Al Kuhn Meaning- How Could NLE Choppa Say This!

This is the right place to find out the meaning of AL Kuhn that NLE Choppa used on Twitter.

First, Choppa made a mistake by writing “al kuhn” instead of “al kuhl”. The word Al Kuhl is an arabic word that means body eating spirits related to alcohol .

Al Kuhn on the other hand doesn’t have any definition, it’s not a demon, it;s just a mistake.

Any Relationship Between AL Kuhl and Alcohol?

A lot of people have been wondering why Al Kuhl and Alcohol sounds almost the same.

Why? You may ask. What is the relationship between these two words?

From my findings, the English word “alcohol” is based on the arabic “al kuhl”.

Also, it means that people knew about the negative effects of drinking a very long time ago.

Watch what you drink guys! Be sober

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