Is Wuffes Chewable Dog Supplement The Best Product For Your Dog? We Tried It For 2 Weeks

Are you a dog owner considering buying Wuffes Chewable Dog Joint And Hip Supplement? Wuffes Chewable Dog Hip Supplement is packed with glucosamine and chondroitin but does it actually work?

We tried this joint supplement on out two Dutch dogs. Here is my review after two weeks.

About Wuffes Chewable Dog Supplement is a website that sells pet supplements. The chews are made to make your pet feel better and move around easier. They’re meant to help with joint pain and stop it from getting worse. They’ve got a few pet products like supplements for the joint, a multivitamin, probiotics, and something for dental health. We decided to try one of them.

Ingredient Review

Wuffes Ingredients:

  1. High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients:
    • One of their supplements has a bit of Duck Liver, which is a fancy organ meat. Organ meats like liver have extra protein, fat, and vitamins that regular meat doesn’t have.
  2. Other Notable Ingredients:
    • Yucca Extract: This is a small part of one of their supplements. It’s often used in dog food to help with smelly poop, but Wuffes says it helps with mobility.
    • Flaxseed Oil: This is a well-known ingredient in their supplements. It’s packed with good stuff called Omega Fatty Acids, which can make your dog’s skin and coat look better.
    • Brewer’s Yeast: Found in their Hip & Joint Support supplement, this comes from the brewing industry. It’s got lots of vitamins and minerals.

Trying The Wuffes Chewable Dog Joint And Hip Supplement On My Two Dutch Shepherds

We have two Dutch Shepherds, both 9 years old, and they’re starting to feel the aches and pains of age. They used to be pretty aggressive when they were younger, so it seems like it’s catching up to them now.

I started giving them this product on March 3rd, and it’s been about a week. Our female seems to be moving around more and exploring farther on our property, although she still has a bit of a limp. My husband thinks it’s starting to help.

Overall, the product seems to be doing its job well as we’re finishing up the second month. Every now and then, one of our dogs still seems a bit stiff when they stand up or walks with a slight limp, but it’s not as bad as before. Plus, they really seem to enjoy their daily dose, almost like it’s a treat.

Unfortunately, this month’s package arrived with a damaged lid and a taped seal, which worries me that the product might have been tampered with. Also, it won’t be airtight in the fridge anymore, and these supplements do have a bit of a smell, so I might have to switch to a different airtight container. It’s not a huge issue, but it’s not something I expected when paying this much for a product.


  1. These chewable supplements work
  2. They work really well for smaller and medium-sized breeds.
  3. The chewable format is super easy to give dogs. No more struggling with pills or liquids – he just thinks they’re tasty treats.
  4. The ingredients inside are safe and healthy
  5. The bag they come in is handy. It’s easy to seal up to keep the chewables fresh, which is important.


  1. These supplements are effective, but they do cost a bit more compared to others out there. Still, I think the quality makes it worth the extra cash.
  2. It is pricey
  3. You wil need to refrigerate once it’s opened

Does Wuffes Chewable Dog Joint And Hip Supplement Work

Yes it works. We recommend Wuffes Chewable Dog Hip and Joint Supplement to fellow dog owners, especially those with small and medium breeds dealing with joint issues. However It would be nice if Wuffes offered different sizes for different dog breeds.

Where To Buy

You can buy Wuffes products from their official website, Amazon, Walmart and other online pet stores. The price is $15.99 for one.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

There are happy customer reports on Amazon, Reddit and Trustpilot about this product. Wuffes Joint and Hip Supplement is currently rated 4.3 on Amazon and the reviews on other review websites are mixed. Here are some of them:

My 4 year old rottie is hyper active and when you run and play with other dogs for hours every day, it takes a toll on his 135lbs body. I notice his limp on a front paw. Started this supplement and withing a week he topped limping. Now he can run wild and free and no more limping. Hopefully this will give him happy healthy joints for the rest of his life.

My small dog is 13 and stopped jumping on the couch and into bed. Within 2 weeks of taking these, he is like a puppy again. Runs around, happy, wants to play, back to jumping on the couch. I am happy that he is happy!!! Note: he will not take them like a treat, but if I chop it up small and blend into a bit of wet food, it’s gone.

So far, my dog doesn’t like the flavor so I wrap it in cheese to get her to eat it. Will update once we go through the 1 month supply. Update: 1 week later, I’ve rubbed bacon grease on the supplement and she will eat it. Still no change in joint stiffness.

Signed up for the trial, and should have done some research. They added my payment method through Shopify. And will not let me remove it from their site. They send a link, that only offers to update card information, no removal option. They have it on their website, it’s just grayed out so you have to go “through the Shopify” a snake eating its tail.

When to Give a Joint Supplement to Your Dog?

Your dog can suffer from serious side effects because of poor joint health. The following are some signs that your dog needs a joint supplement. Joint swelling, limping, excessive panting etc.

What You Need To know Before Buying From

  1. False Advertising: The free trial isn’t what it seems. It’s supposed to last 30 days, but you only get 15 days’ worth. Plus, they tell you to double the dose after the first month, so it doesn’t last as long as you’d think.
  2. Surprise Charges: Some people have been hit with extra charges for subscriptions they thought they canceled. Getting help from customer service through email takes forever.
  3. No Returns: Even if you try to send back stuff you don’t want, they won’t take it back. This change happened after some customers already had problems with returns.
  4. Mystery Deliveries: Some people got extra jars of the supplement they didn’t ask for, and then they got charged for them. It’s tough for them to get refunds or stop these surprise deliveries.
  5. Bad Customer Service: Dealing with the company’s customer service is quite a headache because they don’t seem to care much about making things right for their customers.


My dog takes Wuffes Chewable Dog Hip and Joint Supplement every day now. It’s made a big difference in how his joints feel, and it’s so easy to give him. Even though it costs a bit more, it’s totally worth it because it works so well and he loves it.

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