WallpaperYa Scam Text Message: Beware!

Have you received a text message that claims you are subscribed to WallpaperYa for £50/week? were you told to click wallpaperya.com in order to cancel? Beware! It is a scam.

Lots of people have reported the text message and its content which claims recipients have subscribed to a service, and should visit a website for cancellation.

sth@ussafetypltform.com Scam

The scam text messages goes this way –

From: 07763982690

Thanks [Name Removed], you are subscribed to WallpaperYa for £50/week. To cancel, here: wallpaperya.com/lqId1D3

You don’t need to panic! The text message is not from a genuine source.

Wallpaper Ya Scam Text Messages – How Does this Scam Work?

The scammers pretend you’ve subscribed to a wallpaper service . There’s a link attached to the text message for cancellation. However, the link ‘wallpaperya.com’ is a malicious website. It works this way –

  • Requests for your personal details
  • Trick you into submitting your financial information 

Sometimes, by clicking the link you make your device vulnerable to viruses, spywares, malwares, etc. which can hack your device and steal your passwords.

What Should You Do If You Receive Phishing Messages Like This

No matter how convincing it sounds, you shouldn’t visit the link or links attached to such messages/mails or send your personal information.

The first thing you should do is ignore such messages, and look for reviews online about it.

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