UnboundScreen™ TV Evolution Scam Device: Fake ‘Free’ Access to All Channels

Forget whatever Ads you’ve seen online, the UnboundScreen™ TV Evolution CANNOT grant you free access to all channels. In reality, it’s not a magic box but a Chrome Casting device for your TV, nothing more. It’s totally misleading advertisement and product misrepresentation.

This review sheds light on the UnboundScreen TV Evolution Scam, the hidden lies behind the product, and how to get your money back from the dishonest websites selling the device.

UnboundScreen TV Evolution SCAM EXPLAINED

Exposing The UnboundScreen TV Evolution Scam

The UnboundScreen TV Evolution is just a casting device for your TV, like a Chrome Cast device. It does not have free access to all channels and streaming services as claimed. This is something you can get and do for free on your phone. The fact that they write “access Netflix and thousands of tv channels for 49 EUR” is a fraudulent promise. Without an active subscription to Netflix or other movie streaming channels, you can’t get access to the contents.

Interestingly, the UnboundScreen TV Evolution Scam scam is not the first of its kind. It was formerly called Lefun Streaming Device and then TV evolution. In the year 2021, lots of people were tricked by this scam. Now the device is given a new name ‘Timnamy’ to target unsuspecting buyers who’d fall for the scam.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent my entire career in I.T. and plugging a internet enabled device into a hdmi port is not going unlock paid subscription services. It’s certainly not going to “hack” into your tv. Your tv has nothing in it to “hack”.

Features of This Misleading Product

Buyers are told that with just single purchase with no additional subscription fees, the device offers ongoing free access to various contents and channels. It is also said to do the following;

  • Access to all popular platforms – All apps available on Google Play or the Apple Store are accessible.
  • Access dozen built-in games – Enjoy playing on your TV screen rather than on your phone’s smaller screen.
  • Web browser access – Ideal for searching, checking email, and watching YouTube videos.

However, the claims are dishonest and the device is pretty sketchy.

UnboundScreen TV Evolution Device Red Flags

Only Works as a Casting Device for TV

UnboundScreen TV Evolution only mirrors the content of your device (Android or IOS) to your TV. It is just like a ChromeCast, it has no access to any channels you’ve not subscribed for.

Fake Discount

The real price for TV casting devices like how Lefun works is between $15 – $34. So even its claim of 50% discount on numerous websites is fake. You’re paying more for a device that costs way cheaper on Amazon, Alibaba and other retail sites. Even the branded Google ChromeCast costs less cheaper, between $30 – $35.

No Return Policy

When you buy the device from the numerous websites selling it, there’s no guarantee of a return or refund. The 100% returns and refunds claim are entirely false, just sales gimmick used to create a sense of trust in buyers. Wowelo.com, Rianlife.com, moonqo.com, lefunsmart.com and Pelloyer.com all have low trust score. Complaints from customers include; no return policy, faulty products received, poor customer service, fake products, etc.

What To Do If You’re a Victim of The UnboundScreen™ TV Evolution Scam

Contact The Store and Ask for a Refund

If you’ve paid for this item you should contact the store and promptly ask for a refund, citing deceptive marketing. However, if the store refuses to grant your refund request, the next step to take is to call your bank.

Call Your Bank and Request for a Chargeback

Contact your bank to inform them about the fraudulent purchase. Through the chargeback system, you can get your money back from the transaction if you file a dispute claim. You could also request for a credit card freeze. That way, your bank would block any future transactions on your credit card, ensuring that scammers are unable to exploit it.

Update Your Passwords and Enable Two Factor Authentication

The second step you should take is updating your passwords. This should be done if you’ve used the same password you used on the store on other websites or applications. You should also go an extra step of enabling two-factor authentication. This would keep you protected from data breech.

Report the Scam

Report the scam to relevant authorities and organizations for deceptive marketing. This includes:

  • Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): If you are in the United States, you can file a complaint with the IC3 at https://www.ic3.gov/.
  • Your Local Consumer Protection Agency: Contact your local consumer protection agency or the equivalent regulatory body in your country.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): File a complaint with the BBB if the online store is based in the United States.

How To Avoid Misleading Products

  • Search for reviews online
  • Trust your instincts – If it is too good to be true, it certainly isn’t true
  • Shop from reputable sites
  • Use secured means of payment – It is best to use PayPal as payments are easily disputable

UnboundScreen™ TV Evolution Alternatives – Our Top Picks

No device can grant you access to all movie streaming sites or channels for free. You need an active paid subscription to access Netflix, Prime or Amazon Videos. However, if you’re looking to buy a TV casting device, here’s our top pick below -(Click on the image to visit the Amazon Best Sellers)


UnboundScreen™ TV Evolution Scam is merely a casting device for TV, something you can simply do with your phone or a less cheaper device on retail stores. It does not have ‘FREE’ access to channels. You need paid subscription to all movie streaming platforms before you can gain entry to the channels. The device is

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