Are Blissy Silk Pillowcases As Good As They Say It Is? Must Read Before Buying

Even though I enjoy treating myself, I’m also a bit of a homebody who values ease and practicality more than extravagance, so I never really thought about the fabric of my pillowcases. However, I recently got to test out Blissy Pillowcase.

The questions people are asking on google include Is Blissy silk pillowcase better than others? Is Blissy better than regular pillowcases? Does Blissy make your hair shinier? How’s Blissy’s customer service? Is the Blissy pillowcase worth buying? I’ll be answering all these questions in this review.

About Bliss Silk Pillowcase

Blissy is a California-based online sleep product founded by Vahe Haroutounian and Edgar Babayan in 2017. The brand is renowned for its luxurious offerings, with the Blissy Pillowcase being one of its standout products. Crafted from 100% pure mulberry silk, these pillowcases come in lots of different colors and patterns, so you can pick one you like. And they’ve got sizes for everyone, even little kids.

Blissy Dream Set bundle includes:

  • One pillowcase, available in standard, queen, or king sizes.
  • One sleep mask with a storage case.
  • Two hair scrunchies.

My Experience Buying Blissy White King Pillowcase

I decided to give blissy pillowcase a shot after hearing all the buzz online. So I ordered from their official website

Waited for 2 weeks and contacted them and they bluntly stated “our international shipping is 15-20 days” ( which completely contradicts what is being advertised on the website. I sent and requested a free return label as I had to arrange for a different presend, however it decided to arrive the next day.

I received my “Blissy” pillowcase and it has the feel of some type of synthetic not silk and it has no cooling properties at all like they advertise, I’m still having to flip it over multiple times a night to find a cool spot and there’s no benefits to hair, skin or allergies… people rave about “silk pillowcases” in general so I’m still intrigued to see if a “silk pillowcase” might work, but what I’m now going to try is go to my local fabric store buy real silk material (hence knowing it is really silk) and make my own silk pillowcase.

Would suggest you saving a lot of money and do the same… even if you don’t sew it would only cost you $10-$15 if that, to get your local seamstress to whip one up for you, not the ridiculous amount of money “Blissy” is charging.

Is Blissy Worth The Hype

No, The Blissy Pillowcase gives you silk bedding benefits without breaking the bank. However it does not live up to the hype.

This company will happily take your money but won’t bother shipping your order. Getting a refund? Forget about it. The only positive things you’ll see are from influencers and bloggers who got freebies. Just check out all the complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. Their customer service is terrible—they’ll keep telling you to wait 24-48 hours for an update that never comes. I’ve complained so much that they’ve blocked me on Facebook.

The Truth About

Most of the pillowcase does not live up to the hype. If the pillow cases last over a year then you are lucky.

Poor products aside, their customer service is ridiculous. They asked me to explain how we washed the product, then replied stating my exact washing process was how it was supposed to be done.

Also their Warranty is non-existent. They offer a discount to buy a new one instead of replacing the product. On Blissy website it stated processing time 1-3 days, and shipping within 1-2 weeks. After waiting for a week, I contacted them asking about the shipment as no tracking or the fact that it was shipped was provided. The answer I received was, we’re sorry your shipment will be shipped soon.


  • Stops skin irritation.
  • Protects your hair from damage.
  • Keeps your sleep surface clean.


  • Requires a special detergent.
  • It is pricey.
  • The pillowcase does not fit all sizes

Customer Complaints

Mostly customers are not satisfied after buying these pillowcases from blissy. We saw a lot of these comments on Amazon and Reddit.

I was very disappointed with the quality of my Blissy pillowcase. It has a synthetic feel and maybe smooth, but is not soft and silky against my face. It is small so is a tight fit on my pillow which contributes to the plastic-like feel. The Ecosa silk pillowcase is far superior. It is larger and has a much softer and silkier feel. I could not get a refund because of course I had used the Blissy pillowcase for part of the night assuming that this product would be comparable to the Ecosa brand

I have purchased several sets of the Blissy pillowcases and for the most part have been happy with the product, that is until, after only a few washes one set of the pillowcases started to come apart at the zipper. I sent photos together with an email to Blissy and did not receive any feedback. I then went on to a consumer advocate that took up the complaint on my behalf and Blissy promptly replied to them saying they had reached out to me. I have not received any response from Blissy and even now they have done nothing to address my concerns. All I wanted was for Blissy to replace the 2 faulty pillowcases but no joy. Wouldn’t recommend.

 I bought two blissy pillowslips which was very expensive one of them where the zip does up has torn away from the silk now it is fraying The zip is now broken as well.I have been hand washing them as per instructions .what can be done about it ?

Return And Refunds

You can return your Blissy purchase within 60 days of buying it, but only if you bought it from their website. Make sure to send back the pillowcase in its original packaging. You have to pay for the shipping to send it back.

Where To Buy

You can buy blissy pillowcase from their official website, Amazon Uk, Walmart, Macy and other online stores. The price is $25.00.

To Clean Your Blissy Pillowcase:

  1. You can toss it in the washing machine. It’s okay, even though silk usually needs hand-washing.
  2. Wash it once a week like you would with your sheets. This helps get rid of oils, sweat, dead skin, and germs.
  3. Use cool water and mild detergent on the delicate cycle.
  4. Put it in a mesh laundry bag to protect it.
  5. After washing, you can air dry it to make it last longer. Or if you prefer, use the dryer on the lowest heat setting for 20 minutes.

Other Alternatives To Try

If you’re on the lookout for products that are vegan and don’t involve any animal testing, then try Slip and Kitsch pillowcase.

One big reason why I lean towards Kitsch and would recommend it over Slip is because Slip pillowcases are made from mulberry silk, which, while environmentally friendly, isn’t vegan or cruelty-free. Kitsch pillowcases, on the other hand, are both vegan and cruelty-free.

Do We Recommend Blissy

Not exactly. I haven’t heard of silk benefiting the skin, but it does help with hair health and breakage. Skin health usually involves not sleeping on your side and changing your sheets and pillowcases often. That said, blissy is just 100% mulberry silk. If you search you’ll find lots of brands market that type of silk and usually cheaper than Blissy.


I do not recommend Blissy pillowcase. The quality of these pillow cases is something you would buy on amazon for $9.99. Customer service refuses to replace, or repair them. Care instructions followed. They are just not worth the money paid. Customer service is slow to answer emails, never uses their own name and refuses to acknowledge an issue. I would recommend other pillowcases.

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