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World Health Organization COVID-19 Grant- Another Scam

Have you received an email bearing ‘ you have been chosen to receive a grant of 550,000 USD from World Health Organization for the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic’?

This review serves as an eyeopener to help you make the right decision about emails and text messages with instructions telling you to send your reply to so and so email address.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

We hope this review meets you well, and on time.

Is World Health Organization Giving Out Grants Individually?

The answer to this question is NO. Think about it, there is no possible way WHO could single you out for a grant of 550,000 USD. Common, this is just a see through fib, a thin lie.

From time memorial, World Health Organization gives grants for projects, aimed to better the standard of living/health of the people or communities targeted.

A look at the mail 550,000 USD granted from World Health Organization mail shows it comes from ‘[email protected]’, which is not even a professional mail.

Don’t you think WHO can’t be that lousy, by using such a cheap nondescript mail address?

How Does This Scam Work

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the deadly global Coronavirus international health emergency or outbreak by sending out fake emails.

Once you reply the mail, you would start receiving series of mails from them. They would convince you into thinking that they are actually from WHO, and you have really been granted a 550,000USD grant.

They would try to convince you into sending a fee, which they would call anything, shipping, signature, or whatever. If you’re gullible to fall prey to their lie by sending them the stipulated fee, you wouldn’t hear from them again.

What Should You Do If You Receive Emails Like This

No matter how convincing it make sound, we advise you to delete the document. This is because replying it or “Enable Editing” or “Enable Content” will run or execute the malicious code or Macro. Which will download and install Trojan horse, spyware, viruses or other malware on your computer.

Also, there is no way World Health Organization (WHO) would send you a mail with the instruction to Enable Editing.

Beware! The Coronavirus Scare is the new trick used by Scammers to exploit you!

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