Unicity Scam: Another Multi -Level Marketing Scheme Or The Real Deal

Unicity has been in the spotlight lately, but not necessarily for the best reasons. Some people are saying it’s a solid health and wellness company, while others think there’s something fishy going on, like it’s running a multi-level marketing scheme. There are accusations, legal stuff, and mixed opinions flying around. So, is Unicity a real deal or something we should be skeptical about? Let’s break it down and see what’s really going on.

What Is The Unicity Scam

Unicity is a company that sells health and wellness products in many countries. Most of their products is designed to help with cholesterol and blood sugar. They use a business model called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), where people can earn money by selling these products and by recruiting others to join and sell. If you’re thinking about getting involved, it’s important to understand how their business works and what their products are all about.

They may promote health products by making them sound better than they really are, and they exaggerate the benefits. Additionally, they could make unrealistic promises about how much money people can make, creating a misleading picture to attract new participants.

When Did Unicity Start

The company was created in 2001 when two companies, Rexall Sundown and Enrich International, merged. They rebranded as Unicity International in 2002.

What Do They Sell

Unicity provides a range of products, including vitamins, weight loss supplements, joint health formulas, digestive aids, energy drinks, and skincare items.

How Much Can You Earn

Every time you sell a Unicity product, you pocket a 30% commission. But wait, there’s a catch, there might be some volume discounts, so let’s call it around $15 in profit for an average product that costs about 50 bucks.

As a distributor, you get a discount of up to 40% when you buy stuff for yourself or your inventory. But here’s the real question – does that discount make people want to buy from you instead of the regular store?

Let’s break it down with an example. Say you get a Balance for $54 as a distributor, and you sell it for the full retail price of $89. That gives you a profit of $35 per sale.

Many people who gave Unicity the side-eye in their reviews say that just selling products isn’t enough to make a real profit once you subtract all those costs. Instead, they reckon the real cash comes from building a team under you. It’s like a bonus structure thing.

So, there you have it – selling Unicity might get you some bucks, but the real deal seems to be in team building, according to the people who are into it.

Is Unicity A Scam? Controversy Unveiled

The Pyramid Scheme Accusation Drama (2017-2021)

Unicity is more about recruiting people than actually selling stuff, to be a distributor, it cost a $1,500 or more! That’s more than what the average person made in profit ($500). And get this, 99% of these distributors are losing money once you added up all the costs.

The Pushy Marketing Saga

Some people love Unicity’s goods, but there’s a chorus of complaints about their distributors. And get this, Unicity spilled the tea with their Income Disclosure Statements – over 99% of distributors are pulling in pretty low yearly incomes. So, these reps might be going all out on the sales pitch because they’re feeling the heat.

Unicity Lawsuit

Fast forward to 2021, Unicity decided to settle the whole mess by paying out $5.25 million. They didn’t exactly say, they messed up but they also didn’t want to go to court. What does that tell you? It’s like they tried to make things right without admitting they did wrong.

What Does It Cost

For you to become a Unicity distributor, you have pay $29.99 each year. But if you want to earn those commission things, you need to grab one of these enrollment packs:

  1. Basic Pack: $271
  2. Builder Pack: $569
  3. Business Pack: $1898

Should You Sign Up For Unicity

Unicity’s compensation plan to see if it’s worth joining. Unicity offers bonuses for achieving different ranks, such as Silver Director or Crown Diamond, with varying monthly payouts. They use a unilevel plan, where your recruits form your first level, and you earn bonuses as your team grows through seven tiers. The higher your rank, the more you can earn from your team’s sales.

Now, looking at the income disclosure, the average active distributor makes about $504 a year. Most people fall into the Associate rank, earning around $63, while those at higher ranks, like Executive Director, make more. It’s crucial to understand these numbers before deciding to join Unicity.

Should You Buy Unicity Products

Some say certain supplements work well, especially the Balance formula aimed at lowering cholesterol. There’s even research backing it up, claiming it can do some impressive things in just 60 days. But it’s not cheap.

Approach Unicity products with caution, especially if you’re expecting miracles. They might work for some but not for others, and forgetting to take them daily won’t do you any favors. Before committing to pricey monthly supplies, weigh your options and maybe try a sample first.

Should You Join Unicity as a Distributor?

Given the questionable marketing, pending lawsuits, and a success rate that’s worse than 99%, I’d say it’s a pass. The potential rewards might sound tempting, but the risks, both financially and socially, seem too high in my book. Pushing overpriced products to your friends could strain your relationships, and without a big team buying those pricey packs, making a profit seems almost impossible. So, unless you’re ready for a rocky road, I’d steer clear of jumping on the Unicity distributor train.

Unicity Compensation Plan

To earn commissions from team building with Unicity, you’ll be part of their unilevel compensation plan. Here’s how it works:

  • Level 1: You earn 5% from your directly recruited distributors.
  • Level 2: You get 10% from the distributors your Level 1 recruits.
  • Level 3: You earn 5% from your Level 2 recruits.
  • Levels 4-7: You continue earning 5% on each level as your team expands.

For example, if you bring in 5 distributors, and they each sell $100 of product, you’ll earn $25 on your first level (5% of $100 x 5 reps). The more your team grows, the more you can potentially earn.


Unicity is not a scam, if you’re thinking of becoming a Unicity seller, it’s a bit of a risky business. There are some shady practices, lawsuits in the air, and a success rate lower than 1%. Pushing pricey products on your friends might strain your relationships, and making a profit without a big team is tough.

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