View Bliss TV Streaming Device Scam Unveiled – Fake Product!

Do you want to buy View Bliss TV Streaming Device? DON’T! The TV box is sold with false claims of ‘free’ access to all channels. In reality, it only works as a Chrome Casting device for your TV, nothing more. The Ads, discount sale, and claims are all scam tactics to rip you off your money.

ViewBliss TV Streaming Device SCAM EXPLAINED

Is View Bliss TV a Scam?

Yes, it’s a scam. View Bliss TV Streaming Device does not work as advertised. It does not have free access to all channels and streaming services as claimed. Without an active subscription to Netflix or other movie streaming channels, you can’t get access to the platforms.

As a Cybersecurity Professional, I’ve spent my entire career in I.T. and plugging a internet enabled device into a hdmi port is not going unlock paid subscription services. It’s certainly not going to “hack” into your tv. Your tv has nothing in it to “hack”.

Interestingly, the View Bliss TV Streaming Device is not the first of its kind. We earlier uncovered similar scam devices sold with deceptive marketing; Zonevel TV, UnboundScreen, LefunTV, etc. Now the device is given a new name to target unsuspecting buyers who’d fall for the scam.

Reasons Why View Bliss TV Streaming Device is Not Worth The Price

Only Works as a Casting Device for TV

ViewBliss TV S Streaming Device only mirrors the content of your device (Android or IOS) to your TV. It is just like a ChromeCast, it has no access to any channels you’ve not subscribed for.

Fake Discount

The real price for TV casting devices is between $15 – $34. So even its claim of 50% discount on numerous websites is fake. You’re paying more for a device that costs way cheaper on Amazon, Alibaba and other retail sites. Even the branded Google ChromeCast costs less cheaper, between $30 – $35.

No Return Policy

When you buy the device from, there’s no guarantee of a return or refund. The 100% returns and refunds claim are entirely false, just sales gimmick used to create a sense of trust in buyers.

How to Easily Spot View Bliss TV Streaming Device Scams on Social Media

Here is how you can spot these scams on social media:

  • Ads claiming you can “Access all shows free forever!” or “No more cable subscriptions!” These ads are like magicians, using fake demos and endorsements to make the impossible seem totally real.
  • Posts hustling you to click ASAP for a “50% off limited-time deal!” or other pressure-packed purchase tactics.
  • Lots of comments on the ads, but they’re either too positive, too vague, or totally unrelated. Smells fishy, right?
  • Clicking the ad takes you to a dodgy site with no company details.

These are classic signs of Facebook ads running scams. If you spot anything fishy, hit that report button to send those scams packing.

If something on Instagram seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always do your homework on those viral gadgets before hitting that ‘buy’ button.

What to Do If You Got Suckered into Buying the View Bliss TV Streaming Device

If you fell for the View Bliss TV Streaming Device scam, Here’s what to do:

1. Hit Up Your Credit Card Provider: Grab that phone and call your credit card provider ASAP. Tell them it’s an emergency you need to dispute those charges.

2. Gather Evidence: Get your camera out and start snapping pics of that basic $5 streaming stick they sent you. Capture shots of the packaging, revealing its real cost, and any proof that it couldn’t unlock a thing.

3. Start Filing Complaints: Report these scammers to the FTC, your state attorney general, RipOff Report. The more reports, the better.

4. Let the World Know: Spread the word like wildfire. Leave negative reviews on Trustpilot and anywhere else people might be thinking of falling for this scam. Hit up your social media – save others from the same fate.

5. Get Tough with Your Bank: If the chargeback dance doesn’t work, tell your credit card bank. Go for arbitration armed with your evidence.


View Bliss TV Streaming Device is merely a casting device for TV, it does not have ‘FREE’ access to channels. You need paid subscription to all movie streaming platforms before you can gain entry to the channels.

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