My Honest Review of WillowAce Alpaca Socks

Before you make your purchase of Willowace Alpaca Socks, here’s all you need to know. In this review I share my experience buying and wearing Willowace socks, its pros, cons, and everything you should expect about this product. is currently selling the Alpaca Socks for 20% discount. However, you get a 25% discount when you buy 3 pairs, and 30% discount when you buy 5 pairs. While this offer look tempting, there’s some concerns about the quality of the socks.

But first lets take a brief look at the product description.

Overview Of The Willowace Socks

The Willowace socks are said to beAlpaca socks; moisture wicking, soft and breathable. Unlike other kinds of socks, the Alpaca’s semi-hollow fibers trap air and warmth against the skin, acting as a natural insulation while staying both lightweight and breathable. They’re also said to be temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, odorless, anti microbial, and do not cause blisters.

Curious, I decided to place an order for 3 pairs of Willowace socks using its 25% discount code ‘BF25’.

Testing The Willowace Alpaca Socks

My 3 pairs of socks from arrived in a week. Surprisingly, the packaging was different, 3 individual small, zippered bags each with a separate pair.

When worn, thy are really soft, not itchy, and thick, but a little bit snug like a pantyhose. They make my feet feel much dryer than regular socks and pretty comfortable too. However, they don’t keep my feet as warm as I hoped they would and I noticed a really weird odor few days after use.

Overall they seem nice but the material is very different from my hollow brand alpaca socks so I’m a bit skeptical of the material. The willowace socks material looks more cotton than wooly.

Pros: What I Like About This Alpaca Socks

  1. The material is soft and my feet feels dry.
  2. They are are much more dryer compared to regular socks out there.

Willowace Socks Cons: What I DON’T Like

  1. One drawback is not keeping my feet as warm as i’d hopes.
  2. The customer service is terrible
  3. My feet appears to have some sort of odor few days after wearing this socks.

Is The Willowace A Scam?

The socks is not a scam per say, however the website has been called out for being suspicious. They basically swiped a lot of their content and product images from different online stores. They make everything look original, but when customers order, they end up with different products and no means of returning the goods bought.

Where are Willowace Socks Made?

Willowace socks are made in China, that is where they ship from. Though they say they are a small town American company, it is all BS.

How Long Would The Socks Last? claims the socks would last a lifetime, and as such offers a lifetime guarantee. However, there is no button for making returns on the website.

Is Willowace Socks Better Than Darn Tough?

As someone who owns a Willowace and Darn Tough socks, the only edge Willowace has over Darn Tough is the low price. Aside that, it is quite thin compared to Darn Tough. I expected the Alpaca socks to be thicker than merino wool.

How To Maintain The Alpaca Socks

  • Wash with similar colors, to avoid unexpected color changes
  • Wash in cold water. It’ll help keep their size and shape just right.
  • Put them in the dryer on a low tumble dry setting or, even better, let them air-dry..
  • Do not Bleach.

Where To Buy

You can only buy the willocace socks from their official website The price currently is $9.99. However, you can get quality lifetime guarantee Alpaca Socks on Amazon. (please use my affiliate link as I earn a commission at no extra cost to you)


The is the website selling willowace alpaca socks which come in range of sizes and styles, which is great, but there are some worrisome signs. They might not be entirely original with their content, and that can lead to you getting products that don’t quite match up to the hype.

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