Reviews: Is Sharky Covers Scam or Legit? Find Out! is a suspicious website selling wearable shark blankets, but when customers make a purchase they receive an inferiorly made product or nothing at all. Do you want to buy Sharky Covers ? Beware! Below are reasons why you should avoid at all costs.

Suspicious Reasons Why You Should Not Shop From

No Business Address

There’s no mention of the store’s physical location anywhere on the website. This looks very suspicious, especially as fraudulent stores and anonymity go hand in hand. In this case, Sharkycover has not even provided any tangible information about their location even in their About Us page. How would customers know where their order is supposedly coming from?

Poor Customer Support has not provided a working email with which they can be reached. Mails sent to the email address ‘[email protected]’ have not been responded to even when marked ‘Urgent’. Even the telephone number ‘ (504) 446-4985’ is out of service.

Fake Claims

The store claims their company is listed as an LLC in LA but this is false. They are not on the LA Secretary of State website. The phone number listed doesn’t even show as a company phone number.

Poor Product Quality

Customers have left reviews on, stating that the blanket received is of cheap material. See what a customer has to say below –

I ordered two shark covers i got product that wasn’t on the website it was cheap material


Recently Registered Website

According to (a domain checker tool) the website ‘’ was registered on June 2023. This means it has been open for barely few months. So the store has no reputation and could easily shut down any time. See registration details here

Low Trust Score has a 1% trust score on,,, and These scam detecting sites clearly state that SharkyCovers poses a fraud threat to shoppers.

Is Scam?

Yes, is a scam website that pretends to sell wearable shark blankets but delivers cheap knock off made from inferior material. It also does not grant refunds of any kind, but would insist customers send the item to China without any return label. So, customers get to pay the return shipping cost.

Are You Safe If You Use PayPal To Make Purchase From

You’re not totally safe. These days, using PayPal does not guarantee a quick refund. Fraudulent stores like this one, exploit a major issue with PayPal’s system. You purchase the item, a few days later they find a tracking number that has shipped to your area (completely unrelated to you or your item) and then they post this tracking number into your PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a complete transaction and almost impossible to dispute.


What To Do If You’ve Already Shopped From

The first thing you should do is; contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction. If you do this quickly, you can get a chargeback immediately. However, in the case of completed transaction, you should file a dispute claim.

The second step you should take is updating your passwords. You should do this, if you used the same password on other websites or apps. You should also go an extra step of enabling two-factor authentication.

Thirdly, beware of any fraudulent email from this store. Do not click on any suspicious link in the email, as it could be a phishing email. Clicking on the link might install malware on your phone which could compromise your device’s security.

Conclusion: is a scam website luring customers with its sale of Sharky Covers. Don’t let the cute videos of people wearing the blanket trick you! You wouldn’t receive the exact blanket, but a cheaper one.

Easy Steps To Protect Yourself From Online Shopping Scam This 2023

According to FTC, online shopping fraud is the most reported fraud category of 2023. Below are steps to take in order to stay safe and avoid this kind of scam;

Check the Domain age – How old is the website? (You can do so by visiting

Website Security Check – Look out for the SSL encryption security symbol. (https and padlock symbols).

Find Out Its Physical Location – Does The website provide return address? If Yes (Copy the address and paste on your browser. Google map would show if it is a real warehouse address or a residential address)

Check For Reviews – Are there customer reviews online? It’s better to patronize stores that has reviews available online.

Find Out If It Has Social Media Presence – Do the social media icons work? (A lot of fraudulent websites provide social media buttons but they don’t work.

Beware of the returns and refund policy before purchasing – If the policy isn’t available or if it isn’t favorable to customers, you should quit shopping.

Use secure methods of payment that protect the buyer – payments portals like PayPal make it easy to get your money back.

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