Scam: Fake Get Paid To Watch YouTube Videos

You must have come across lots of Ads on social media and YouTube that claim you can earn from watching YouTube via Sorry, to burst your bubble. It’s a strategised scam.

We’ll be writing a short review about this fake promise by, its red flags and loopholes, and how to spot fake work from home jobs.

Continue reading to learn more.

Overview of Scam claims to offer people the opportunity to make money online. The job opportunity entails watching YouTube videos, liking Apps and YouTube videos, etc. With this, they promise people can earn as much as $1000 a day from the comfort of their home.

However, beyond the well designed website and believing advertisement, is a lot of fraudulent practises and scam tactics.

Exposing How The Scam Work

Everything looks all good when you visit However, after watching the 4 minutes video on the home page you’d be led to another webpage were you’ll told to pay $37.

This could be quite confusing as all through the Video advertorial they never mentioned any payment. Even on the order page, there isn’t any narration for what you’re paying for.

The $37 is for a tool which you’ll use to watch the YouTube videos. However, no matter the number of videos you watch, you wouldn’t receive a dime.

In the actual sense, you’ve been scammed into buying a fake tool that does absolutely nothing. You also cannot get a refund as the ‘cancel anytime claim’ is just a marketing gimmick that doesn’t work.

What are The Red Flags of this Website?

Mysterious Background

The site doesn’t tell us on who they are – no company name, address, phone number, or email. Making it impossible to check if they’re legit.

It Redirects Your Browser To Unsecured Website redirects your browser to an unsecured website for payment. has lots of complaints and negative reviews online. Complaints include deceptive market, unauthorized charges, etc. See one of such complaints below –

Hotmart is a scamming company

I had to file a dispute with my bank and cancel my card I just received two charges from them like 2 mins ago but I’ve locked my new card and the old card has been cancelled so I’m thinking they have gotten my account number or something because it’s no way they can still try to get money out of my account if the card has been cancelled 

Liars. The “system” is nothing like what is advertised. They do not refund money regardless of their “cancel any time” promise. I worked for 2 hours and none of the viewing was watching and grading YouTube ads for cash. These people are complete crooks. I was unable to access any earnings.

No Rules on How To Get Your Earnings does not mention how users can get their money. There’s no cash policy or refund policy stated/ With the absence of rules, by the time you’ve earned enough money to cash out, you might realise it’s really hard to do.

Lacks Reputation

According to data, was registered on October 2023 and will expire in a year time. This shows the owner(s) don’t have any intention of making it a long term business.

How To Avoid Work From Home Job Scams

  • Research any company and job opportunity thoroughly before proceeding
  • Decline job offers from companies that do not provide contact information or physical address.
  • Reject any job offer that requires you to pay for training or materials to do the job, is likely a scam. Legitimate companies will provide all the necessary tools and training for free.
  • Stay away from job offers that require sensitive information like your SSN, or bank details.
  • Be wary of too good to be true job offers and salaries. Often times, it’s just a bait.

Conclusion is a scam website offering opportunity of earning via watching YouTube videos. This scam aims to get people to pay $37 for a fake tool that doesn’t have any access to earning money.

We’ve uncovered lots of fake job scams like Often times the job scams pretend to be  popular companies like Amazon, Disney or Netflix, but are actually just trying to trick people out of their personal information or money.,, SheinGivesBack, etc.

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