Exposing The Yubo Friends Scam: What You Should Know

Yubo Friends is a suspicious website, they promise a $100 sign-up bonus and shout about having tons of members, but here’s where it gets sketchy. The website is super recent, like born yesterday (a few months ago), and it doesn’t disclose any info about its owners.

Then there’s this wild claim about making big bucks just by referring friends – up to $5000 which sounds too good to be true, Plus, they say they’ve paid out millions, but there’s no proof.

Overview of The Yubo Friends Dating App

Yubofriends.com is a website promising easy online earnings through social media. They claim a $100 sign-up bonus and boast about having over 300,000 members. The catch? They want you to refer friends and earn through a referral program with a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. However, there are no legit reviews of reward on independent websites.

There are also some major red flags. They’re not clear about who’s running the show, the website is newly created, and its traffic rank is pretty low.

Scammers often pose as legitimate companies to deceive people, so it’s wise to exercise caution and not readily trust them.

How It Works

Here’s a breakdown of how YuboFriends claims to work:

  1. Easy Sign-Up:
    • Start by creating a free account and become part of the community.
  2. Earn From Home:
    • Once you’re in, it’s time to turn your free time into cash. YuboFriends suggests you can make money from the comfort of your home.
  3. Get Paid & Cash Out:
    • When it’s time to reap the rewards, you can cash out your earnings. YuboFriends offers various payment methods, including PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Bitcoin, and more.

Red Flags That Makes Yubo Friends A Suspicious Website

Considering the evidence, Yubofriends.com seems to set off some serious scam alarms:

Mystery Owners

The people behind Yubofriends.com are playing hide and seek. The person behind the website is keeping their identity under wraps, maybe to dodge spam. While that’s understandable, it does add a bit of mystery and makes it trickier to figure out who’s really running the show. When a website plays the hiding game with its owner’s details, it tends to get a slightly lower score in our book.

Too Good to Be True

They’re promising you can get up to $5000 with minimal effort. That’s a classic move of those get-rich-quick schemes. Legit opportunities rarely guarantee such sky-high returns.

No Evidence

They claim to have paid over $9.7 million to their members, but where’s the proof? No real success stories or testimonials? That’s suspicious.

Not on the Radar

Security services designed to sniff out fake websites haven’t even caught wind of Yubofriends.com. The Trust score on Scamadivsor is 21/100.

Newly Created Website

This website is fresh and was created just a few months ago. Typically, scammers do this to avoid getting caught.

How To Determine The Legitimacy Of Yubo Friends

When dealing with a website like YuboFriends offering a tempting “FREE $100” sign-up, here’s a checklist to determine its legitimacy:

Website Intel

Start by snooping around the website. Check if they will reveal who they are, what they do, and how to reach them. Legit ones spill the details.

Customer Chatter

Hunt for reviews or feedback from people who’ve walked this online path. Seek out trusted platforms or forums to get the real reviews and complaints on what others are saying.

Lock It Down

Make the website locks things up with an SSL certificate. Spot a padlock in the URL? Good. No padlock? Be wary.

Age Matters

Peek into the website’s history using domain-checking tools. When was it born? Any shady past? Unearth these details.

Check If The Details Are Legit

Drop them a line through the contact info they’ve shared. Send an email, make a call – just check if they’re in the game and playing fair.

Trust Your Instincts

Keep your radar on for dubious signs like Incomplete info, deals that sound too good to be true etc.

No Alarm Bells from APIVoid

Now, the fact that APIVoid didn’t raise any alarms doesn’t seal the deal, but it’s interesting. APIVoid, a security service on the lookout for shady online shops, didn’t spot anything fishy with Yubofriends.com. It’s not a final verdict, but it’s definitely a detail worth noting.


Yubofriends.com is a suspicious website, scam advisor has given the website a low trust score, which usually raises a red flag. This score is based on things like reviews on other sites, phishing reports, and general info about the company and server. From my opinion is best to stay steer clear of this website.

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