Scam: How I Wasted My Time with This Fake Survey Site

You must have heard or read about, a website that claims you can get $750 in your Cash account by completing 20 deals. I also saw the link online and fell for the offer. Curiously, I decided to give the deal a try, to see how it works, and if I can indeed make $750 by completing 20 tasks. Here’s my review and experience. About and Payout Details

This is how August Cash 60 site claims you can earn money; $20 when you download a mobile game or app, $30 when you subscribe to a service, $25 when you participate in a trial, and $40 when you make a product purchase.

Sadly, these offers are not only unrealistic but fake.

Reasons Why You Should Not Waste Your Time Completing Surveys on

It Did Not Pay Me After I Completed The 20 Deals

After spending more than one hour downloading applications, watching videos, and subscribing to services, I did not receive a single dime from the site. There was no $750 on my Cash account, even after sharing the link to 20 friends online. I had simply wasted my time and data for nothing.

Redirects to Unsecured and Malicious Website

Once you visit, it redirects you to either or Two survey websites known for malicious intents. Of course, reviews online show that after completing surveys or tasks from the sites, users don’t get their earnings, rather they receive phishing emails. See this thread on Reddit, and also here on Trustpilot

Data Theft engages in a kind of scam called phishing scam. Before participating in deals, you’d have to submit your personal data like; full name, email address, phone number, home address, date of birth, and payment information. These information are then sold on the dark web, and used to commit financial fraud.

It’s Among a Chain of Fake Rewards Site

Augustcash60 is modelled after similar fake $750 cash rewards site that ended up scamming unsuspecting people. March2023, AprilCash2023 ,MayCash35, Junecash33, Julycash30,etc. These sites keep popping up every month with the same website design and fake promises of rewards.

Installs Malware to Devices and its affiliated reward sites install apps and programs into computer and mobile devices without your knowledge and consent. These apps and programs are often infested malware that pose a threat and risk to owners.


Just like Cashapp45, and flashcash4 aka August Cash60 is a scam website that claims you can earn as much as $750 from the comfort of your home. Don’t be deceived! It’s all a scam. After spending nearly one hour completing tasks (watching videos, downloading apps, and subscribing to services) I was not paid a dime.

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