Beard Club Derma Roller Reviews: Too Good To Be True?

Are you looking to take your beard grooming routine to the next level? Did you come across the Beard Club Derma Roller and curious to know if it actually works or not? Here’s an unbiased review.

In this review, I share my husband’s experience using this micro-needling roller, its pros, cons and everything you should expect.

Beard Club Derma Roller

Overview Of The Beard Club Derma Roller

Beard club derma roller is a shaving device for Face, Body, Beard and Scalp. It  is a microneedling Roller equipped with 540 titanium coated 0.3mm needles for optimal performance and safety. This derma roller works is said to be suitable for skin refreshment and hair stimulation.

Testing Beard Club Derma Roller

My husband’s been on a mission to grow a fuller beard, and it’s been a bit of a challenge. We decided to order this kit from Amazon, and here’s our take on it:

At first, he was a bit concerned because he has sensitive skin, and the idea of tiny needles puncturing his skin while applying the oil gave him a bit of anxiety. However, he felt no pain at all, just a bit of redness afterward, which he described as feeling like tiny hard beads rubbing on his face. No actual puncture marks.

He uses the dermaroller to Pentwater his skin, then follow it with Tretinoin. Once that dries he apply Minoxidil 5%.
Within a week I was seeing new hair growth by doing this 3 times per week.

As for the results, we see new baby hairs coming in every time we remember to check

Does The Beard Club Derma Roller Work?

Yes, it works. This microneedling derma roller for beard, face and scalp is not a hoax. However, to see quicker results you need to with hair growth oil or serums like Minoxidil 5%.

Studies have shown that Derma rolling for beard growth alone doesn’t do anything on its own but using it with minoxidil will. However, minoxidil reduce collagen production and derma rolling increases collagen production, so you’re really using derma rolling to make the minoxidil more effective.

Beard Club Derma Roller Pros: What I Fancy

  1.  It’s very well made and is of great quality.
  2. Started seeing new baby hairs after one week of use

Beard Club Derma Roller Cons: What I Don’t Quite Like

  1. it doesn’t work effectively if you don’t the entire beard kit

How To Use

  1. Make sure to clean your skin with alcohol or hibiclens before you start using the dermaroller.
  2. Sanitize the dermaroller in 70% isopropyl alcohol for 5 minutes and then let it dry for 10 minutes prior to usage.
  3. Start rolling vertically, don’t use any force; let the weight of the rollers do the work. Roll over each area 6 times!
  4. Rinse the area.
  5. Clean the derma roller with the beard club derma roller cleansing spray.
  6. Always stor in its case so the needles don’t get mangled.

Side Effects

Be aware that your skin will be more susceptible to sunburn for a few days afterward, so if you are using this on your home, wear sunscreen.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from, Sephora, The Beard Club Amazon or from their official website

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Beard Club Derma Roller worked in increasing the thickness and length of my husband’s beard. However, he combined it with Minoxidil 5%. If you’re thinking of giving this product a try, I’d advise you buy the complete beard kit and not just the derma roller.

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