Biawily Cleansing Foot Pads – Does it work? Honest Review

Do you want to buy Biawily detox foot pads? Do you fear it’s another fad cleansing patch? Is Biawily a scam or does it get rid of toxins? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about Biawily.

Our Review serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Biawily: What is it?

It is a foot patch that helps  reduce inflammation, relieves the body, and detoxifies the body from impurities. It works this way – enhances your body and gives you better sleep and energy, stimulates your metabolism and burn more fat naturally. According to the website, Biawily relaxes and opens up swollen veins and allows blood to flow through. It also vanishes the appearance of twisted and swollen veins with consistent treatment.

Sounds interesting right? Could it be a better alternative to fasting and supplements? Lets find out!

How To Use

  • Clean your foot and dry with towel
  • Remove the backing paper of the adhesive tape
  • Paste the foot pads in the adhesive tape
  • Attach to the center of your soles
  •  Keep for 6 to 8 hours, and then gently remove.

What we Like about Biawily

  • It contains vinegar
  • It’s quite affordable

What we Don’t Like

  • Biawily foot pads does not get rid of toxins or reduce inflammation. Even when we used it for four weeks we saw no change.
  • The product contains ingredients that react to moisture and body heat and it changes the color from whatever it is to black once in touch with heat and humidity. This gives the false impression that the patch is working.
  • Fake before and after photo – when we checked the images used on the website, we discovered it has been used by countless weight loss products.

Does Biawily Cleansing Foot Pad Really Work?

MayoClinic has addressed this issue on this article here. The truth is that there’s no reliable evidence that Biawily detox foot pad work.

No scientific studies have been published that show that detox patches work or that they’re safe. The Federal Trade Commission has even charged some distributors of cleansing and weight loss patch with deceptive advertising.

The bottom line: As with anything that sounds too good to be true, your best bet is to wait for scientific evidence that proves a claim before investing your time and money.


Just like Miryoku, Biawily appears to be a fad cleansing foot patch. It’s not possible that you’d get rid of toxins and burn out fats just by applying Biawily pad on your foot. As far as we are concerned, the only effective way to get rid of toxins is by fasting, drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and eliminating foods high in heavy metals, contaminants, and allergens

Have you bought Biawily, What are your experiences so far? Please share on the comment section!

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