Youtube Digital Residuals: Big Scam? I Tried It

On YouTube, you must have come across Ads promoting YouTube Digital Residuals Program by  Lucas Lee Tyson. It says you can earn from YouTube without making videos. Curious, I decided to try it out and see if I can really make cool bucks from YouTube.

Sadly, my experience wasn’t positive. I’ll be writing a concise review of this YouTube Digital Residuals, how it really works, loopholes, and why I don’t recommend it.

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YouTube Digital Residuals by  Lucas Lee Tyson – How It Really Works

Once you click on the YouTube Ad about Digital Residuals Program you’d redirected to a website Once you make payment for the program which is actually an ebook, the deception begins to unfold.

First of all, the YouTube Digital Residuals is marketed misleadingly. The claim that you can get YouTube to pay you without making videos is all exaggeration.

In the real sense, YouTube Digital Residuals is all about teaching you how to create a course and sell it using YouTube Ads. Basically how to strategically place your Ads before related videos on YouTube. Users are thought a whole bunch of marketing trick in order to oversell a course on YouTube.

The Ads make it look like there’s a system or tool with which people can link to YouTube to earn money without making videos.

Red Flags

Questionable System

Lucas Lee Tyson claims to have a system that makes him outsmart the YouTube algorithm. For example, if someone is watching a video about how to build a minecraft server he will put an ad on that video (before it starts) selling a online ebook about how to setup and start a minecraft server.

But YouTube advertising doesn’t work that way. You can’t target a specific video, but a general niche. So this system of his is pure hog wash.


The information Lucas is selling in his Digital Residual Program is basic digital marketing and shouldn’t cost that much. The program isn’t a new invention or whatever. With $20, I can get a digital marketing course on Amazon that contains more robust information.

Is Digital Residuals Program a Scam?

The Youtube Digital Residuals is not a scam perse, however it’s false advertising. It’s not a system that makes you earn from Youtube but a course that teaches people how to place Ads on Youtube to sell their courses. Lucas Tee Lyson is misleading viewers by misrepresenting what the course is all about. The Ads are just click bait material with false promises.

Who is Lucas Tee Lyson?

Lucas has made a name for himself as a digital marketing consultant. He’s the founder and CEO of Growth Crave. He sells lots of courses and programs online which have been labelled ‘misleading advertising’ ‘scam’ ‘fake’ ‘overpriced’ etc.

Lots of people who’ve paid for his courses believe they were cheated and scammed. There are more negative reviews than positive reviews about his courses. Having paid and tried the ‘Digital Residual Program’ I feel cheated. The whole promise of earning Youtube money is a white lie.

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