Flashcash44.com Reviews (2022) Earn $750 or Scam Deal?

Can you really make $750 from completing 20 simple tasks on Flashcash44 Com? Is this deal a scam or legit offer? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about Flashcash44

What is Flashcash44.com

Flashcash44.com is a website that redirects you to another website uplevelreward.com were you’re promised $750 or $1000 when you finish 20 or 25 simple tasks (deals). The website claims you can typically complete all of the required sponsored Deals within 5-7 days.

Then, once you complete the required number of Deals you can proceed to the Reward claims process. This process requires ID verification.

Sounds Incredible right? Sadly, there’s some inconsistencies about the website.

Reasons Why The $750 for simple tasks on Flashcash44 is not a legit offer

Flashcash44.com or uplevelreward.com is not a genuine platform to earn money. When you visit the website you’ll be asked the following questions –

  • Do You Use Cash
  • How do you plan to use your $750 To Your Cash?
  • About how many times do you go shopping per week?

When you answer the questions, your email address will be requested, but this is where the scam comes in. When you look at the tiny texts you’d see the caveat ‘By clicking below, I agree to email marketing, the Terms & Conditions (which include mandatory arbitration), and the Privacy Policy.

What this means is that when you submit your email address you’ll start receiving lots of spam mails in your inbox.

Meanwhile when you accept the terms and condition, you’ll be directed to a site were you’ll be made to provide your name, address, and phone number. After which you’ll receive a confirmation email but there’s no mention about the $750 or how to get it. –

You wouldn’t receive any dime in your cashapp account. Nothing at all! This shows the website has tricked you into submitting your email address.


Just like Cashapp45, flashcash44 aka uplevelreward.com is not a legit platform to earn $750 from the comfort of your home. The platform collects your email address and sells to email marketers who in turn sends you tons of spam mails. As a result of this, we do not recommend it!

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  1. Why are they allowed to play scams like this over the radio this is getting ridiculous with the number of scams going on already someone needs to put a stop to this

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