Oh My God This Video Belongs To You- Facebook Scam

Have you received a message on messenger claiming a video belongs to you? DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

It has a link that will take you to malicious websites hosting viruses, Trojan horses, Unwanted Programs and other malware. So, if you receive the message, please delete it and do not click on the link or follow the instructions within it.

Lest you forget, the dangerous message may show up in message windows on other social networking websites like Twitter. But know this; even if it appears as if it came from your Facebook friends or other social networking users you know, it does not.

Their accounts were hijacked and are being used to send the malicious message.

So, please share this article with your friends to help them remove any malicious programs running on their computers.


Wendy is an Entry-Level Security Analyst who's passionate about cybersecurity and dedicated to protecting people and organizations from emerging threats. She has a strong knowledge of cybercrimes, network security, vulnerability management, and incident response.

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