is the BLXBuds worth the price? Would you be getting a real value for your money? or could it be like the earbuds we reviewed earlier, Burst Audio? Lets find out!

The website offering this product is . They provide the following contact details-

  • Company Address :  WifiBooster Limited 325 W Washington St, Ste 2 #3021, San Diego, CA 92103-1946
  • Phone Number: US- 855 756 5448
  • Australia – (02) 5133 5672
  • UK & Ireland – 033081 80842

Other medium with which they can be reached with –

What You Should Know About BLX Buds!

Though there are lots of positive reviews about this wireless earbuds, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product. Below are reasons I’m skeptical about this product.

Negative History

BLX Buds is owned and marketed by Strong Current Enterprise which has a bad reputation online. How did I find out? simply by entering the provided numbers on search engines. It’s a shady company behind some of the sketchy products out there.

 Its last two products Blaux Portable AC and ‘OshenWatch‘ were used to dupe unsuspecting buyers who were totally disappointed with their orders as it wasn’t worth the money.

You only need to copy and paste ‘Strong Current Enterprises Limited’ on your browser and you would see a lot of warning about this company. From the image below you’d see there are lots of complaint on PayPal about the company. These complaints are dated as far back as 2019.

Expensive Price

BLX Buds is selling the earbuds for almost $50. The product itself is ‘ TW60’, when you check on Amazon it is been sold for as low as $20. Strong Current Enterprise bought these earbuds from the Chinese market, branded it ‘BLXBuds’, did a ton of advertising on YouTube and SEO content writing, and now want you to buy it for almost $50 whereas it can be gotten for far cheaper prices on Amazon.

As can be seen from the Amazon Sellers below, the price difference is huge.


The positive reviews online, both that of Youtube and Blogs, are all fake. This is because they are almost the same contents, copy and pasted with slight difference.

Also, We have seen this kinds of reviews and the exact device many times, and of a truth they are all the same. Real customers who bought the Earbuds have created a thread on Quora showcasing their displeasure. As can be seen here, BLXbuds is no different from the cheap $20 earbuds on Amazon and Aliexpress.

Is BLX Buds a hoax?

The answer to the question is complicated.

What you should know is this ”You are going to receive a cheap earbuds that is worth $20 on Amazon. However this earbuds is not bad in the general sense, just that they are not worth the $49.99 you paid for.

For being a “cheap option” they’re not bad at all. The music and call quality is great. Crisp, clean, and good bass. I thought it was going to be tactile buttons on the buds but was surprised to find out that its actually touch buttons. Pairing was easy. Battery life is about 4-6 hrs.

But why charge you more for such a cheap product? This is part of the sales tactics that makes them dishonest! The price difference is so HUUUGGGGE

Have you purchased BLX Buds Earbuds? Is it worth the price? Please share your experience in the comment section!


  1. I bought Blaux brand earbuds from the tryblx site. The first problem is the warranty. You have to “activate” the warranty online with your order number which was never given. I never received any confirmation of my order so I used the one that came on my PayPal receipt and the warranty site says it’s invalid. There is no resolution to this or anything else since Blaux’s “contact us “ only takes you to their support page which only tries to sell you another product.

  2. I bought these BLX Earbuds with the expectations of being LOUD and a LOT OF BASS. What I GOT was NEITHER. My Skull Candy Inked wired sound 10 times better. I am returning them. I had a hard time convincing the company to take them back, but they finally gave in. I did get stuck with the shipping cost both wsys. My FINAL THOUGHT, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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