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Buyoshenwatch.com Review: Is Oshenwatch Legit?

OshenWatch Review: Is buyoshenwatch.com a trusted store to buy smart watch? can Oshenwatch be used as a bluetooth headset for your phone ? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Oshenwatch two in one mobile device, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is OshenWatch? Is It Scam?

Buyoshenwatch.com is an online store that is selling a power packed smart Oshenwatch that it claims perform these functions-

  • Acts as a Wireless Bluetooth headset
  • Acts as a fitness tracker with numerous functions
  • Measures the heart rate & blood pressure
  • Worn as fashionable bracelet

Are you planning to buy the OshenWatch ?

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review.

How Does BuyOshenWatch Work

BuyOshenWatch is located on- https:// buyoshenwatch.com /

They provide the following contact details-

  • Address :  Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands
  • Mail : [email protected]

should you have a reason to worry about buyoshenwatch.com store?

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Pros Of Buying From OshenWatch Store

  • Appropriately Secured- Provides an SSL certificate. This means your card details is secured from hackers to an extent.
  • Claims To Offer Thirty days guarantee
  • Contact Details- The affiliate partners of this store provides the company’s Toll free phone number for five different countries

Why Buyoshenwatch.com Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

No Homepage and About Us Page

You might have come across the OshenWatch Ad on Facebook or google, and found yourself on page listing the features of this smart watch. When you click ‘to buy’ you would be taken to the sales page of buyoshenwatch.com. Where you would see a green header that says ‘Your 50% discount has been applied”

Stop! Don’t put in your Paypal details yet. Go to buyoshenwatch.com homepage. You can’t? Good! This is because this store does not have a home page. Apart from the sales page, contact page and FAQ, buyoshenwatch.com does not provide a homepage or About Us page.

When you search for buyoshenwatch.com on your browser, you would be taken to a blank page, with the words ‘Welcome to buyoshenwatch.com’ on your left hand side. Suspicious innit?

Even if the Company behind this product don’t want to market the OshenWatch themselves, don’t you think they should at least have created a homepage?

Fake Customer Reviews

Oh No! don’t be convinced by the acclaimed ‘Verified Purchase’ customer reviews on the order page. Don’t trip for it. This is what you should do if you’re on your desktop right now. Right click on one of the customer images, click on Google search image or search image (depending on your browser). Good! You would be directed to another page on your browser

See the results? Below is the result for the Customer Called ‘Mike S.’. You can see clearly that the customer images were gotten from online. This simply tell you that the reviews are not genuine, and could be fictitious. You can also run a Google Search image for the other images.

OshenWatch Customer Image gotten from Online

It seems the suppliers of OshenWatch are trying to be smart by creating fictitious reviews in order to convince you to buy OshenWatch. But then, we discovered there are more than three sales page for OshenWatch, and the copied image is not applicable to them all.

Anyway, our fingers are crossed.

Bad History

We are not done with our investigation yet guys! come along. We’re going to take a look at their Company Address ‘ Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 202, 6670AE’. Copy and paste the address on your browser. Done? Good. Now lets search the internet for Info.

The first result is a Paypal complaint from an unsatisfied customer. The next is a link to the Company’s Facebook Page. There is also a link to a CNet discussion page, and another to Signal Anarques

When you check these pages, you would see a lot of reviews and complaints from unsatisfied customer. Turned out this address is been used by multiple online stores selling tech gadgets such as Digital HDTV, Antenna with an amplifier, neck massage e.t.c.

Furthermore, when you check this company’s Facebook page you would see tons of negative comments from frustrated customers. Could the OshenWatch Smart watch be a different case? We don’t have the answer yet.

OshenWatch Review: Does It Work?

We are skeptical about this product. We don’t think Company behind OshenWatch is genuine, we advise you to tread carefully and do share your experiences with us.

Do you have more information about this product? Do you think it is scam or legit? Share your thoughts with us!


  1. I’m very concerned about the sheer bulkiness of this watch. Today’s tech should be much more compact, even IF it did everything the ad says it does. I’m going to wait a while and see where this leads. I get great results at the necessary times from my digital sphygmomanometer for BP, my “finger-prick” blood glucose meter, and my digital thermometer plus my separate pulse/O2 monitor. Can’t wear them on my wrist, but each of my devices do work every time!

    1. Thx for very helpful info. IF your “digital sphygmomanometer” is consistently accurate, could you provide manufacturer & model #? Many thanks.

  2. I’m glad I looked it up here. I was on my computer on the Microsoft homepage and the advertisement was there. I tried to buy it three times with two different credit cards and they were all declined thank goodness. Why would Microsoft have this up there if it wasn’t a good place to go. It was coming up listed under toptechtrend.com via api.taboola.com

    1. This happened to me too. Then I got a message saying my order had not bee. Completed, I check my MasterCard they had charged me twice already I sent them an email and a. Awaiting a reply theoretically I will be receiving 4 watches based on what they charged to my credit card

      1. My credit card was charged May 5, I’ve emailed & texted but no reply. Will call tomorrow. Will probably call credit card tomorrow and report it as fraud.

          1. I ordered May 1st also and money taken out of my account and no watch. Called them today at 844 846 3452 and they gave me an order # and said they would e-mail me confirmation and doe to virus problems delays for delivery and could be 8 weeks total time from date of order. I hope this is not a scam.but at least talked to a real person on phone. Had to wait on phone and took several calls waiting.

          2. me too.I bought mine on May 8, 2020 and has not received up to date. Pls give me any idea.Thanks

          3. I ordered 2 watches from them on May 8 2020 and the funds was taken from my checking immediately and i have never got a confirmation on shipping so PayPal payed them even though they never shipped my watches. Today is 27th May, still nothing. Phone numbers all not legitimate.

          4. I ordered 3 Oshen watches through PayPal. I filed a complaint with PayPal because I ordered my watches May 11,2020. I paid $123.43. After my complaint I received 3 watches on July10,2020. The watches don’t charge. I have no idea where to send these watches back to. The watches are complete garbage(they don’t work!) I also purchased the lifetime warranty for these watches. This whole situation is ridiculous! I just wanted to share my experience with you. All I have gotten is a complete runaround, except when I ordered and they took my money. I hope you have more luck than I did.

          5. So did I. Haven’t received. I did email the company and said to them it wasn’t legit. They got back to me after three attempts at contacting them. I told them to refund me asap. That was a few ago

    2. Join the discussionI would double check your cards. you gave them your info and then they told you it didn’t go thru. they still have your info….

      1. I ordered a watch on 5/7/20, have mot heard anything from them, even after sending 5 emails to the customer service department????

  3. There simply is no standalone watch that measures blood pressure reliably in the current market, period. Yes, I’ve done my research.

  4. Please check out the quote below. I copied it from the “Terms of service” of the Oshenwatch.

    We are not responsible if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this site is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or more timely sources of information. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk.”

    1. I put the wrong address on my OSHEN WATCH ORDER THIS MORNING.. order#97150239 the CORRECT ADDRESS IS 5308 KILDARE DRIVE. CHARLOTTE NC 28215

      1. Can anyone help me with address change for my delivery.. MY address is 5308 KILDARE DRIVE.nc 28215.. I put wrong address earlier..

  5. Seen the Oshen watch advertisement last Friday(05/01) & decided to wait for a couple REAL review & experiences. Glad I did before attempting to purchase.

    1. I just saw the ad for the watch and the first thing I did was to check to see if there were any reviews. That’s the first thing I do before I even consider buying. When I looked at the advertisement it looked a bit sketchy.

  6. I wanted to pay with PayPal, which is what I do with any online store that I am not familiar with.
    My PayPal account has been setup and working for years.
    I already have my PayPal account linked to my bank account.
    Yet, when I tried to pay using PayPal, it wanted me to enter a credit card number, or “link to a bank account”.
    As I already have my “real” PayPal account linked, this was very suspicious.
    I tried 3 times, but each time, it took me to this same exact page, and would not let me go further, without entering my credit card information.
    I again backed out of the transaction, which is when I began to look for signs of a scam.
    I found this page.
    After reading this review, I immediately logged into my real PayPal account, and verified that my account is still setup correctly.
    I also verified that no charges had been initiated by this company. (At least not yet!)
    I then changed my PayPal password, just to be safe.
    I then setup 2-step authentication, and changed my challenge questions and answers.
    From what I can see, this looks like a scam, or some kind of hacker, trying to steal something from you.
    I no longer trust that this seller is legitimate.

  7. The clear point to remember is that they create a sense of urgency to buy the watch. ie. a very short opportunity to buy it at a discount. That is a clear tactic used by scammers. I’m not saying this could not be legit, but the fact that they are trying to create a urgent pressure to buy it now throws up a HUGH red flag for me


      1. You have to send a message to the mail address of this store. Go back to the review, check under the ‘How does buyoshenwatch.com works’

        We have nothing to do with the store.

        Good luck!

        1. Bruce, THANKS for your helpful comment alerting the rest of us. “There but for the grace of God go any of us!”

  9. Another RED FLAG, the real company name is spelled differently from what is advertised on the buyoshenwatch.com and from the research I did it does not look as though Oshen sells smart watches at all. Unfortunately, I did buy the watches and am trying to deal with the bank on cancelling payment. Anyone else buy and try to cancel?

    1. Yes Sarah S, I feel stupid as I’ve never been drawn into what seems an obvious scam. I told my son about this deal I found today and the watch I bought. My son returns my text with a link to this discussion. I immediately called my bank and canceled my card and getting a new one. They did already bill me the $58 dollars which the bank is working to deny now. If I loose the $58 bucks, lesson learned guys, but at least they can’t run up the $5000 ive got in the account. Hope no one got hit to bad. Good luck everyone. Just out of curiosity, has anyone actually ever received a product from these guys or do they just take your money and run.

    2. Yes I was taken too. Bank says after the pending transaction goes through – to call their fraud department’s

      1. It will and did go through with an additional atm fee charge. I called the card servicet department for my bank and seems like I’ll be getting the money back. They started a fraud case and it could take up to ten days to get the money back. I cancelled that card and got a new one from the bank after moving all available checking account funds to savings. I’ll be more diligent in future online purchases.

    3. I bought it in 5/10/20 and I still have not received an email regarding my purchase. The email that I did receive says that they are waiting for me to complete purchase. The money has already left my account. Trying to file a claim through PayPal.

      1. meh let it stay where it is it generates phony vital stats anyway I’ve proven it over and over again so since I can’t raise anyone to get my money back I just threw it out it’s just too unsafe to giveit away because these are vital signs not just counting legs steps..the entire bpm is generates are false as is blood 02 etc these were given while off my wrist and it was slightly different but in healthy zones each time I counted 20 different bogudss niner

    4. I purchased mine on 5/8/20 with my discover card. Have not received anything yet so I contacted Discover and reported them as a scam. Discover is investigating and in the meantime have removed the charge from my account.

  10. I ordered one I hope are not right. I’m trying to stop payment . I hope I can I’ll be pissed. I seen the ad on top buzz or breaking news. What else can I do. I’m poor as it is. I got rid of those to stes .dony use then

  11. If the ‘checking to see if you qualify for special discount’ doesn’t put you off straight away there are a lot more red flags that should. One is that it advertises itself for $109.95 but in the UK it then tries to sell it to you for £109.95 – that’s a sudden $26.45 price increase. It also claimes the shell is made from ‘Harden Aluminium’ – as a designer I know you can ‘harden’ the surface but there is no ‘harden’ aluminium. And as for all the ‘person X just bought one’ ….. Please! This has SCAM written large all over it, especially how they try to sell you multiple units on your first purchase. Why? Because it is likly there is no way you would ever buy another after recieving your first ultra do-dah ‘harden’ ‘smart’ watch as purchased by Ann Other from Texas.

  12. Was almost tempted to purchase the Oshenwatch based on what was being said about its functionality. I’m currently looking for a smart with a golf GPS function to use for yardage determination on golf courses

    1. garmin has the best device for golf. I use the approach G10 and I think there are a couple newer models stick to reliable vendors.

  13. I believe that FACEBOOK should be held or label for any fake advertising of its customers…

  14. This watch and site is a scam. The first time I tried to purchase, was told did not go through. Checked with my bank and there was a hold. When I authorized still a block. Then made another purchase $118.90, was told I would get a confirming emaail(did not get). Got a reference number instead 96456546. Since I have sent three emails to their address – all returned undeliverable. Tried calling numerous times without success. Only busy signals and hang ups.

  15. Go the the 2002 copy of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consumer newsletter called “Focus on Credit” . It gives you instructions and forms to fill, steps to take with credit card company, to request refunds or stop payment on products not received. Good place to start. It’s’ called: Billed for Merchandise You Never Received?.

    1. I purchased on 6/5/2020 two OshenWatches debited from my C.C. account on 6/8/. Never received parcel Tracking N° nor any answer to 3 messages. Do you think I may address to FTC which is American organisation while I reside in Mauritius Island and it seems that the seller’s compagny is in Hong Kong? Thanks for your advice.

  16. I purchased the Oshen watch recently as a gift. I am still waiting for a email reply concerning my order and the phone contact does not answer. It ends the call with a survey then hangs up. I fear I am out of $70!

  17. I know the feeling of everyone here… I was fooled into buying one and received nothing for it. Emailed them got nothing. Called nothing but automatic reply saying contact through chat. Or wait for assistance. Waited put in “order number” said call would be on hold over 3 minutes. Rang for 10 minutes then went to “customer survey” Called again gave same thing but opted to “get more information on products” said wait would be longer then 10 minutes. Once again rang for 10 minutes then right to “customer survey”. Tried the chat said to give email address in case they answered later. Nothing happen there either…

    Such a fool… I normally don’t buy things like this just from any website I find online. I blame virus for always having to wear an unbreathable mask and lack of oxygen. Seems to have affected my brains better judgment.

    1. I was able today to get ahold of CS department after three weeks of nothing. I asked for my refund as I didn’t trust them to send it out. I was told it would be end of June into July to get the watch. So, I demanded a refund and got it. I also got an email confirming this refund. He said, the items are on back order since they have had such high demand for the watches. I was also told, call or order end of June or July and they will have them in stock to immediately send out. I think I will hold out for the Apple watch.

  18. Lesson learned for all these dumb a**es on here , sometimes, no most of the time when something is to good to be true , it is . LMAOO

  19. I made a purchase in April and have yet to receive the watch or the refund I requested. They couldn’t give me tracking info 2 weeks after they took the money. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Terrible customer service. Has anyone gotten a refund???

  20. Fck I can’t believe I got scammed for 3 watches, ear buds and warranty. Anyone have Greenspan’s #?

  21. Buyer beware and check your bank statements i ordered mine it was $58 all but they took out $94, so i got my bank to stop it and they will refund me and i have blocked them from getting to my account

  22. I don’t recommend ordering from OshenWatch. I did and have been charged for the watch and now I can’t get any contact from them about my order. I’m going to contact my credit card account and report them.

  23. I too made the mistake of ordering this watch. I disputed the charge on my card as fraudulent. I read a whole lot of comments about this being a fraud. The charge is put on my card with a designated country/city as Bangkok China. Feel so stupid,

  24. I ordered one last night. Called customer service. Got a confirmation number. Put the charge on my Visa. If need be, I’ll just cancel the charge. With the negative comments in mind, one is probably safer ordering through Amazon

  25. I ordered 2 Oshen wstches…I have been waiting for 21 days, no delivery, no dates, no tracking information…
    If I don’t get it soon, I will make the alarm sound loud and clear throughout the world.
    The FBI, the BBB, the International Commerce Bureau….

  26. I ordered 2 on May12 for $109.93via PayPal, “Strong Current Enterprises“ never have received a confirmation email , tracking or shipping info. I will be opening a dispute with PayPal to get my money back

  27. Have heard nothing about my Order. Sorry I placed it. Cannot get a response from OshenWatch.will try to get cancellation on my credit card.

  28. Same here. Ordered watch May 9th & have not heard a word from them. Sent an e-mail asking for shipping confirmation.
    Called 609-414-7087 & waited 10 minutes, took survey & then they ended phone call.
    Now they have my e-mail & are sending me all sorts of messages about other products. Scam all the way. don’t
    be a sucker like me.

  29. Has anyone out there actually received the new Oshen watch? I got a order# and verification code after I ordered it for $53,00 with free shipping two weeks ago..no watch yet..Called customer support all I was able obtain was a message saying shipping has been delayed because of covid-19 and high demand for the watch..Sure would like to know soon how many folks out there have gotten there watch or watchs..so if this is actually a big scam hundreds or thousands of us where taken and those advertising this company should take a big hit for allowing it to happen…I only check my banking account at the bank not online for safety reasons..I will be checking what they actually charged me and find out who and where they are and real contact info. WILL inform what I find out.

  30. Thank you for your insight, I thought about buying this product until I found your review of the scam. Thank you very much

  31. I order this watch May 2nd today’s the 27th I haven’t gotten it yet, I want to know why you can’t find a phone number for this company? They’ve already took the money out of my account plus they want you to purchase all this other bull. Never again would I purchase anything and I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone.

  32. Thanks so much everybody for telling about your experiences. I’m in the market for another smart watch as my Fitbit Charge 3 won’t charge anymore (just 6 months out of warranty). I have had it replaced twice while under warranty for different issues. I’ll never buy a Fitbit again. I couldn’t believe my luck when an ad popped up for this “great” Oshenwatch. So glad I found this website. So many other “review” websites are as you said fake and are merely advertorials. I think I might just bite the bullet and get an Applewatch.

  33. I ordered from Oshen watch on 5/23/20. It’s now been 8 days and I still do not have any shipping details. I emailed the company with an email address I got off of the order confirmation email they sent and no reply. Is it possible to get my money back you think before it’s too late? I also have suddenly had tons of spam calls and emails as well as spam texts! Super annoying! I’m filing a complaint with the BBB first thing and then calling to cancel my order. My instincts tell me I should have not ordered this product from this company. I did some research before hand and a few different websites gave the watch excellent reviews. Probably some automatic thing when I type Oshen watch or Oshen watch reviews. Ugh!! So frustrated!!

    1. Katherine, What is the BBB to which to intend filing a complaint? I will try to address them my complaint. TKS for your answer.

  34. Sent for 2watches over a month ago. No watched, no place to call, no contact info that is legit. Stear clear.

  35. I am glad I did some research and found this because I was interested and when I couldn’t find a a website I found that strange would have been nice to get a smart watch like this for $50 with everything oshenwatch was.

  36. I placed an order online with Oshen for 1 smart watch on 5/4/2020. Money was taken out of my credit account on 5/5. It is now 6/1 & I have NOT received the watch. I also purchased a year warranty. I should have been suspicious when I saw two small international charges. I can not find anything contact except an address in Hong Kong. I guess it is a scam as the 30 day guarantee would be over by now too.

    1. I think you should try Apple watches. This time around, buy from Amazon. That way, you have guarantee.

      Please support this website by making use of our Amazon Affiliate links.

      Thank you.

  37. i think it is a legitimate SCAM! Im still ‘watching’ and waiting for mine arrive – NOT a single email saying thax for your order – NOTHING! But one thing they’re sure on ‘time’ for and that is charging you IMMEDIATELY!

  38. It’s been two weeks and I still haven’t heard anything back from my $350 purchase of oshen watches. Calling PayPal tomorrow to cancel the whole damn order. after reading more and more reviews yeah probably best that I do cancel it.
    The nail in the coffin was trying to call them today and because of the Coronavirus they had no one to get back to me. That’s unacceptable then don’t sell them if you can’t get back to your customers.
    I am so disappointed I can’t even breathe. I have five birthdays that these were supposed to go out to that I ordered on May 20th and the birthdays are June 10th haven’t heard or seen an email nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing from this company. What the mcfrick???

  39. Yes it is a scam, actually robbery. I ordered it because I seem to run into only good websites even had one saying is this legit and then all this hype about it was great. But I still was concerned even after purchase and came across your website. Next day called my bank and filed a claim. Guess what the nimrods believed them and they said they only overcharged and sent a pittance back. Want to scream. But it’s done. What can you do but warn them out there.

  40. There are many watches like this available on Amazon for under $50 with reviews you can trust. I have one on now that was $23. It does most of what this one does, is sleeker, works as described, but is far from perfect. The blood pressure readings are inaccurate. I knew that going in because of the reviews. The sleep tracker is surprisingly good, but has a few kinks. Pulse and step counter are very accurate. To get ecg and pulse ox, maybe $10 more.

    The big problem is none are perfect and there’s so many of them, most with a slightly different array of features. It takes forever to decide. If you find a great one, please let me know. This OshenWatch looks no different than what’s available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

  41. I purchased the Oshen watch recently as a gift. I am still waiting for a email reply concerning my order and the phone contact does not answer. It ends the call with a survey then hangs up. I fear I am out of $150
    Really it’s a big scam


  43. I ordered the watch on May 30 knowing that the company was in Hong Kong. I have ordered things from China before and it takes up to 45 days to get it. With Covid=19 and slow down of manufacturing I expect it will take considerably longer.
    Whether this a scam or not I don’t know. With everything I have looked at, it looks like a scam. I’m trying to find some older data on this company.

  44. Please tell me why the “buy 3 of these” price is $112.48 but when I get the the PayPal page the cost has grown to $123.43. And why the “buy 4 at a time” price on the buyoshenwatch page is $137.47 ($25.04 more than the “buy 3” price) but then I’m offered a 4th watch for “only” $29.99 additional.

    Both these two “arithmetic” errors sent me scrambling for reviews. I’m sure glad I found this page!

  45. I am too trusting. I even did a search for reviews and authenticity and was satisfied. How dumb. I ordered one watch which somehow became two on my credit card in early May and have not received a watch or any tracking info.

  46. I ordered oshenwatch over a month ago . I have chatted with costumer service . They claim my order is shipping soon . Now they will not return my e-mails . They were quick on the billing , but I’m about to give up on receiving the watch .

  47. Don’t buy this watch. I ordered one, never received it. Shortly after purchasing I started seeing unauthorized charges on my credit card. I would advise you to avoid this company and watch.

  48. Don’t buy this watch! I ordered one and never received it. Shortly after ordering I started getting unauthorized charges on my credit card. Don’t do it.

  49. I ordered a watch on My 22 . The took my money out a May 25. But no watch .it took 17 emails to get an answer that the watch takes 15- 30 days . Still nothing . I emailed again . Got a reply that they changed couriers and my order never got processed. But they are out of stock TIL July and Hope to send it to me then . I wrote back why does their buy oshenwatchh site say that there is stock available . No answer .I told them I am not cancelling my order and do not want a refund which I am anticipating they will say next . I want the watch . Scam artists !

  50. I can tell you that the functionality of this watch is totally bogus.
    The Blood pressure, ECG, Heart rate show the same measurements every time, doesn’t work at all.
    Even tried getting measurements without wearing it and got the same readings
    Battery like sucks, crappy charger cable
    Oh and the money back guarantee, once you open the package they will not take it back
    Life lesson learned, if it looks to good to be true then it is

  51. Ordered but never received any watches charges show on my credit card plus extra charge for being a foreign country. I will probably never receive any watch . Don’t order looks like a good scam

  52. I would like to tell you how it performs. However, I have yet to recieve my purchase of the Oshenwatch or the Playbeatz Wireless earbuds I purchased to work in tandem with the watch. I did recieve an email confirming my purchase of the smartwatch. And the order confirmation number. In the email it says I will recieve an email when my order has been shipped. Please allow up to thirty days to ship. It’s been a month and a half roughly. I think I had better report it while I still have a chance to dispute through my cc company. Cant reach Oshenwatch by phone. They have a recording that urges you to contact them by some other means. Explains that there shipments have been disrupted by covid and so on. After checking many reviews. I have not found anyone credible that has actually received the watch.

  53. I ordered my watch about 2 months ago and haven’t received it yet. I received an email from the company saying that the delay is due to COVID-19. I’m suspicious because they are still advertising the watch heavily to have a production problem. I’m glad that I went through PayPal.

  54. I fell for this scam too, bought 5 watches today online. It looked legit since there was even an article reviewing it on MarketWatch, which I thought was a legit website. I was charged $203 CAD right away from “THE WATCH STOREAJH” but also charged an additional $40 from “PRODUCT”. After seeing all of these comments, I called customer service 844 846 3452 right away (around 10:40 PM EDT), didn’t wait long, and got a live person! He asked why I wanted to cancel my order and asked if I would keep my order if he gave me an additional 20% off. I said no and just wanted my refund. He said he put my cancellation through and will send me an email. During the call, I checked my online credit card statement again and they had charged me another $203 and $40 within the 10 mins since I last checked! I told the agent right away and he wrote down the details said he couldn’t see it on his end but will escalate it and if I was charged twice, I’ll be refunded that duplicate amount as well. He said the refund would take 7 days. I got his name and employee number. I asked to stay on the line until he sent my refund email. I got my refund email but it only showed $179.41(US Dollar) and the email said 15 days for the refund! I pointed this out right away and he said, oh yes, it is 15 days. I guess I’ll have to see if the refund ever comes through… I’ll now contact my credit card company to dispute the charges and hopefully block any future unauthorized charges. Do not buy!

  55. I sent $39.95 through PayPal for smartwatch on 5/24 & $9.99 for insurance on 5/30. Have not received merchandise yet. Do u think I’ll get it or am i just out the money. I can’t find a customer service number for Oshen Watches.

  56. Who do you contact when you purchased a watch and never received the product. Been waiting for at least 30 days. Can not get a response from customer service at all.

  57. When things seem to good to be true i walk away. They are selling a high tech watch for $50, it doesn’t make sense as i would expect to pay at least $200 upwards for a good product. When i had a look at the first review on the watch, it was more like a sales brochure, so that started the alarm bells. The 2nd clue was to click on the sales page to see if there was stock, as the pitch was talking about the delay on having the watch delivered in a timely manner because of the corona virus. The web page had me down to buy four watches for $50 each, thereby saving $50 per watch, or $200 for four ! It is so amateurish it’s as if a few teenagers got together to sell a product that doesn’t exist, $50 is way too cheap for a watch that provides all the selling features of a high quality watch ! If they had a price of $150 or more, that would make it seem more legit as a decent product.

  58. I consider myself pretty cautious but I think I am being scammed on this one. I did some snooping before buying but I think the “review” I linked up with is also a scam. I purchased their buy one/50% off the second promo on 6-4-2020. My Visa was charged on the same day. I immediately pulled down an order confirmation that provided an order number and said my order would be shipped right away. They said it could take up to 7 days to deliver but may be longer due to high demand. They further stated that I would receive a tracking email once the order was dispatched. The invoice showed they charged $88.89 but my Visa statement only showed a charge of $58.90.

    They said the $88.89 will appear as “The New Oshen Watch 1-1” but it appeared as “OSHENWATCHESTORE5U4 1609414708.” Another red flag. I have been tracking our Visa account and not other unauthorized charges have surfaced – to date. At this time I am calling my Visa card support, cancelling this account, and requesting a new account.

    I look forward to the results of your future investigations.

  59. Received my Oshen Watch today No charger enclosed in box Watch won’t charge in computer. SCAM!!!!!

  60. Ordered 2 months ago paid through PayPal and never received merchandise. Lots of apologetic emails but no merchandise. Wasted money.

  61. Bought Watch from BuyOshenWatch.com and PlayBeatz headphone from them – SCAM SCAM SCAM! They took my money and ran – foolish me!!!!

  62. Tried emailing their customer services but no reply. It’s been two weeks now and no response from them. Too good to be true, these guys are definitely a scam. Will contact PayPal and see if I can get my money back.

  63. Took 90 days and a dispute with paypal to finally get these delivered. These are basically the same watches you get for 10$ at a bigbox store. Cannot pair them to phone or app. No support to be found anywhere. No website. You get a watch packed in a flimsy box with the tiny “Manual” in broken english. When I finally did get the watches I ordered after filing the claim with paypal they shipped them from NJ and it still took 2 more weeks. This is not a real company and the product sucks.

  64. Don’t buy there watch it is definitely a scam. They also try to get you to pay for a yearly membership so that you can use the rest of the functions on the watch. Then I get through Paypal and OshenWatch has made it the the slowest process on the face of the earth to get my refund. Not happy stay away.

  65. We ordered the watch and it never came. We did call the number and they did refund our money. What I would like to know is has anybody ever received a watch? I’ve never heard of anyone who has

  66. Yes they are a scam. Tried three times and my credit card was not accepted. The next day it was accepted. After thirty days I was unable to establish contact with Oshen . They did not ship within the promised 30 day period. Six phone calls and two Emails were sent but no contact was made. Worked with my credit card company and I was able to get a refund. Necessary to request Credit Card Company help after 30 days but before 60 days. Yes yes yes they are a scam.

  67. I also bought the watch on the 1st of May, and tried several times to speak with someone to understand where the watch was. When I did get through I was told exactly the same as others have reported that it could take upto 8 weeks due to the Corona virus issues affecting the courier schedules. I did get an email back advising that it would be delivered by the 9th July, however I then got a mail through from the post office advising that the package could not be delivered as there was a customs charge to pay. Again I contacted them and managed to get an answer to advise that this was correct and was on their terms and conditions page, which I had not really checked thoroughly enough. Finally on Friday 10th July the watch arrived, however it was not working. I contacted them again and managed to get through after waiting for nearly an hour and spoke with a very nice chap who explained that the watch needed to be charged up, however there was no charger in the packaging, so I was told I needed to buy this product as well. At this point I have decided to send the lot back and get the refund, although it will cost me to send the product back as well. I am unsure if it is worth checking if there is a seller who can provide the charger instead of needing to wait to receive the product from China and presumably all the customs charges etc which would come with this? If anyone knows where to get a charger I may consider keeping the watch a little longer and testing it.

  68. It’s not a scam – they just take forever… Well, unless you consider them having your money for one to three months until you get your product. I ordered my watch in April and got it finally on July 9th. It was dead on arrival… lol
    I finally got someone on the phone by entering my phone # instead of the order # – don’t know if that makes a difference.

    It simply needed to be charged… probably because it took 3 weeks to arrive after they finally shipped it. It takes any block charger although they recommend apple or samsung. Mine is charging with a travel charger. It’s a funny looking electrical probe coming out of the watch that I didn’t even think about it fitting into a usb port on a charger.

  69. Oshen Watch is a scam. Just received my device 6 weeks after order was placed. Device did not turn on, nor did it have charging cord or instructions. Device was not the same in the picture. Example, it has no side nobs. Directions were very limited. Poor translation most likely. Online instructions were difficult to find but ones I found showed a charging cord.

    Since I just now submitted return request to paypal, it remains to be seen if Strong Current Enterprises Limited will pay full refund.


  71. I have been trying to return watches for almost 2 weeks. No one answers emails. Tried calling gives runaround go to chat which isn’t chat it makes you send another email. Still waiting on an answer on how to send back

  72. don’t order this watch this company is a scam. Ordered watch over 3 months ago never received them. I ordered 4. Call requested a refund after a month of not hearing anything. They claimed to return the $ and still have not. I ordered it in May, its now 7/20/20. They will tell u someone will reach out to you or that the refund was processed but it hasn’t been. DONT ORDER THIS WATCH!

  73. Hi I have order three watches starting on June 8th, so far no watches. Two were suppose be gifts. My hunch is that there production cannot keep up with demand. Hopefully that’s the case or shame on me.

  74. This watch is aggravating junk. First it does not come with a way to charge it. I had to go out and buy a charging cable. I downloaded the app for Android. The app could not find the watch. I contacted OshenWatch tech support. They NEVER responded. I finally got the watch and phone to connect by just letting them sit next to each other, it took almost 20 min. The watch and phone will not stay connected. If I get over 20 feet from the phone they disconnect and the only way I can reconnect them is to restart my phone!!!??? Wearing the watch. To view the watch you have to press a small circle. Sometimes the watch will be visible on the first press and sometimes it will take more than one press, and sometimes it will come on but not be at the viewing screen and you will need to toggle through all the settings to get back to the main display. You better read fast because the display will shut off after 2 seconds. (This is not adjustable) The display is not very bright and is unreadable in direct sunlight. The blood pressure readings are NOT accurate. I have a blood pressure cuff and I tried a little experiment. I used the watch and blood pressure cuff. Difference was 30% and the watch displays the numbers backwards. No ones blood pressure is 70/120. The steps tracker is a joke. If I mow my grass while wearing the watch I will be credited with almost 13,000 steps. Receiving text messages works, sometimes. And when it does work the writing is so small you can not read it, but it does not matter because it is gone in 2 seconds. Today after owning the watch for 3 weeks it has quit working. I have contacted support, but since they would not get back to me about a simple problem I do not expect to hear from them. In summation. Save yourself the time and aggravation, not to mention $50.00. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK.

  75. This watch is aggravating junk. First it does not come with a way to charge it. I had to go out and buy a charging cable. I downloaded the app for Android. The app could not find the watch. I contacted OshenWatch tech support. They NEVER responded. I finally got the watch and phone to connect by just letting them sit next to each other, it took almost 20 min. The watch and phone will not stay connected. If I get over 20 feet from the phone they disconnect and the only way I can reconnect them is to restart my phone!!!??? Wearing the watch. To view the watch you have to press a small circle. Sometimes the watch will be visible on the first press and sometimes it will take more than one press, and sometimes it will come on but not be at the viewing screen and you will need to toggle through all the settings to get back to the main display. You better read fast because the display will shut off after 2 seconds. (This is not adjustable) The display is not very bright and is unreadable in direct sunlight. The blood pressure readings are NOT accurate. I have a blood pressure cuff and I tried a little experiment. I used the watch and blood pressure cuff. Difference was 30% and the watch displays the numbers backwards. No ones blood pressure is 70/120. The steps tracker is a joke. If I mow my grass while wearing the watch I will be credited with almost 13,000 steps. Receiving text messages works, sometimes. And when it does work the writing is so small you can not read it, but it does not matter because it is gone in 2 seconds. Today after owning the watch for 3 weeks it has quit working. I have contacted support, but since they would not get back to me about a simple problem I do not expect to get this problem remedied. In summation. Save yourself the time and aggravation, not to mention $50.00. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK.

  76. Means I Got, Scammed! Ordered 2 watches on June 19th. Unable to make contact with customer service. Leave ur email address, we will get back to u soon. I CAN AFFORD THE 110 BUT IT’S THE HUSTLE THAT WILL MAKE ME PURSUE THESE WATCHES TILL THE END OF TIME. OSHEN NEEDS TO STOP SELLING OR SHIP US THE GOODS. FBI IT’S UR TURN.

  77. received an email on 8/1/2020. Supposedly this item has been sitting in Orlando Fl enroute to USPS. It’s the 6th and I live 1 hr away driving time. I AM VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR OPERATIONS. SEEMS PISS, POOR. Maybe it will travel south soon?

  78. Bought 3 watches but all of them can’t pair with the FitPro application given. Application gives LH719 but the watch stated LH723. So oshen watch is a scam. My watches useless

  79. I just received my watch and I’m totally disappointed in it. I think we have all been had. Will go back to my using my fitbit.

  80. THIS OSHENWATCH IS A SCAM! Please do not make any purchase from this company. I’ve made a payment for the watch on 06/08/2020 and as of today 16/08/2020 I received zero news from them. Please be aware of the these scammers. I made a purchase from them because I saw it on yahoo news’s advertisement. But now see what it got me, negative returns

  81. I just want to warn anyone not to get scam by oshenwatch. It was my mistake to order the watch without further investigation. I ordered used my visa debit card, I entered the account number and the website declined my visa debit card twice. I thought that they don’t accept this card, so I use my master card and the order went through. I did not see any shipping email, so I called them that I found out I have 2 orders. They have deliberately only sent me one confirmation of order. If I have received 2 confirmation of order, I would have contact my bank immediately to not pay them. I asked them when I will receive my watch, they gave me open ended answer just have to wait and see. This is not a legitimate or honest business, they just out to fish as many unsuspected people out there as possible to make a buck. They must have paid a lot of money on advertising of the watch but paid nothing for the watch itself. So at this point, I am not sure if I ever received the watch or if I received, if I ever be able to return it and get my money back.

  82. I received an Oshen Watch via mail a few weeks ago. The watch won’t turn on no matter what I try. I contacted buyoshenwatch support and asked for a refund and if they wanted me to send it back I would be happy to. At this point I received an email that said that Silver offered me 10% off to keep the watch, I wrote her back and asked why I would want to pay $40+ for a broken whatever this is. I have not heard from her since. I can’t find a phone number as I would prefer calling, Do Not buy this please, terrible Customer Service

  83. oshen watch is a total rip off. I could not even get one to charge and now I can’t find an address to return them for a refund

  84. ​In early May, I purchased my Oshenwatch using PayPal.
    It arrived in 58 days – the return period is 30 days from purchase.
    Less than a month later, I discovered that the health tracking “features” of the watch – including blood pressure, blood oxygen level and pulse rate are not measured in any way. Placing the watch on my kitchen table and activating the measurement mode via the app on the phone, I received random “healthy-seemiing” entries that one would expect from proper measurement instruments attached to a healthy adult.
    I was furious that a company would sell such a deceptive item, proclaiming how great it is in a heavily saturated advertising campaign.
    I went to the buyoshenwatch.com site – you know the one, it has alleged new sales reports dropping in every few seconds. I soon figured out that there was no way to leave a review of any type.
    In a few days, I started emailing any address that I could find involving the sale.
    Strong Current Enterprises accepted my PayPal payment.
    Cutting to the chase, today, September 15, 2020 – after over four months and 37 emails from me after buying it, I received a full refund from Strong Current Enterprises.
    I finished my correspondence with Jan at the email address
    [email protected] .
    Good luck fellow victims of Oshenwatch / Strong Current Enterprises!

    Part two:
    Detailing the return procedure:
    After many emails, I got a person to authorize returning of the watch outside of their original 30 days from date of purchase limitation.
    Trying to return the watch, I first had to sidestep their claims that I had received it much earlier. They said that they can definitely confirm a mid-June delivery date. I provided a screenshot of an email I sent in early July, stating that I finally received it and wanted to order additional watch bands as I easily recognized that the watchbands would fail quickly. They responded saying to look online for replacements. 
    After they got the date correct I got the okay to return and did so within the allocated 30 days.
    A day before it arrived, I provided tracking info to them. That tracking number is
    9405503699300016469760 .
    Looking up tracking shows it was picked up at the post office. For almost 10 days I had to supply the same tracking info and order number 6 times.
    Finally Jan took over. She stated she would immediately refund my payment after receiving my tracking info.
    No credit for 40 hours, I sent a WTF (W meaning where, LOL) is my refund (I kept it polite and did not include the wtf).
    I received an email stating that Strong Current Enterprises had refunded my money.
    I sent a final email thanking her for her help, explaining that the company she works for is preying on it’s customers and should refund everybody’s money. I explained the false random readings produced, making it potentially dangerous to a person depending on it for readings.
    If you are a victim, hammer them with emails at [email protected]
    Ask for Jan!

  85. I bought two watches this past summer. I was excited about the low cost and what they claimed it could do. It took months to get it. The two watches didn’t work. I reached out to the company and they wanted to give me a partial credit or discount if I didn’t send them back. They didn’t work why would I keep them. I sent them back with a tracker. At first they acted as if they didn’t get both non working watches back. They made me pay for returning the defective watches and didn’t give me a full refund. I got 90% back.
    So if they don’t make money on the sale of the watches they make a little bit by not giving buyers a full refund on defective products.

    1. Hi same thing happened to me. Watch would not come on from day one. This company is terrible – avoid at all costs. I paid $58.94 for the order. I told them on the day that I received it that it was defective and they wanted to take 10% off of the purchase. I told them no way I am not paying for a broken watch. We went round and round and I finally got instructions to send the item back and then they received it in August and I finally got a partial refund for $49.99 even after paying for postage going back to them also per her instructions. Avoid this watch at all costs.

  86. Bought this watch which said free delivery in the UK. Read all the hype about how good it was. Delivered from Hong Kong. Did a few tests compared to my more reliable equipment, oshenwatch was inaccurate. Did a walk over 1 mile and it said too short to recognise. Only wore twice and the pin broke on the strap. Reported to their useless customer services and mentioned the 30 day money back Customer satisfaction guarantee. Waste of time. It’s now been 7 days with constant emails. Don’t look like getting a refund but will do my utmost to put people off this shambles of another Chinese company.

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