Is Zolous a Scam? See Reviews Here! claims it is a community of friends website. This platform makes use of a cryptocurrency called Hydra, that helps members of ZoloUs to receive, transfer and invest value.

According to the information on the website, the Hydra currency would be used the following ways-

  • To pay, transfer and invest starting with Q4 (October, November or December) of 2020, when the ZoloUs mobile app will be launched.
  • To exchange your Hydra in another currency starting with Q4 (October, November or December) of 2020, when the ZoloUs mobile app will be launched.

However, we have major concerns about this platform. There are so many claims and promises. Their offers seem too good to be true. How on earth can you get 380 hydras (hda) daily basic universal as a member without referring anyone or investing. Isn’t that ‘free money’. What are the possibilities of even converting the hydra to currency?

These and many more are questions we don’t have answers to. Do you think it is the next bitcoin? or a scam? Please leave your reviews on the comment section.


      1. heya, click on the add button, then search Hydra. search hydra and you’ll find it in trust wallet

  1. I have the HDA in my trust wallet but where I’m confused is the amount of hydra and money they give are too good to be real. Please can someone tell me I’m not dreaming about this

    1. You have lost your mind like you don’t no what u are saying because you don’t have idea doesn’t mean another person don’t have.

  2. Zolous is a total scam. Please don’t fall for things like this. Anyone can wake up and make a cryptocurrency token.
    On my first telegram account I was kicked out of their group because of i told them that this is a scam
    On my second account after i wrote that * they will collect your credit card information and paypal logins and use it* the admin now removed me and deleted all my messages. Some saw it for 1 minute before admin now removed me. How i wish i can upload a vid here so you guys can see.
    The admin of the zolous community is in the same 7 Nigerian advertising groups that I’m in. Please be careful!!

    Please be wise
    They are Nigerian scammers!!! Don’t fall for them.
    ZoloUs this is a hard time for everyone. So why scam??

    1. I can testify this. Recently they said that we can now withdraw the HDA that we collected and we just need to fill up the form. However upon completing the form you will still need to pay $10 for the transaction fees before they send you the collected HDA. And so I complained on the Telegram group why there should be a fee, then they deleted my reply and muted me

  3. I BELIEVE IN the cause or concern of the Zolous group and yes, creating value for a currency out of nowhere and no investors is a hype.It needs investors or Pre-selling, or ICO, IEO( International Exchange Offering) before a final sales vslue for staking.By staking the coin in their wallet, they can borrow from Zolous for their project.which Zolous will get from grants or donations.

    1. La seul cause de ces gens est de s enrichir sur le dos de personne naif qui croient pouvoir généré des revenus sans rien faire,réveillez vous il promette de gagné plus de 380 HYDRA par jour, mais il n arrive pas a payé les frais de serveur cherché l erreur maintenant celui qui y croit tant mieux pour lui ,

  4. Where is my account?? I started with you in mid 2020. Now you closed my account?? I DONATED to your cause!! I gave you ideas!! I suggested you to friends who donated to you! Are you a scam?

    1. Unfortunately it is a SCAM, and you lost your money, and now your friends and family hate you because they were scammed too because you introduced them to the scam

  5. They send just to some persons some hydra. I don’t receive yet nothing and are many others in this situation. Can be a scam.

      1. Le projet est légitime car j’avais aussi reçu mes Hydra gagner dans mon portefeuille après avoir payé les 10$ des frais de transactions .

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